My life has turned upside down ever since i met Harry Styles at the ice rink, having to focus on being a competitive figure skater and handling my crazy life ain't no easy task. Shit is just about to get real...


4. Am I falling for her?

Harry's POV
I actually woke up 8:30am today, not a bad achievement I guess, after the tour ended i've been wanting to just chill, by myself, it's not that I don't like being with the other lads, I love being with them but sometimes I just want to have some time alone and after all this Haylor drama... Come on people it wasn't even my idea to hold hands and can't good friends hold hands? No is the people's answer, they want to make such a big fuss over this and it's really tiring, I mean everyday I have people asking me "what is your relationship with Taylor?" "Are both of you really dating?" they never think of my feelings, how would you feel if you've got thousands of people hating on me for hanging out with a friend. So to destress, I kinda took the risk and booked the whole ice rink for the morning till 1:30pm... well can't blame me! If people knew I was going to the ice rink then they would probably start coming over and I wouldn't even want to think about it, it will be chaotic. I haven't skated in awhile anyway and I was longing to go skate again!

But when I called the rink yesterday they said that there were going to be a few skaters training for a competition, that was fine with me, as long as not the whole world is going to be there that's fine, anyway being alone in the rink will be fairly scary so having a few people in the rink is totally okay. So anyway I took a shower, brushed my teeth and stuff then put on a hoodie and a pair of jeans, I grabbed a pair of sunglasses before I got out of the apartment that me and Louis shared, Louis went back to Doncaster to visit his family so he wouldn't be here for a few days that means I get the whole apartment for myself! I pulled my hood up and put on my sunglasses, car keys already in my hand. Okay so here is the hectic part, well good thing I didn't say that I was going anywhere if not there would be thousands of paps and fans waiting downstairs, so I took the lift down to ground floor and literally sprinted to my car, thank god no one really saw me, I pulled down my hood, started the engine and made my way to the mall where the rink was.

Once I parked the car, I did the same thing, again, pulled up my hood and made my way to the rink area which was quite nearby. I got to the entrance and thank god the staff recognised me and let me in, when I got in I saw two girls sitting at the bench, luckily there were only two girls, hopefully they won't scream and faint like that time when Zayn waved back at a fan and she literally fainted... Now that was seriously scary. One girl was facing me while the other girl was sitting in front of her, back towards me, the girl facing me had light brown hair with dark brown highlights and looked at me with a confused look while the other girl had dark brown hair and sea green dip dyes which looked pretty cool. The girl with the dip dyes turned over and glanced at me then turned back, but after awhile she turned back again, now I could see her properly, she was beautiful even though she didn't have makeup on, she had hazel eyes which seem to sparkle, I saw many fans with horribly thick make up and smelt like they literally bathed in perfume or something which was disgusting. After awhile she turned back to the other girl, she looked back and forth a few times and finally she looked at me again, "uh, so where do you get the skates?" I asked, she stared at me for awhile until the girl with light brown hair nudged her, "uhh just down this way" and she pointed to the lane on my right left and she smiled a sweet smile at me, "thanks!" I smiled back and headed off. 

I got my skates and decided to sit at their side, don't want to be a loner! I turned over and heard a lot of giggling and laughing from them so I went over and sat behind the girl with the dip dyes, I guess she didn't realise that I was actually sitting behind her because when she turned over she jumped a little. "so, what were you guys talking about? Heard a lot of laughing" i couldn't help asking "uhh..."she paused for awhile but the other girl answered me "Owhh nothing, she was just fangirling over you" she replied, I was actually quite used to that,then she focused her eyes the the girl with dip dyes, "was not!!!" she said "was too!!" the girl with light brown hair continued, "whatever Ash, you always fangirl over Justin Bieber anyway" she said as she waved her hand, so I was guessing that the girl's name is Ashley and she is a belieber I guess, I couldn't help thinking about that time when Niall was totally fangirling over Justin. The girl in dip dyes stuck her tongue out at Ashley and she stuck her tongue back at her, it was so funny and cute that I was almost going to laugh, I tried to hold it back but ended up laughing like a retard anyway and that's when realised that both of them were staring at like like I was some weird. "hey stop laughing!!"the girl in dip dyes kinda like yelled at me and slapped my arm, i yelled ouch even though it didn't hurt at all just for the heck of it, but I think my acting was too good that she actually thought it hurt "OMG I'm sorry! Does it hurt?" she asked me in a concerned tone that was so cute that I felt kind of guilty "yeah it does, like a lot" I answered but I couldn't help smirking, I guess she saw that because the next minute she was like "okay that was not funny people" she said in a pissed tone, well it was more of cute than pissed to me, and me and Ashley ended up laughing till we were tearing.

