My life has turned upside down ever since i met Harry Styles at the ice rink, having to focus on being a competitive figure skater and handling my crazy life ain't no easy task. Shit is just about to get real...


5. Last first kiss

Nerissa's POV

I just finished my last spin, the combo spin in my programme, I decided to do all the spins 5 times well simply to train my consistency and stamina as well. Ashley just finished too, I skated over to her, she was sweating like a pig! Well I guess I was too... "now that was tiring!" Ashley said, still breathing heavily, "Yeap! But I feel so good after training, it feels like I've accomplished something, EVEN though it's as tiring as hell!" I said giggling, I looked over to the clock and realised it was already 12:15, Owh shit I promised Harry that I would help him at 12 .... "Okay, now let's go torcher Harry!" I said to Ashley, both of us chuckled and headed off to find him, now here was the weird part, I couldn't find him! "don't tell me he left!" I said in a worried tone. "who said I left?" I turned over and saw Harry sitting there smiling at us, "how did..." I pointed at him and pointed to the rink with a confused look, "I was just sitting here the whole time you guys were looking for me!" he said "And you didn't say anything?!" I said, kind of pissed, "sorry..." he frowned, " well actually you guys really gotta get used to having me around and stop treating me like I'm invincible! I mean like this is like the third time you guys totally forgot I was here!!" He continued while me and Ashley started laughing, "Okay, okay we're sorry, it's just that we're not used to... You know... Having you around.... Seems so surreal, I'm actually still doubting that you are actually here or are you actually Harry Styles..." I answered and raised on of my eyebrows "seriously guys... Do you want me to show you my identity card?" he said while digging for his wallet "Okay, okay we believe you" and continued giggling, I don't know why we kept giggling.... "Owh I just remembered that I needed to buy some macaroons for my mum because she'll be having tea with her friends tomorrow, will be back in awhile guys!" Ashley exclaimed, " but you can get it later!" I said "nope! It would be finished by then, and plus it's lunch time now!! I'll be back in about 15 minutes okay?" she answered, "okay then..." I said back to her and she ran over to the lift lobby in her skates and blade guards on of course to go upstairs where all the shops were, and if I remembered clearly, the shop that sold the best macaroons were all the way at the other side of the mall and she was probably going there."

I turned back to Harry and smiled, "guess we're alone now, thanks to you there is no one at the rink and the staff have gone for a lunch break."I said, "You were 15 minutes late for my class Nerissa so you owe me something!" he said and gave a cheeky smile, Something was definitely going on in his mind. "what do you want? And besides you can already skate pretty well" I asked as I continued giggling, "You owe me a kiss!" he said, "A whattt?!?!" I asked, stunned, "A kiss." he said, I was laughing hysterically, a kiss?! why the hell would Harry Styles want to kiss me anyway? I'm just an ordinary girl that skates! And he could be kissing a super model or something, "No I'm serious!" he snapped and I immediately stopped laughing, "really?!" I asked, "do I look like I'm joking to you?" he asked, well he did look serious... "well if you really want to... I have one condition..." I said sneakily "And what is that?" he asked "catch me if you can!" I said as I ran to the entrance into the rink, I wonder was i running away anyway, I mean like, it was probably almost every girl's dream to get kissed by Harry Styles.

