My life has turned upside down ever since i met Harry Styles at the ice rink, having to focus on being a competitive figure skater and handling my crazy life ain't no easy task. Shit is just about to get real...


7. A day with Harry Styles (part 2)

"So if you guys are siblings..." Alyssa said and pointed at Harry and Nerissa, "why do you guys look nothing like each other? For instance, You have hazel eyes and he has... Let's see greenish eyes" she added trying to look at Harry's face but he kept trying to avoiding her by looking down at his feet.


"well..." Nerissa replied and shuffled her feet around awkwardly, "I knew it! He isn't your brother you liar! I read your student profile before and it said that you are the only child! Now who is that?" Alyssa demanded. Now when did she start stalking Nerissa like that...


"that's uh...that's..." Nerissa shuffled her feet not knowing how to reply, we. Are. Doomed. Suddenly Harry walked forward, took Nerissa's hand and stood in front of her, facing Alyssa. "I am her boyfriend." Harry replied, boyfriend? Where did that come from, Nerissa stared at me, mouth wide open, and I guess she felt awkward too, but i think if Alyssa wasn't right in front of us and we were not in this situation, uh she would probably freak and hell knows what will happen... I signed her to just play along with Harry, she nodded in agreement and turned back to face Alyssa.


Alyssa was probably shocked by Harry's answer but she acted as if it was nothing, she turned over to look at Harry, clearly trying to flirt, I think I'm going to puke, a plastic bag, anyone?,"I'm telling you she's not worth your time babe, you can always come hang out with me," Alyssa 'whispered' to Harry and winked at him. Gosh  can she get anymore annoying?! Harry held Nerissa's hand tighter and replied her, "oh she is definitely worth my time, i would do anything for her, and i think the only person here that is not worth my time is you," he said calmly and pointed at Alyssa. 


"Excuse me! I'm telling you Thousands of guys are dying to get a chance to hang out with me, you should feel honoured that I even asked!" she yelled, now basically half the people in the bookshop were looking at us. "Oh wow really? Cause I definitely wouldn't want to. " he answered, "Hello?Now who do you think you are?" she demanded, snapping her fingers, "who do I think I am? I am Harry Styles" he replied sternly, immediately you could see whispering going on between her followers but Alyssa just looked pissed "are you kidding me? How could Harry Styles date a girl like Nerissa Odea?" she said and laughed, "I bet he wouldn't even want to go near her" she added and smirked, "well too bad because he chose to be with her." he replied and grinned at Nerissa, all Nerissa could grin back and feel more and more awkward.


Alyssa was stunned by his reply, the other girls started getting louder, talking about what just happened, "shut up girls!" Alyssa turned her head back towards them and yelled at, immediately they all kept quiet. She stared at Harry for awhile before she started to speak again, "prove it to me then. " she challenged him, "really Alyssa?! Like who would want to f-" I said before Harry cut in, "it's okay Ashley, if she wants proof, I'll show her," I could see Alyssa looking pretty worried now, well good for her!


He grabbed his wallet from the pocket with his free hand, the other hand was still holding on to Nerissa's. He took out his identity card and showed it to Alyssa. "is that enough proof for you?" Harry asked, grinning, Alyssa looked too stunned to even talk, her mouth was wide open and I hoped that at that time a fly would just fly into her mouth, like seriously.


"If you ever, dare touch my girl or Ashley ever again, you, and your group of pigs here are going to go through the grinder and made into hamburgers, understood?" he said while pointing to Alyssa. Wait did he just call Nerissa his girl?! That's not-, whoa whoa whoa why am I feeling jealous, No Ashley, stop it.


"Ye-yes..." Alyssa stammered, after staring at Harry a little while longer, she turned towards the entrance and stomped out of the bookshop with her gang following her closely, as if she were some magnet. 


"uh so, thanks guys..." I said after Alyssa was out of sight, "just don't get so agitated next time, she's so not worth your time." Nerissa replied and smiled at me. "do you think there will still be a next time?" Harry asked and we all started laughing, "hmm I don't think so, thanks to you!" I said and smiled at him, we looked at each other for awhile before Nerissa gave an awkward cough. "uh so where are we going now?" she asked. 


