My life has turned upside down ever since i met Harry Styles at the ice rink, having to focus on being a competitive figure skater and handling my crazy life ain't no easy task. Shit is just about to get real...


6. A day with Harry Styles (part1)

Nerissa's P.O.V

We walked out of the café after Harry paid, "so where are we going now?" Ashley asked, trying to keep the spirits up. "it's about 3 now, so I guess we'll walk around or something?" I suggested, "yeah okay that's fine with me, as long as no one recognises me... Because when that happens, I'll have to run back to the car immediately." he said and we all nodded. We came up with a plan if Harry got recognised which is, Harry would run and drive back while we, well just go back to the rink and act like nothing happened, like we didn't meet,talk,have lunch or... Ahem.... With Harry Styles, which would kinda suck.... Yeahh what a plan.... So I'm just hoping he doesn't get recognised 
And we could hang out well, at least until Ashley's mum comes to pick us up. We walked around the mall randomly actually, it was quite awkward because we barely talked, I swore i saw some people were staring at Harry and whispering at each other, mostly teenage girls hmm normal, they must have suspected something and before you know there was this girl, around 12 I think, she came over to us and stared at Harry,"Are you Harry Styles? Like from one direction?" She asked.

Oh shit, the moment we've all been dreading to happen just did, Harry just looked at her and didn't reply, nudging me to say something,"uh, hi there, I think you've got the wrong person, this is my brother and he is blind." I replied, thank god she was just a little girl. "Owh, I'm sorry..." she replied, I could see she looked disappointed, I actually felt sorry for her! But I simply couldn't say, "Owh yeah, this is Harry Styles" that would cause total chaos... "it's okay", I smiled at her and she walked off. "such a good liar you" Harry whispered in my ear and winked at me, I giggled and then we continued walking. "I felt really guilty you know." I told Harry, "I know, I really want to talk to the fans and stuff but, you know... You've just gotta live with it" he replied and shrugged.

"Owh! Why don't we go to the book shop!" Ashley suddenly spoke up after we walked for uh about 3 minutes since the incident. "yeah okay, I want to get some books anyway" I replied, "book shop?!" Harry said unbelievably "uh, yeah the book shop... Is there a problem? Did you want to go anywhere else?" I asked, "uh, nope... I just though... Gah never mind..." he replied,"uh, okay..." I said, I could sense that he doesn't really want to go to the book shop, yeah I'm actually doubting that he would have time to read any books, or does he even want to read books? But I didn't care anyway, we were still going to the book shop. We made our way there with Ashley on my right and Harry reluctantly walking on my left with his hood pulled all the way up hiding his curls that made him even easier to recognise, so it was a good thing that you couldn't.

"Okay, so I'll go look for my stuff while Harry and you stay together just in case, you know... okay?"Ashley asked once we reached the entrance of the book shop, "yeap, sounds good, so I'll meet you guys back here at 5 or so?" I asked, "okay, that should be enough time" She replied and we walked off.

"Why is she walking that way when all the books are this way?" Harry asked and pointed towards the way we were walking. "oh, uh you know when Ashley says 'coming to the book shop' she doesn't buy books, she just buys stationary and mags." I replied rolling my eyes, yeap that's Ashley, she comes to the book shop but doesn't touch books. "oh, okay, so what book are you looking for?" he asked. "uh actually I'm not really sure, I just like to walk around and see if there are any interesting books, I'm currently reading the Percy Jackson series and I love it! Are you reading any books now?" I asked him, "uh, not really... I don't really read books..." he mumbled, putting his hands into the pockets of his hoodie, "hmm I guess you barely even have time to read books." I said, "yeah... And if I do, I think the idea of reading a book wouldn't really come to my mind..." he replied, I walked over to the biography section with him following behind me, I saw the "life as one direction" book and I almost laughed out loud, I always wanted to buy that book but I didn't really have the time to come and walk around and go to the book shop and buy a book with all this crazy training going on.

I guess I don't need to buy the book anymore when I've got the real person hanging out with me now! I still couldn't really believe that he was right here next to me though... "hmm this person does look familiar doesn't he." I grinned as I took the book up and pointed at the picture of him on the cover. "yes he does look very familiar." he said and giggled, "you look so different now compared to the year before" I said and looked between him and the cover. "In a good way or bad?" he asked raising one side of his eyebrows, "in a good way of course". I replied and felt myself blush and we continued to walk around.

Ashley's P.O.V

I'm not a massive directioner like Nerissa but I do know them, I'm actually quite excited to hang out with the one and only Harry Styles for a day or maybe more to come... Omg why am i thinking of him psh okay I'm still puzzled from what happened between Nerissa and Harry when I left to get the macaroons for my mum, they seemed like, super awkward, they kept saying it was nothing but I don't think I can believe them on this one.

The only reason I left them to walk alone was because I couldn't stand the awkwardness anymore! Like just now when Nerissa was being stubborn and wanting to pay the bill, Harry just whispered something to her and she just stared straight, eyes wide open and let him pay, if it was me, she would definitely not let me pay even if I black mail her or something. 