'Unfortunately' I was too slow, before I could get in the rink Harry caught up with me and trapped me by back hugging me, I tried to release his grip but he was way to strong for me and he just laughed at me, I gave up and stopped struggling, "fine..." I mumbled, "but just on the cheek" I said reluctantly, he leaned over and I thought he would just kiss my cheek and, let me go already! I was probably going to suffocate soon! But instead of that, he turned me around to face him and got my lips, my eyes widened and I felt like I just got electrocuted, he lingered a bit... Actually a lot longer than i thought, but after awhile I relaxed a little and closed my eyes, I felt so... Secure, in his arms, his kiss was so warm and comforting that it made me almost forget where I was, but suddenly I snapped back into cautiousness and pulled back, "I thought I said just on the cheek!" I yelled at him, but I was actually dying for him to kiss me again, "sorry... I couldn't help it..." he said quite guiltily , "well 'hooray' because that was my first kiss" I said to him, pissed, or not really... No Nerissa you are pissed! he just got your first kiss! But it was Harry Freakin' Styles! No! You just met him and you still don't know him that well... Arghh whatever!! I was having a conversation with myself... Weirdo... "really?" he asked, slowly, "yeahh of course I'm just going to turn 17 in a few months what do you think..." I said quite loudly, "I'm sorry..." he replied sadly, "It's okay, you can be my last first kiss haha, that song is kinda weird... It's the first and the only so it'll be the last one obviously... I had quite a hard time understanding it at first..." I said just to cover my weird feelings, still kinda pissed wait... Arghh I don't know "So are you mad at me?" He asked me. Honestly, I don't really know if I'm mad or not... But I'm not that kind of person that keeps hating on people because I feel that's just plain stupid, "I don't know... I'll think about it" I replied, "Okay..." he replied and we were in an awkward silence well basically until Ashley came back.

"Hey Ashley" we called out, "where are the macaroons?" I asked, "I asked them to help me keep them in the fridge of course silly! They melt you know." Ashley laughed at me,"Owh yeah...haha..." I tried to laughed back but I think I didn't really work... Because Ashley totally sensed there was something wrong,"now what's going on people, you guys are like so awkward, I was just away for awhile and.... What happened?" she asked, I stared at Harry and he gave me a 'don't tell her...YET" look, I gave a slight nod and turned back to Ashley, "Nothing, it's just that Harry was... Uh... Talking to be about the recent haylor drama thing going on, and he is pretty stressed out" I lied to her, I could say I was a pretty good liar because I think Ashley actually believed what I was saying. "Owh I've heard of that news... I'm sorry." she said, "nah, it's okay" he smiled back, "So... Do you still want to skate?"I asked Harry,"don't think so, I'm feeling a little tired" he replied, " so let's take off our skates?" I said awkwardly, "uh, yes?" they replied. "right..." and I bent down to untie and keep my skates" this is going to be a really awkward day... I thought to myself.

"So what do we do now?" Harry asked as he pulled on his hood in case anyone saw him, "we?" I asked, "yeah we... " he said, "Owh its around 1:30 now, me and Ashley are going to walk around the mall and you know just walk around and maybe grab some lunch, do you want to join us?" I asked, "duhh that's why I said 'WE'" he said sarcastically which made me feel less awkward and all of us started giggling "Okay guys so where do you guys want to eat?" I asked, "how about that café  on the other side of the mall, uh, their sandwiches were really good!" Ashley said, "yeahh okay" I replied, "How about you Harry? Are you okay with that?" Ashley asked, "yeahh, totally fine with me, but I've got to warn you, if anyone asks who am I PLEASE don't tell them, just say that I'm your boyfriend or brother or whatever! Okay? Just make it so extraordinary that people won't even think that I'm Harry Styles... You can even say that I'm your dad okay!" he said sarcastically which made me and Ashley laughing like retards, I was starting to forget about the... Kiss just now and I was actually feeling,ess awkward now. "Okay daddy!" me and Ashley yelled, "Hey!! I didn't say you could call me that!" He exclaimed, "Owh yes you just did!" me and Ashley laughed and high fived. "okay, you guys win, now let's get going! I'm seriously hungry now!" Harry said impatiently and zoomed off to the lift lobby, we had to literally sprint to catch up with him, "don't, ever, do that, again..." I was panting, so as Ashley, "well that's what you guys get for calling me dad!" he said and stuck his tongue out, "whatever Harry" I replied, still panting.

