lucky wish (Fan Fic Harry Styles)

this girl Chelsea only had one wish and she wished to be 18 and dating harry from one direction her wish came true and read to figure out what happens!!


1. wish

i was at the table and i wished i was dating harry styles and blew out the candles and then i ended up in a living room snuggled up to Harry. He was talking to Niall and harry saw that i was awakme and said ' Hey how was your sleep?' "Great thanks!" He talked to niall for a bit the it was dark time. They said we were all going to the club tonight the thing is i was 17 so i wasnt old enough so harry said he would stay with me while the boys go out. The boys left to go out and i told harry i was going to take a shower and he followed me up stairs and asked if he could come with me and i said no then he did a pouty face then i couldnt resist it and said yes!


Authors note- Hey guys sorry it was a short chapter i will write a longer one next chapter !!!!! Hope you like it so far

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