My life has turned upside down ever since i met Harry Styles at the ice rink, having to focus on being a competitive figure skater and handling my crazy life ain't no easy task. Shit is just about to get real...


2. Is It Really Him?

"OUCH!!!" I screamed as I felt a sting at the joints of my pinky while tying my skates. I took a look at it and realised the skin had dried and literally split open caused by the friction of the shoe lace on my finger while pulling the laces tight. "are you okay?" Ashley asked, "Uhh yeah... Just... got a little cut." Ashley just gave me a 'seriously?!' look so I told her "Come on.... We're figure skaters! We should be used to cuts and stuff and besides this is just a tiny little cut" she stared at me a little while longer then replied "okay... If you say so." and continued tying her skates. I dug for my "first-aid pouch" from my bag and took a plaster out from the pouch, yeap it may sound crazy but almost every skater has a pouch of some sort because we get injured really frequently so it's always good to be prepared I guess. 

Once we've finished tying our skates we grabbed our gloves and walked towards the entrance of the rink. Ashley was just about to step in to the rink when I realised she still had her blade guards on. Blade guards allow you to walk around in your skates when you're off-ice, but when you're on-ice, you simply can't skate with your blade guards! Before you can even take a step you'll already end up slipping simply because well, blade guards are made of rubber. "ASH!!! WATCH O-" before I could even finish off my sentence, Ashley already slipped and was in a full right leg split position which looked pretty cool if you didn't know how she got into that position. "urghh one week of not skating and I forget to take my blade guards off before entering the rink, great, just great. " she sighed and slapped her forehead "well at least you fell in... style haha" I said while trying to hold back laughing at her "mhmm... Really funny Rissa, really funny." she answered me in lthat sarcastic tone. She took off her blade guards and stood back up while I just stood there giggling at her, well you know what they say, when you fall down, a friend would help you get up, but if it was your best friend they would just stand there and laugh at you, I actually found that pretty true. 

I took off my blade guards and hung them on to the transparent plastic panels surrounding the rink. These panels are actually used to prevent pucks from flying out of the rink while the hockey skaters are playing ice hockey but they are quite useful when it comes to hanging blade guards. Since both of us didn't have any classes today, we just practiced by ourselves, we did some stroking, steps and edges for on-ice warm up before doing all those jumps and spins. It took us about 15 minutes for that and by the time we finished the on-ice warm up it was already 9:30. 

We then continued with the jumps and decided we'll do our programmes, programmes are the routines with jumps and spins inside and you skate according to the music and it's what you perform in a competition. We have short and free programmes (SP/FS) , you need great stamina for the free skate because  its literally jumping and spinning and skating non stop for 4 whole minutes! Besides that you must make it look easy and pretty at the same time... By the time you finish, it feels like you just took a shower, with sweat... But the feeling is really good. We'll take a break then do spins when the public skaters come in because we require less space for that. 

After we finished with our jumps and finished warming up a few of the spins, I took a drink a water and took mine and Ashley's programme song CDs then went over to the DJ booth to play Ashley's music. She was skating to the James Bond theme for her short programme and she had to be, uh... Be sexy I would say, so at one point of her programme she had to whip her hair with her hand and try to look sexy. No offence but whenever she does that I'll end up laughing, It's not that she doesn't do it nicely it's just... I don't know. And since she's skating to James Bond she ends her programme with a gun gesture with her hands. 

It was my turn now and I skated to the music Scheherazade, it was based on one thousand and one nights a.k.a The Arabian nights. Ashley then skated her tiring free programme, she used giselle *for the music, it was fairly slow at the beginning but it gradually gets faster and faster which is kind of nerve wrecking. She finished, and I could she her breathing hardly, she actually did a clean programme which means that she didn't miss anything or fall down, a perfect programme. She made her way to me "Your turn now! HAVE FUN" she said sarcastically "uhuh..." I replied and skated over to my starting position. My music started to play and I skated, immersed in the music, I was skating to the ballet, Don Quixote. I died to use that piece since I was young and I finally got to now!, my choreographer did a really good job in choreographing this programme and I absolutely love it!

I finished skating and realised I landed everything, aced all my spins and I guess it look pretty nice. I yelled over to Ashley who was still sitting at the DJ booth "How was it Ash?" I asked "I've got to say it was pretty good" and nodded her head "Thanks!" and smiled at her. I walked over to the bench and sat down heavily with Ashley coming over awhile later with our CDs. "Thank you Ashley Mashleeeee" she rolled her eyes and passed my CDs to me, I kept them in my CD pouch and leaned against the wall, using my face towel to wipe off the sweat. 
*I glanced over to the clock and it was just 10, we would take a 15 minutes break and head back into the rink for our spins. I sat there and chatted with Ashley about wondering who was participating in this time's competition. Competitors from Japan, Russia and the U.S. were pretty strong and we were quite anxious to compete with them. I was thinking of other competitors that might compete when Ashley looked over my shoulders and had a confused look on her face. "What's wrong?" I asked her "nothing, it's just that it's not time for public skaters to come in yet but the people at the counter are letting someone in." she said "well maybe they did some booking or something, never mind, we've already done all the stuff that are "threatening" to public skaters, haha." I replied and laughed. She smiled but I could still see that look she had when she glanced over over my shoulder, I turned over to face the entrance gate and saw a person entering, *I turned back to Ashley and suddenly something popped into my head, that guy looked REALLY familiar, I turned my head back to face the gate and my jaw almost dropped. I looked back at Ashley, Again and mouthed to her "is that...."still in shock, "I don't know..." she mouthed back to me. I looked back and forth between the mystery guy coming towards us and Ashley so many times I swore my neck almost broke. "No it can't be... But I don't know... is it really him? Or is it just a look-a-like." I whispered to Ashley "I have a strong feeling it IS him" she whispered back and I looked back once more, I think it was really him. 
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