My life has turned upside down ever since i met Harry Styles at the ice rink, having to focus on being a competitive figure skater and handling my crazy life ain't no easy task. Shit is just about to get real...


3. OMGs

He was getting closer and closer and I was feeling more and more sure that he was the one and only, Harry Styles. I couldn't be wrong, those green eyes, that curly brown hair, that smile and... his dimples, oh my god his freaking dimples they were so adorable I could die, I swore I saw rays of lights coming from behind of him like he was some... God?. "uh, so where do you get the skates?" he asked in his deep voice, I was still staring at him, stunned until Ashley nudged me and I came back to my senses,"uhh just down this way" and I pointed to my left and smiled at him, "thanks!" he smiled back and headed off. Once he got further away I turned back to Ashley, "Did Harry freaking Styles just talk to me?!" I asked, lowering my voice "uh, technically he ASKED you a question?!" she replied "ugh whatever but he spoke to me!" I squealed, she sighed and face palmed herself, "okay okay whatever..." she rolled her eyes and took a drink of water. "hmm I wonder If Justin Bieber dropped by and uh, asked you question" I teased her, I could see her almost spitting the water out her mouth, "excuse me!!!" she exclaimed, and both of us ended up bursting out laughing. 

I turned my head over to see where Harry was and to my surprise he just sitting behind me! Now how did I not feel that... "So, what were you guys talking about? Heard a lot of laughing." he asked "uhh...." I was probably too stunned to talk and before I could open my mouth Ashley cut me "Owhh nothing, she was just fangirling over you" she turned and glared at me, smirking "WAS NOT!!!"I said quite loudly "WAS TOO" she said back "Whatever Ash you always fangirl over Justin Bieber anyway" i said as I waved my hand dismissively, she gave me "the look" and I stuck my tongue out at her. Suddenly remembered that Harry was still sitting there staring at us, so much for first impression... I turned to him and saw him trying to hold back his laughter but ending up laughing like a retard "heyy stop laughing!!" I slapped his arm "ouch!!" he yelled "OMG I'm sorry! does it hurt?" I asked him in a concerned tone, "yeahh it does, like a lot" he answered, I felt really guilty but then saw him smirking, "okay that was not funny people." I said in a pissed tone when Harry and Ashley ended up laughing until they were tearing. 

"okay okay, we're sorry" Harry said and pouted his lips, he looked liked like a puppy, I mean like those REALLY cute puppies that you could cuddle the whole day, well I would hug Harry the whole day if he let me, who wouldn't?! "fine fine..." I said in a lazy tone and grabbed my bottle to take a big gulp of water then glanced over the clock hanging there,"OMG it's already 10:45!! And why aren't there any people coming in anyway..." I asked curiously "Owhh yeahh...." Ashley said turning her head towards the clock. then I saw a pink paper pinned at the notice board, I haven't seen that one before, blur... So obviously I walked over and read out the notice, the title was RINK CLOSURE TO PUBLIC SKATERS and then it read in small printing below the title "the rink will be closed on the 18th December 2012 (Tuesday) from10:30am - 1:30pm due to an on going private function. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. The management.". "okay... So I guess we don't have to rush..." Ashley said sloppily. "yeapp" I replied. "Thanks to me!" Harry suddenly said, I kept forgetting he was there. "yeahh yeahh whatever, are the others coming?" I asked, "unfortunately nope, but I can have you guys to myself" he replied and smiled at us "uhh and what does that mean..." I asked again "don't tell me you're just going to leave me alone to skate" he pouted and looked at me with that cute puppy dog face OMFG kill me now, I wonder if anyone has declined his apology because if he gave me that adorable look my heart would just totally melt and I would just accept his apology... "of course not, we haven't even finished our training, so beware... " I replied "oh my god I'm so scared ahhh." he said sarcastically and we all ended up laughing our heads off. 