"I don't know, what time is it?" I asked and Harry checked his watch, "um 5:45" he replied at looked up again, "we totally wasted 45 minutes on arguing with a brainless ostrich" Nerissa sighed and glared at me. "what!? She was being a total bitch to me!" I replied, "yeah but if you punched her she would have a reason to say it was your fault!" she explained. "but I co-" I was going to debate back when Harry suddenly clapped his hands for attention, "hello! I'm still here if you didn't realise." 


"uh sorry, okay so where to now?" I asked, "I don't know, you guys come here literally everyday, so you're definitely more familiar with this mall!" he replied "uh except Sundays but we don't always walk around you know." I replied and thought of where to go "how about we just walk around" I added "um yeah okay" Harry replied while Nerissa just shrugged. 


"I suggest you put on your sunglasses because there are going to be more people at this time, and it'll be easier for us to say you're blind if anyone happens to ask, AND pull your hood up a little more for gods sake, those curls are coming out like they were the snakes on medusa's hair."  I looked straight and whispered to him while we were exiting the book shop, "yes mum! But," oh the buts... "I have one thing to say, my curls are much better looking than medusa's snake head thing." he replied like a kid and pulled his glasses out, "hey! I'm younger than you FYI." I punched his shoulder and pulled his hood further in front cause he didn't bother to, I mean like you think of curls, you think of Harry Styles, I definitely won't risk it. 


"whoa whoa okay I'm sorry, how old are you anyway?" he asked, "well I'm turning 17 in March so I'm still 16, and Rissa is turning 16 in uh let's see, 5 days! Wow I didn't realise it was so soon, so yeah technically she's still 15." I replied, I seriously haven't thought of what to buy her...


"ah I see so you're still 15... I thought you said you'd be tuning 17 next year, you should've said you were turning 16 in a few days!" he said and looked at Rissa which was on his right. "it's true that I am turning 17 next year!" she demanded, "yeah but you're not even 16 yet!" he replied trying to keep his voice down, "argh whatever Styles..." she grumbled and looked straight in front, crossing her arms. Harry looked over at me and gave me a questioning look and I just shrugged, signalling that was the normal Nerissa behaviour, like really normal.


 I was standing on the right side of Rissa but there was no problem looking over her head because she was just around, 5'3 I was 5'7 and Harry was probably 5'11 or something. I always teased Nerissa for being fairly short but now seeing Harry, it's actually kind of intimidating.




After that we literally "walked around" the mall in silence, or should I say awkward silence. Well at least until Harry's phone suddenly rang, "how are you going to answer huh?! You're supposed to be blind." I whispered to him, "I'll just text." he replied, "oh yeah, the blind can text with an iPhone, AMAZING." I replied in a hushed voice and the phone stopped ringing, "you can actually activate the Braille on the iPhone you know!" he argued back, damn damn damn I'm losing it... "uhh...." "Shut up guys, people are already staring at us." Nerissa suddenly snapped at us.


Both of us looked at her and she just stared straight, reaching her arm over to Harry, palm facing up. "hand over the phone." she whispered, still looking straight, "uh right okay" Harry pretended to "feel" for his phone in his pocket and held it over towards Nerissa's direction, Nerissa grabbed the phone and her mouth hanged wide open.


"who called?" Harry asked, staring straight so he looked more like a blind person or at least that's what he said. "hel-lo? Who called?" he asked again after awhile since Nerissa didn't answer, "give eit" I snatched over the phone since she didn't answer, AGAIN. "so who called?" he asked, "uh let's see, oh it's Niall, like Niall Horan" I replied, well that definitely explained why her mouth was hanging wide open.


"ah okay" he said and giggled, probably knowing why he didn't get an answer, "just text him to ask what does he want." he added. "uh okay." and started typing, just before I sent the message a message came through, "oh it's from Niall, he said that he and the other boys are having dinner at let's see, oh Louis' place and you're cooking?" I said in a hushed tone "So they are going over to my place and asking me to cook? What awesome friends I have." he replied.