So, there was something familiar about Harry, it's like I've met him before, not just like seeing him before but it felt like we were pretty close, I don't know but that was what I felt towards him... maybe I just mistakened him for someone else. 

Anyway, I walked over to the magazine area and literally picked out all the mags that had anything to do with Justin Bieber. I know this sounds a bit insane but seriously, if Nerissa were here she would literally squeal and go all crazy when she saw a mag that has 1D inside, but I don't think she needed to go all crazy over mags when she was already hanging out with one of the members... I have never met or talked or hung out with Justin. I have never even been to his concert before even though he came here to perform before! I think I was at a skating camp in 
Switzerland with Nerissa and the rest of the team, I literally cried when I heard I wouldn't be there when his concert was on, I took about a week to actually get over it and Nerissa, as usual, was teasing me. Hey I mean like she went to a 1D concert before and she couldn't get the meet and greet passes, yeah guess what, she hid in her room sobbing for literally the whole day! And when I saw her the next day her eyes were all puffy like a gold fish... 

By the time I finished picking out everything it was around 4:30 Hmm I still had half an hour before we meet back at the entrance again. I went over to the cashier to pay and went to Starbucks that was located in the book store, how awesome!

I ordered a caramel frappacino and went over to one of the tables, snuggled into the couch and started reading my mags.

Well time surely flies when you're reading about your idol, I just finished one mag and half an hour has already passed so it was basically time to meet with Nerissa and Harry again. I was about to keep my mags and stand up when I heard someone call. 

"oh my god, is that Ashley?" oh god does everyone have to call my name out that loud? I bet in no time the whole of London will know my name. I looked up and guess who I saw, Alyssa and her 'followers', if you didn't know, Alyssa is like a total bitch and she's from my school. "well, well, isn't it the little skater girl Ashley," she said smirking, and her followers started laughing. "what do you want Alyssa." I replied her sternly. 

"what do I want? I want nothing from a lame ass like you," she said and turned over to face the rest of her uh 'followers' and automatically they all laughed together, omg are they really that lifeless, following that bitch around.

"excuse me! Please at least have some respect." I kinda yelled at her and stood up from my seat, "respect? Why should I respect you?! You are just a nobody" she gave me that bitch look and pointed at me . "YOU!" I lifted my arm and almost gave her a punch in the face, "what? Want to punch me? Go on, if you dare" she bitched back. 

"why would I not dare to huh," I demanded, "go on then" she said walking nearer towards me," go on, punch me" she said arrogantly pointing towards her face.  I was about to punch her when like on cue, someone held my hand back. 

"chill Ashley!" it was Nerissa, I put my hand down and turned over to see her and Harry standing behind her, "oh isn't it another looser, Nerissa, always fangirling over one direction, I'm telling you, you will never ever meet them, that's reality girl so snap out of it. " Alyssa said and snapped her fingers in front of Nerissa's face, I knew Alyssa was kinda obsessed with one direction too  but she always denies it because she wants to keep her uh, 'cool' yeah right cool my foot,oh that actually rhymes! What the heck... Okay anyway, I almost laughed out loud and tell her that Harry Styles is just standing there right in front of your freaking face. 

I guess Nerissa sensed what I was going to do so she squeezed my hand reminding me to not say anything about Harry's existence. I turned back to her and I noticed that Harry was looking fairly furious, leaning forward probably wanting to walk over to Alyssa and admit who he was but Nerissa stopped him. She took a deep breath and started talking to Alyssa.

"it's okay, I don't really mind, as long as I can enjoy their music, I will forever be a directioner, I don't need to meet them or anything, I'll support them and that's enough, but of course meeting them would mean a lot to me." Nerissa said calmly, yes she was a very calm person and handled arguments well, she always tells me, these people were not worth any of her or my time. I saw Harry grinning at her statement, well it must've been weird saying that when one of them is actually just standing here.

Alyssa looked was stunned by Nerissa's reply, she probably thought she was going to slap her or something, like me.... She took awhile to think about what she was going to say next to try and agitate us, and she looked over to Harry. oh shit no please don't ask w-.

"now who is that standing behind you?" she asked in a flirty tone, oh god this is not happening... "this is uh... My brother" Nerissa said, "really?" she asked and shoved me and Nerissa aside to walk towards Harry, she was obviously trying to flirt with him.

"I don't remember you having a brother" Alyssa said and turned towards us raising an eyebrow, I could see Harry's expression pleading for help but all we had to keep cool to nat make it obvious. "oh he was um... Studying in the U.S. and just recently came back for a break," Nerissa replied anxiously. Well Nerissa was surely not a good liar because Alyssa didn't look convinced at all, not even a bit, we're dead meat.

Author's notes

Hey there :) so, merry Christmas, happy new year and happy Chinese new year to all of you guys <3 sorry I took forever to update this thing :( anyway hope you guys like this chapter and if you guys have anything to comment about, well just comment :B and don't forget to like and favourite it :3 the next chapter will be out either tomorrow or the day after! Thanks and sorry :)

<3 Jia Xin
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