written in the stars

read it and find out.


1. introducing me.

well, hello my names winnifred but you can call me winnie, this is the story on how i met the love of my life, i wont tell you who it is yet...

winnies pov.

my alarm went off, damn i have to get up for school and deal with the people i dread seeing i hate school just like all teenagers, as i got out of my bed i walked up to my closet and picked out my clothes for the day i decieded on ripped jeans, brown uggs and a plain shirt with sleeves that end at my elbow, i layed my clothes on my bed and hopped into the shower. i guess its time that i tell you, i have dark brown hair, brown eyes and a scronny body, as i see it. my eyes are light brown and green.

as i got out of my shower and changed into my clothes, i left my damp hair down today so id get my curls, i hated straightening my hair...its too mainstream. as i walked down my stair case and into the kitchen my grandma was standing there, she had just finished making breakfast for me. i guess now would be the best time to tell you that, my dad is a deadbeat who has 10 other kids, and my mom,rest her soul, passed away when i was 5..lets just say i went to a party with dad and left with mom. so once my mom passed away, family services gave me to my grandma, dont feel sorry for me, my grandmas the best its just sundays when her poker buddies come over, my grandmas name is judy but i call her nana so forward to the story, once i finished my breakfast i put on my coat and walked to school.

-at the school-

i walked into the school doors i saw my bully, Zayn Malik, dont ask me why he hates me, he just does.. beside him was harold styles and louis tomlinson i wonder where liam payne and niall horan are today, if they arnt here im deffinatly gunna have a bad day..you see? liam and niall never tease me, they're usually the ones who tell louis,zayn and harry to stop. 'hey winnie whats with your hair? forget to brush it again' just as i suspected, stupid malik. 'shut up malik, leave me alone what did i ever do to you?' 'you came to this school'.'ive always been at this school stupid' oh god why did i say that..now i just have to wait to get spit on or teased or something, zayn always has something up his sleeve. before he could do anything i went to my first class..family life, liam and niall were in there..great. as i walked in i saw my bestfriend amber. 'hey amber' 'hey giirrll whats up?' hah amber, you try to hard. anyways our teacher told us to quiet down and then he explained ourr newest project 'this next project will be the mommy daddy project, ill pick your pa...' just then zayn walked in. damn. ' as i was saying before mr.malik rudely interupted..this project will get you ready for the real world and then some' as he started reading out the names amber got partnered up with malik '..and winnie and niall..' hes alright i guess..we'll just have to see what this does.

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