"uh did you mean Louis' place?" I asked, "I live with Louis so I guess it's considered my house too right?" he replied, "hmm guess so" I said and handed back his phone, "would you guys like to join us?" he asked.


Okay I swore I was sparkles appearing in Nerissa's eyes, meh typical, "sorry but we can't, my mum is coming to pick us in a bit so... Yeah." I answered and guess what Nerissa's eyes went from sparkle to heh, 'I want to kill you' mode. 


"aww too bad, maybe next time?." he asked, okay now rainbows, unicorns and sparkly stuff were probably popping up from Rissa's head. "Yes! Of course!" Nerissa shouted before you could even blink your eye, and guess what, everyone around us was staring at her like they just saw a ghost. "Good job Nerissa, you just attracted everyone's attention." I grumbled, "says the one that made so much noise just now." She answered and stuck her tongue out, let the tongue sticking competition begin!


It when on for awhile till Harry cleared his throat and we all stared at him, "Guess I should get used to this." he replied with a giggled, "mhmm, this happens, all the time, we're really mature." Nerissa replied sarcastically as we were approaching the rink.




"So I guess this is the end of our outing?" Harry asked as we literally walked him to his car, just realised we were like his body guards for the whole day, wow... "sadly, yeap it is." I replied, Nerissa was close to tears I mean like she's all like I'm fine, it's cool but inside she's probably like NOOOO!!! Don't go!!!! Falls on her knees and... Cue dramatic music! Hmm maybe I should consider being a script writer or director somewhere in the future, just sayin'.


"It was actually pretty fun! Except the Alyssa and ahem you know who's moment." he mumbled the last few words, "mhm, thanks a lot there." I replied sarcastically, "you really got to cut that sarcasm thing you know," Nerissa said annoyingly, "what can I say? Sarcasm is my middle name, well you're pretty sarcastic too!" I replied, "no I'm not!" she snapped, "there you go! See you're being sarcastic," "what?" "what what?" "what what wh-" "whoa whoa guys, I mean girls, chillo."  If Harry didn't cut in our what what thing, we would possibly stay there the whole day what-ing at each other.


"Oh look, my mum texted and said she's reaching so we gotta wait for her at the main entrance, so I guess we better get going?" I looked at Nerissa, and she just.... Shrugged, yup the only answer I get, a shrug guess cause she's dying inside. "okay, so I guess bye?" he said awkwardly and reached his arms out.  


"wadya want bro?" I asked, confused by his action, "really guys... uh girls." and he sighed and walked over to hug me, oh right haha hug, who just hugs someone like that? I mean like... Who does that? Wait he's not a 'someone', he's a celebrity, I guess it's fine... Yeap so the awkward me just awkwardly hugged back, and when he got over to Nerissa, I assumed that she would have the shock of her life, I mean like I'm mentally prepared for all the fangirling she's going to do later... O-M-G did Harry freaking Styles just hug me?! AHHHHHHHHHH But amazingly she looked pretty calm, actually very calm from my past experiences.


He whispered something to her and bam awkwardness... I really don't know what these two were up to when I went to buy the maca- "shit! I forgot the macaroons!" I suddenly exclaimed, yeah and ended up with both of them staring at me as if I were some weirdo, couldn't blame them.


"uh sorry guys, so we better hurry?" I ahem awkwardly suggested and motioned to Rissa, okay let's just say everything that happened today was, AWKWARD. "uh yeah okay, bye!" she said to Harry, "yeap bye! Nice meeting both of you!" he replied, Nerissa smiled and nodded then both of us started walking away... Okay you know what I'm going to say, awkwardly...  "uh, hold on!" he suddenly yelled, well thank god we weren't too far away, "wadya want this time..." I replied as we walked back to him. "I was just wondering if, you know, I could have your numbers so we could keep in touch or hangout or something?" he said yes yes awkwardly. Which person in their right mind would decline this offer I mean like even I won't...