We tried to blend in with the crowd to prevent getting Harry recognised which was actually pretty easy because people would probably not expect him going out with two unknown girls. Once we reached the café, a waiter came up and seated us in a corner, next to a glass panel that surrounded the whole mall, the view was actually quite nice, I sat by the glass panel while Harry sat next to me and Ashley sat opposite me. I ordered iced lemon tea and a ham and cheese sandwich which I knew was enough for me because their portions were quite big and they came with some chips, Ashley ordered a club sandwich with sprite and Harry ordered uh, let me see, a plate of salmon and scallop carbonara, a basket of garlic bread and... A plate of chicken wings plus Pepsi, I wonder how could he even finish so much friggin food! It seemed wrong...

My sandwich came first so I started digging in, the cheese was all gooey, melted and oozed out of the sandwich, YUM! And the amount of butter they spread on top of the bread... Now that was sinful "it's been awhile sandwich" l said and smiled at the plate of goodness, it has really been awhile since I've eaten this because with the amount of cheese and butter and not to forget the chips... I think I'll probably gain 5 more kilograms or something... "Are you seriously talking to a sandwich?!" Harry asked as he laughed at me while eating some garlic bread, "yeah, gotta problem with that?" I asked back raising one of my eyebrows. "uhh, nope, I just think its weird..." he replied, "whatever." I said back and continued enjoying my sandwich.

While I was halfway through my sandwich, everything was served and I could see Harry eating like a pig, and I thought Ashley ate like a pig, I guess there's actually someone worse than her."hey! You're going to choke on your food, slow down, we're not rushing for a train" I said to Harry, but he just stared at me and continued stuffing food into his mouth, hopeless... I thought to myself and turned over to Ashley, she was also staring at Harry with her mouth wide open giving me that 'are you serious?!' look,"he's worse than you" I mouthed to her and she rolled her eyes. I was quite a slow eater, so by the time Ashley had finished her food and Harry was already done with his garlic bread and chicken wings and halfway through his carbonara while I was still finishing my sandwich and I still had chips! "how the hell do you guys even eat so fast?" I asked them, "skills" Ashley replied in a 'hell yeah I'm awesome' tone which was sometimes annoying. I raised one of my eyebrows and stared at her then continued to eat my sandwich when I realised Harry was done too, "Now THAT was satisfying" he said, patting his stomach, okay so now two people are waiting for me to finish off my food... I hated people waiting for me."Uh, sorry guys, I'm a really slow eater..." I said to them slowly, "it's okay babe, take you time." Harry replied and smiled at me, did Harry Styles just call me babe?! Someone slap me now! Wait... Actually he already kissed me before so him calling me babe, wasn't really a big deal right? The scene from just now came flooding into my mind, his warm lips on mine... Snap out of it Nerissa! I thought to myself, Harry would never love a girl like you! And started eating my sandwich as fast as I could. 

I left some chips because I couldn't finish them and it wasn't really good for health anyway, "okay I'm done! I'll go pay the bill!" I said and started walking towards the cashier,"whoa, whoa who said you were going to pay the bill?" Harry said and held my wrist to prevent me from leaving  my seat, "uh, I said." I replied, "no you aren't, I am paying!" he exclaimed, "no, I-" before I could finish my sentence he leaned towards my ear and whispered, "if you don't let me pay, I'll kiss you again" he said, I immediately widened my eyes and stopped arguing with him, even though I would totally go against him and pay the bill so he could kiss me again, but i didn't, i just kept quiet. He gave a satisfied smile and walked over to the cashier to pay the bill, hopefully the staff won't recognise him... "whoa what was that about?" Ashley asked me, "uh nothing, he just said that if I didn't let him pay the bill he would... Not allow me to talk to him again, yeap, like for life haha." I replied even though I was mentally slapping myself for making such a crappy lie, of course she wouldn't believe it but Owh well.... "uh, okay... Haha" she replied, barely convinced by my answer, I have a feeling this is going to be a tough day..
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