"okayokay enough of fooling around, let's go in and continue spinning" Ashley told me, I nodded and she turned over to Harry, "So we'll see you inside in a bit?" she asked "yeahh, after I finish tying my skates." he replied "Owhh and remember to tie them tighter, you won't want to you know, twist your ankle or something." Ashley said while walking towards the entrance of the rink. "yes mummy!" Harry yelled back "really... " Ashley replied in a fairly pissed tone "okay guys enough of arguing, let's go in Ashley!" I said before they could continue crapping, Ashley stuck her tongue at Harry and continued to make her way to the entrance while Harry stuck his tongue back at her "REAL MATURE GUYS" I said loudly so they would snap out of it. 

We got into the rink and warmed up again because we sat outside for a good half an hour because of our dear friend Mr. Styles Owhh wait, friends? Hmm I'm not sure but it felt like we were friends like forever, it was so easy to talk to him and usually I don't crap in front of people I'm not close to so basically I only crap in front of Ashley, Aneeta, my another friend from the rink but she is on a holiday in the states until, who knows when she's like filthy rich okay and Eni who is also on a holiday somewhere, I don't know, during the holidays she will always disappear somewhere last year was Rome and Venice this year... I'm not sure... Rich people ahem ahem... They were not chosen for this competition but they are really good skaters, I think they will go for the other one that is held in Paris next year. 

I started doing the basic spins then continued to the more difficult spins like flying spins and also different variations to the 3 basic spins then ofcourse my combination spins or combo spins that's what we call them, and the spins in my programme. While I was half way through my spins, I realised that Harry was no where to be seen, so was I dreaming just now or was it real? I started doubting myself that if I actually met and had a conversation with Harry Styles. I think I must have been standing there for quite awhile because when I snapped out of my uh "thinking zone"? I guess you could say that... I felt something or someone standing behind me, I turned around and was thinking to see Ashley but instead it was Harry! So I was NOT dreaming... "what?" I asked him "I think I should be the one asking you that question you've been standing there for about uhh 5 minutes" he said "owhh... Really? Okay... Ah why did you take so long?" I asked him "what do you mean so long I came in about 5 minutes after you did! You were probably too focused on spinning that you didn't see me... That was quite an awesome spin by the way" he replied and smiled at me "thanks" I said and smiled back at him I felt very hot all of the sudden, guess I was just nervous... It's not like you meet a super famous person everyday and talk to them like best friends! "so uh what's your name? I know she's Ashley" he said pointing towards Ashley who was practicing her complicated combo spin "And your's?" he asked "Owh my name is Nerissa, Nerissa Leah Odea" I answered "Nerissa, nice name" he smiled at me "thanks again" I replied him and giggled.

 "So what time does my class start coach Nerissa?" he asked "Don't call me that! Just call me Rissa, that's what all my friends call me anyway" I answered "Owh so am considered as your friend?" he asked me "Uh, if you want to be my friend, why not?" I replied and smiled at him "of course I'll be your friend! I absolutely love Ice skating and I think you're awesome at it" he said, OMG is Harry Styles actually wanting to be my friend?! And he thinks I'm awesome at skating?! WOW "uhh okay, thanks?" I said awkwardly "Come on, don't feel so awkward, we're friends right? So what time will you finish your training and be able to teach me?!" he said impatiently like a little kid "um lets see, it's a little bit pass 11:30 and I still have a few more spins to work on... So I guess 12 ?" I still couldn't believe that Harry Styles wants me to teach him how to skate. "okay then, this place is booked till 1:30 anyway." he replied, "yeap so you just go on and skate by yourself and I'll get to you later okays? Break a leg!" I told him "HEYY are you cursing me to break a leg?! Not funny!" he said "I mean break a leg as in good luck" I answered him "I knew that." he winked at me and skated off. I was still standing there, still having a hard time accepting that all this is happening, so... Here is the conclusion, Harry Styles wanted to be my friend and said I was an awesome skater, then he wanted ME to teach him how to skate....  OMG this couldn't be real.
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