"Of course" and gestured him to pass his phone over, I typed in mine and Nerissa's number and handed his phone back, "hope you still remember our names" I smirked, "of course I do, Ashley and Nerissa, I don't have short-term memory okay." he rolled his eyes and kept his phone into his pocket, " by the way is it okay if I called you names by short? Like Rissa and Ash?" "yeah it's fine but nothing else" Nerissa replied and stared at me, "what? I just called you sa" I exclaimed, "yeah well it sounds really weird okay so shut it." "sasasasasasasasa." I love annoying her heh, it's actually our hobby, annoying each other. " you know what we better make a move, bye Harry!" she interrupted and started pulling me away. 


"Bye!" we waved at him and eventually stopped when we got into the mall.


Nerissa's POV

We walked in to the elevator and pressed the bottom of the floor we were going too, I let out a sigh, "Today is officially the best day of my life." I said, I'm actually still having a hard time absorbing everything that happened today, first Harry Styles walked into the rink and asked me where to get the skates, next he said I was awesome in skating, then he asked me to teach him how to skate which failed and turned into him kissing me, on the lips like what? That was my first kiss well it was pretty awesome that my first kiss was with Harry, Styles but still I only met him for like 1 hour, so... Maybe kinda awkwardly creepy anywayy we hanged out, he defended Ashley, held my hand and called me his girlfriend, okay even though he was just acting I died inside like yeah my heart stopped beating. Anddd lastly he asked for our numbers, le died.




So we collected the macaroons, well thank god Ashley suddenly remembered cause these stuff are freaking expensive! And not to mention super fattening... But they taste so awesome! Argh a life of a figure skater...


We made our way to the main entrance and saw Ashley's mum already waiting in her car, I climbed into the backseat first followed by Ashley. "Hi Kathleen! Sorry we took so long, Ashley almost forgot to collect the macaroons." I stared at Ashley and she gave me a 'what?!' look, "Hi Nerissa! It has been awhile since I last met you! Yeah thats Ashley, I'm actually wondering if she has short-term memory." she exclaimed cheerfully and laughed. "Jeez thanks mum," Ashley mumbled and crossed her arms.


I don't know but I suddenly thought of Harry talking about short term memory and almost blasted out laughing, I guess Ashley understood what I was thinking about cause I could see she was holding back her laughter as well.


"So how was your day girls?" Kathleen asked, "It was fine..." Ashley answered how could it be just fine? Gosh "What do you mean by fine?! It. Was. Absolutely. AWESOME. BEST DAY OF MY LYFE!"  I replied, making a huge statement, "Ah well Nerissa seems happy, so what exactly happened?" Kathleen asked, "guess guess guess." I said excitedly, I actually treat Kathleen more like a friend than like 'Ashley's mum',hmm she doesn't mind.


"Oh god here we go again..." Ashley said, and rolled her eyes, she got a slap on her back from me as a 'reward' for saying that mhmm. "We were hanging out with Harry Styles!!! Like EHMERGERD, seriously the best day of my life!" I kinda yelled, whoops. "Wow okay.. So what did you guys do?" she asked. And me and um Ashley, mostly ME told her about the whole day and by the time we finished we already reached my house, damn.


"Thanks for the ride Kathleen." I said before jumping out of the car, yes literally and walking over to the back to get my bags,"and bye!". I really didn't want to leave cause firstly, I would have nothing to do at home, and secondly, I would end up skyping or texting my friends and obviously Ashley, I might as well live with her!


Anyway I walked toward the door of my house and constantly waving at them before Kathleen drove off, hmm guess I'm hone alone for now. I went in and turned all the lights on before locking the door behind me, what can you say? I'm afraid of the dark...


I ran up the stairs and closed the door behind me, phew, why is my room on the third floor anyway. I dumped everything on the floor and went to take a bath, definitely needed one, I smell like I just fell into the drain or something, all that disgustingly disgusting sweat.


I put on a baggy shirt and a some shorts before tying my hair into a messy bun and flopping onto my bed. Oh wait I forgot my mac book and my phone argh, why are they on the other side of the room?! Life is hard, life is difficult... Okay I should really stop complaining gosh I'm starting to sound like my grandmother.