"okay okay, we're sorry" I said to the other girl and pouted my lips, "fine fine..." she said lazily then she grabbed her bottle and took a big gulp from it and she suddenly exclaimed, "OMG it's already 10:45!! And why aren't there any people coming in anyway..." she asked curiously "Owhh yeahh...." Ashley responded and turned over to look at the clock, so I guess they didn't know that I booked the rink. Suddenly the girl with dip arghh forget it I'll just call her the cute one... Well at least until I get her name, anyway she went over to the notice board and read out the notice in her bright voice "The rink will be closed on the 18th December 2012 (Tuesday) from 10:30am - 1:30pm due to an on going private function. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. The management." she turned over after she finished and Ashley responded "okay... So I guess we don't have to rush..." Ashley said, "Thanks to me!" I emphasised, and both of them suddenly looked at me again, it was as if I were a ghost or something, come on! "yeah yeah whatever, are the others coming?" the cute one asked me, and I was guessing them were the other boys, "unfortunately nope, but I can have you guys to myself" I don't know why but I was looking forward to skate with them. "uhh and what does that mean..." she said, probably thinking what the hell do you mean by 'having us to yourself'?! "don't tell me you're just going to leave me alone to skate" I said and pouted at her, I knew no one could resist my puppy dog face, not even the other boys can! "of course not, we haven't even finished our training, so beware" she said trying to give that haunting look but she looked so adorable!! "Oh my god I'm so scared ahhhh." I replied sarcastically and all of us started laughing, It has been quite awhile since I've laughed so much and felt that happy.

"Okay okay enough of fooling around, let's go in and continue spinning" Ashley told the other girl, the cute one, yes, she nodded and Ashley turned to face me, she was beautiful, and it seemed like I met her before... Maybe at a signing or something but... I don't know I felt better with the other girl, even though I didn't even know her name. "So we'll se you inside in a bit?" Ashley asked me, "Yeah,after I finish tying my skates" I replied and realised that I was talking so much that I haven't even put on my skates, "Owh and remember to tie them tighter, you won't want to you know, twist your ankle or something." she said to me, she sounded like a mom! "Yes mummy!"I yelled back at her jokingly, "really..."Ashley replied in a fairly pissed tone, before I could reply anything else the other girl cut in, "okay guys enough of arguing, let's go in Ashley!" hmm peacemaker, okay, and she's cute, even better. Ashley stuck her tongue at me and I stuck mine back, "real mature guys" the other girl kind of yelled and rolled her eyes.

Both of them finally got into the rink and continued their training, I know it kind of sounds weird but, when the cute one, yes the CUTE one skated, she looked like a... Princess... So elegant and all, an ice princess! Yes okay that would be her new 'name' for now, The ice princess, sounds nice. I continued tying my skates, TIGHTLY, as mummy Ashley said haha... She would probably kill me if I called her that, I finished tying them and headed into the rink, I skated a few laps, just enjoying how smooth the ice was, I skated before so I was quite comfortable with it. I saw both of them spin, it was amazing, I wished I could spin like that, it looked so fun! but I guess it was quite tiring because every time after they finished doing a spin they would be breathing heavily, but before they could catch their breath they would be already doing another spin. Suddenly the ice princess haha or maybe the cute ice princess... Okay enough of giving her names! I told myself anyway, she just stood there, and I guess I just leaned against the boards and stared at her and she was probably just standing there for a good 5 minutes, looking at, nothing actually, probably thinking of something... so I decided to go and well, scare her guess, I made my way up to her and stood behind her, she turned around after awhile, well at least her reflexes were still working. "What?" she asked me, "I think I should be the one asking you that, you've been standing here for about uh 5 minutes!" I said, she probably didn't realise because she got all awkward "Owh... Really? Okay... Uh why did you take so long?" she asked me, "What do you mean so long? I came in about 5 minutes after you did! You were probably too focused on spinning that you didn't see me... That was quite an awesome spin by the way" I said and smiled at her, I had to kinda look down to talk to her because she was a good 5 inches shorter than me, "thanks" she said and smiled back at me, she looked so cute when she smiled, wait did I say that before? Never mind... "So uh what's your name? I know she's Ashley" I asked and pointed to Ashley, "and you?" I asked, finally I've got the chance to ask her. "Owh my name is Nerissa, Nerissa Leah Odea"she replied, her name was so unique! "Nerissa, nice name!" I said and smiled at her, "thanks again" she answered and giggled, she looked like a... Cute little puppy I could take care of, so cute and cuddly.

"So what time does my class start coach Nerissa?" I asked her jokingly, " Don't call me that! Just call me Rissa, that's what all my friends call me anyway" she answered sweetly, if she said she was a child of Aphrodite I would not even be surprised she was so charming... It seemed like she could charm speak... Okay snap out of it Harry! I mentally slapped myself. "Owh so am I considered as your friend?" I asked her "uh, if you want to be my friend, why not?" she replied, "of course I'll be your friend! I absolutely love ice skating and I think you're awesome at it!" I replied, but I knew I wanted to be more than friends with her. "uhh okay, thanks?" she said awkwardly, "come on! Don't feel so awkward, we're friends right? So what time will you finish your training and be able to teach me?!" I asked her, even though I knew it was kind of rude and selfish for asking someone who was training for a competition to teach me, ahem "teach" me but I couldn't help it! "um let's see, it's a little but pass 11:30 and I still have a few more spins to work on... So I guess 12?" she answered "okay then,this place is booked till 1:30 anyway." I replied, "yeap so just go on and skate yourself and I'll get to you later okays? Break a leg!" she told me, even though I knew she meant break a leg as in good luck but I still wanted to act like an idiot anyway,"HEYY are you cursing me to break a leg?! Not funny!" I exclaimed, "I mean break a leg as in good luck" she replied me calmly "I knew that" I replied and winked at her then continued skating. 

She was cute, calm, reasonable AND a peacemaker... It makes me feel so comfortable being with her, obviously I haven't told her yet because I'm not even sure of my feelings to her, do I like her as a friend? A sister? Do I just like her? Or do I... Love her? Am I actually falling for her?

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