written in the stars

read it and find out.


2. niall.

winnies pov.

as soon as mr.edwards said me and niall were partners i got dirty looks from zayn. as if i care. as niall made his way to sit with me i put my head down.

'im not that bad you know' an irish voice filled my ears. 'oh i know, i just....why dont you hate me as much as the rest do?!?' well...this answer should be good.

nialls pov.

as soon as she asked that question i quietly laughed, why should i hate her, she was the first person who was nice to me when i moved here, shes beautiful. 'what the point in hating someone?' i replied. good enough. im so glad i begged mr edwards to make me her partner, pathetic i know, but im sure this girl is my princess.

winnies pov.

great, hes one of those kids who hate, hate. 'i have no idea' i flashed him a smile, right then mr edwards came with our 'baby' like whats the point in this? school is dumb. 'what should we name it' i asked him so i wouldent have to think about names. 'niall jr.' 'uhh...niall? its a girl, thats why shes in a pink blanket'..i bet he's thinking hes dumb. 'oh well..winnie jr.' no, i dont want my fake kid going through with that name. 'how about marie? i mean, thats if you like it' please say yes PLEAASSSEEEEEE. 'um. ok.'

-2 days later-

winnies pov.

so ive been hanging out with niall for two days straight, hes right hes an ok lad. marie loves him, she always crys when i hold her. tonight shes at my lonely house...i think im gunna ask niall to sleep over, i mean i dont want marie waking up my nana. yup im gunna text him.

*me: where are you? i was wondering if you wanted to sleep over tonight? help me watch marie (:?*

nialls pov.

*phone vibrates*

once i read her text i felt my heart skip a beat...sleep over? im in.

'so niall wanna throw a party tonight?' zayn unpatiently asks me, 'no thanks im gunna help winnie with marie tonight'. 'you better not like her niall, she trouble, i can get you in bed with three cheerleaders tonight just come party' i dont want to, i mean i wouldent mind a few drinks but maybe ill just take drinks to winnies.

*niall: sure.*

winnies pov.

so tonight nialls coming over.. why do i feel the need to look good? whatever as i walk upstairs i grab my pink onesie out of the closet and lay it on my bed. now i just have to wait..

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