I climbed back into bed after getting the stuff and as usual, on my mac book ahem pro, one tab for twitter, one for YouTube and one for Tumblr. I was also blasting grade 8 by Ed Sheeran, okay I've gotta say besides 1D I also love Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs and yeah many other artists, I'm innocent people.


You know that moment when you want to tweet something soooo badly but you're not allowed to? Yeah I'm feeling that right now, I want to tweet about me hanging out with Harry freaking Styles today but that would seriously cause quite many problems... So I just tweeted, 'BEST DAY OF MY LIFE so far... ' Yeap I guess that's fine.


So I was just clicking around randomly on my account, like you know, 10,000 tweets mhmm my profile picture which is a picture of me, Ashley and a few of our other skating friends hanging out at someone's party hmm I forgot whose actually haha but I love that picture so much. 1,100 followers oka- wait what? 1,100 followers?! The last time I checked I only had 900!! Did I suddenly become famous and everyone is starting to follow me or something? 


I went over to my notifications and scrolled down, guess what I saw, 


Harry Styles favourited 

2 mins : BEST DAY OF MY LIFE so far... 


Hmm how is he supposed to know that I was talking about him? AND how did he manage to read my tweet? I didn't even tag him! I scrolled down even more, and saw tweets like 'OMG you're so lucky!' me? Lucky? Yeah right, wait for what? I also saw some weird ones like ' @Harry_Styles  FOLLOW ME PLEASE! I've been waiting all my life! I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK' eww well that was icky, I sometimes pity the boys for getting all these weird, disgusting, and humiliating tweets gosh even I don't do that, simply because I have a brain.


But what do all of these tweets got to do with me? So I went over to my followers, scroll, scroll, scroll, VERIFIED ACCOUNT! Yeah I'm like a verified account sign detector heh. 


Harry Styles followed you


Wait how did he? But, but but but STALKER! How does he know which one is my twitter account there are probably thousands of people that have the name Nerissa and he probably had to look for a whole day to find the right one. I didn't even put my full name I just put Nerissa , a snowflake and a star and my username is @Nerissa_LOdea hmm maybe the snowflake gave him a hint... And my profile picture... AND my header which are skates... Okay maybe my username was a big clue too.


Well he probably stalked over a hundred Nerissas then lol, at least now I know where all the followers and tweets were from AND Harry Styles is following me, this day couldn't get any better. When i was in my awesomely happy mood, I saw something that really made me choke.


Alyssa Jayne Anthony <3 @alyxoxo

Guess who I saw today! @Harry_Styles together with @Nerissa_LOdea and @AshleyCathLindt OMG shocker!


And she attached a picture of us in the book store, how did she even get that? That tweet got like 300+ retweets oh shit my life is ruined, there were quite a few replies to that too like '@alyxoxo @Harry_Styles @Nerissa_LOdea @AshleyCathLindt OMG I WAS THERE! AND I DIDN'T REALISE HE WAS HARRY STYLES, I HATE MY LIFE RN' whoa so much for drama gurl and loads of, 'OMG you're so lucky!'s 


Thank god the picture had facing backwards towards the camera and me and Ashley facing front, phew at least he's blocked. I ignored it and got a text, oh from Ashley, 'OMG DID YOU SEE WHAT ALYSSA TWEETED I AM SO FREAKING MAD RIGHT NOW I JUST WANT TO SLAP HER IN THE FACE!!!!!' well seems like someone's on fire.  


'Whoa whoa calm your tits girl! If you did not realise, Harry's back is facing the camera so they can't really actually confirm it's him, plus he can just say that he was somewhere else, just chill okay, everything's gonna be alright.' I typed and pressed the send button.


Right now I was lying on the carpet besides my bed, yeah I tend to move places. My phone vibrated, hmm probably from Ashley, yeap it is, 'okay fine fine I guess that's a point oh and btw the last line you typed? It's a Justin Bieber song whoopdeedoos everything's gonna BE ALRIGHT!! Love yah bye xx' damn Ashley, mental note to self : never ever use "be alright" to Ashley.


