My life has turned upside down ever since i met Harry Styles at the ice rink, having to focus on being a competitive figure skater and handling my crazy life ain't no easy task. Shit is just about to get real...


8. Oh it's you

I put down the frying pan so I could open the door, I was still procrastinating but I did it anyway. At this point of time I didn't even bother if it was a bad guy or one of my friends, I'm just going to throw the pepper.

I lifted my pan and...

"NERISSA! What in the world." someone yelled, I was still to scared to look up at the person I just attacked with a fist of pepper, well he or she sure sounded pissed...
"NERISSA LEAH ODEA LOOK UP AT ME" that person demanded, well since that person knows my name I guess it's alright. I looked up and... 

"MOM?! oh my gosh I'm so sorry mum please forgive me it's was just uh just self defence you know? I thought it might have been a rapist or a kidnapper or, or some stranger I don't know! I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't mean it." I kinda, rapped if you would say.

"Uh right, okay, I just left my keys and some files I needed so I just dropped by to pick them up." she explained, What in the world...

"um okay so uh I guess you need to get a change of clothes too." I said awkwardly and stepped to the side so my mum could walk in.

"yeah and by the way if you ever want to do that again, you might want to try and see who it is first through the CCTV system, I didn't install that for nothing you know." she reminded as she walked up to her room, "and consider using fine pepper, not coarse ones." she said and giggled, ugh I feel so stupid now, facepalms...

I closed the door behind me and walked up to her room, "hey mum, guess who I met today?" I asked excitedly from outside of her room through the closed door, yeah even though I know she wouldn't be interested, at all.

"who?" she asked, meh, she's no fun at all, "GUESS!" I insisted, "Ashley?" she answered, omg is she really THAT clueless.

"uh, yeah of course Ashley, but its not her." I said, getting impatient, "then I have no idea who it is sweets." she said and walked out of the room, entering her "working room" with me following behind her.

"Harry Fuc- uh I mean Harry Amazing Styles." my mum is really against me swearing and all but I don't care as long as she doesn't see or hear it, yeah Harry amazing Styles, well I couldn't think of anything else!

"oh, wow okay." she replied, hmm expected, "yeah and we hung out with him." I added smiling like a fool at the though of it, sigh...

 "right, but did you train properly before doing so?" she asked while flipping through the files on the rack.

"of course I did! I even did a clean free and short!" I exclaimed, "Thats good! Hopefully you can do that in the competition." she replied. 

"I think that's possible, as long as I don't get too nervous, nerves are such bitc- I mean uh so disturbing." I replied, nerves disturbing? Way to go Rissa.

"Yes I know... Ah found it!" she said and grabbed a black file and her bunch of keys then headed down into the hallway with me following behind her.

"So, you won't be back till tomorrow evening?" I asked my mum. she's been literally working 24/7, gosh she has got to understand that she is NOT a robot.

"For the thousandth time, yes, and don't worry, I will be staying at the apartment okay? Now you better go to sleep cause I don't think you want Kathleen to be waiting for you." she said as she opened to door, and yeah her company pays for this apartment near her office, well actually it's just across the road so when she's busy she just stays there and uh yeah leaves me alone which will end up with me calling Ashley and my other friends for a sleepover.

"right um, can I call my friends like to come and uh accompany me?" I asked and shifted my feet.

"I don't think that's a good idea cause it's already 9 and gosh Rissa you're already 16." she mumbled, oh great.

"Right.. I'm just uh kinda scared of um being, alone?" I said, more like asking a question, okay I know I sound like a baby but seriously, I don't like being home alone, it's just, kinda scary nah actually VERY scary.

"okay fine, please just try being alone, for once and you can go over to Ashley's tomorrow night okay?" she sighed and fumbled around for her car keys.

Yes! I thought and mentally fist-pumped, I miss sleepovers, "okay then, so bye?' 

"yup, bye darling, see you tomorrow okay and please, try to be more independent and-" 

"okayokay got it mum now goodbye please remember to get some rest." I cut in before she could continue rambling on.

"who's talking now." she replied, obviously amused.

"yeah yeah whatever." I said and rolled my eyes, it's amazing how we can talk like sisters at times...

"okay, I'll be going now, you better go get some rest too, see you!" she waved bye to me and closed the door, great now I'm home alone again.

So uh I guess I'll walk back to my room? Yeah, oh change that to sprint back into my room.

I slammed the door behind me and jumped onto my bed, lying there, staring at the ceiling for around a minute before checking my phone which I dumped on the bed before walking out.

Let's see... Ah! Text Ashley.

'hey ash, can I go over to your house tomorrow night? Sleepover? ;)'

'Of course! So you're going to follow me back tomorrow after training or?'

'guess so.'

'okay can't wait!'

'me too! Bye!'

'yup, see you, oh wait, we have group class tomorrow'

'oh, yay, what time?'


'right okay see you.'

I put my phone down on the bedside table and stuffed my face into one of my pillows, gosh why and I feeling so sleepy? It's barely even 10 and I usually sleep at 11.

I was starting to drift off till the doorbell rang, AGAIN, jeez what did mum forgot this time...

I dragged myself out of bed and walked down the stairs, yeah I actually walked, pretty slowly too, guess I was kinda like sleep walking.

I walked towards the door with my eyes half closed, not a very good time to go and see who's at the door but I'm pretty sure it was mum, again...

I opened the door with my eyes closed, literally. 

"what now mum?" I asked as I turned over and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

I heard a chuckle and, it certainly did not sound like mum, oh god Nerissa what have you got yourself into...

Keep calm, keep calm urgh what am I trying to do, go grab a pan and just slam it on his head, I don't know but I think pans are the most effective weapons, they don't hurt the person that badly but it also hurts them at the same time, if you get what I mean...

Yes it was definitely a guy, i could tell by his voice, I don't care who it is but as long as its a guy, he's gonna get it.

I walked sideways, back still facing the stranger and the door to the cabinet that we kept all the pots and pans in and grabbed one out.

Now think of something to make him face the other side so I can attack him from the back, think think. I guess I'm gonna have to take the risk, here goes nothing...

"hey uh whoever you are, come in and lock the door behind you." I said and started making my way to the door.

Okay this is my chance, he is facing the closed door, I didn't even bother to look at the stranger properly, all I knew is that he was a guy and he was fairly tall.

And... "BAM!" I swung the pan to hit the back of his head.

The stranger turned around and the next thing you knew he was falling, ON ME!


Hi! :) hope you guys like this chapter even though it's like super short :( sorry for the late update too :'( okay so about the every Sunday update scheme... Not happening heh sorry about that, so I think it'll kinda be like one or two chapters in a month or something like that, maybe I'll be able to write more cause I'll be flying around for skating competitions and camps wheee yeah so I guess there will be more updates during April and May :3 so yes again hope you guys like this chapter, and I'm currently trying to write another chapter :B remember to like, favourite and yes, COMMENT!

<3 Jia Xin (=^ェ^=)
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