I was too lazy to reply her so I continued alternating between twitter, YouTube and Tumblr yeah everything has something to do about 1D... And the door bell rang, ugh noooo I don't wanna walk all the way downstairs, hell knows who is that, and yes I'm scared too okay, the only place I'm feeling fairly safe now is my room... Actually not really, what if something crawled out from below my bed and - oh stop it Nerissa, the room is so freaking bright.


Maybe it was just mum, but she has keys too! Wait what if she forgot it, well she could always call me, No! What if it was mum? She would be like what the hell took you so long? And i would have to listen to her speech. I was debating whether to go down or not and I heard a vibrating sound which made me jump, oh it's just my phone... Haha...


I leaped or to my phone and scooped it up off the floor, from mum, I told you ! It was her but when I read the text...


'Hey Rissa, sorry I have an emergency meeting so I probably won't be going home till earliest by tomorrow morning, I told Kathleen, so she will be picking you up to the rink tomorrow kays? Don't worry, and get some rest, love you <3'


This is not happening, am I seriously going to be home alone? Well this is going to be so much fun, yay! Note my sarcasm. Right so if mum is not coming back tonight, who is outside? The doorbell rang again, gosh this is like a horror movie, "you're home alone, and suddenly the doorbell rings, your mum is not coming back for the night, your dad works and stays in Canada, WHO COULD IT BE?!" Okay maybe not.


But seriously, it could be a rapist or a I don't know murderer omg, a kidnapper?! or or, hmm Harry? Nonono stop hoping for unrealistic stuff Nerissa, plus he's at dinner, with the boys, and he actually invited us!!! Sigh...


Should I? Should I not? And the doorbell rang again. Okay Ashley, get yourself together, this is your house, so just freaking go down and open the door and see who it is. 


I took a deep breath and opened the door of my room, this is it, i looked down into the hallway, how? Well basically my house is like squarish, rectangularish and the centre is empty, like all the way down from the top floor, which i am at now, with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and we normally don't on the freaking chandelier cause there are other lights which already make the house bright enough but whatever.


I dashed down the stairs and headed to the kitchen. I have no idea why the hell was i so scared?! Get this, it is so bright that your eyes would probably hurt.


If I were to open the door, I better bring some protection incase... Yes I know I know I'm the most ridiculous person in the world. So I grabbed a pan like a frying pan and a fist full of pepper.


So this is the plan, open the door and if it's a bad guy, throw the fistful of pepper into his face and slam the shit out of him with the frying pan, it may be a she too but meh it's the same plan anyway.


I slowly walked out of the kitchen into the hallway, pass the grand piano that I barely play, I'm lazy to practice and I'm barely at home anyways, and headed towards the door. I would look like a moron if someone was watching this, I mean like even I would think I'm a moron.


I put down the frying pan so I could open the door, I was still procrastinating but I opened the door . At this point of time I didn't even bother if it was a bad guy or one of my friends, I just threw the pepper and looked away.


Next, l lifted my pan and...




Hey thereee I'm building up some suspense >:D haha or at least trying too... Anywayy I know I promised that i would post another chapter like last last week, whoops but I uh.. Didn't :( feeling so guilty rn :'( please don't hate me. So... I came up with this plan :B I will update this every... SUNDAY yeap, it has to do for now but I promise if I happen to write an extra chapter cause I'm feeling excited (YAY) I will post it too :D how does that sound??? Good? No good? Well too bad you guys have to go with it :P nah just kidding. So I guess bye for now and hope this chapter was good :D though i know it might be kinda boring and uh content-less meh. I really really really like to read comments so i can maybe improve my writing :3 so yeah, leave some (Y) AND sorry for the crappy grammar and spelling that happen to appear... Sometimes... If you like it, press the like button and if you don't like it, press the like button too, haha Nahh if you don't like it, TELL ME WHY don't TELL ME A LIE see what I did there? :{D okay so I should really shaddup now, LOVE YOU GUYS!


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