*Ashleys POV* As I sang my 2 month old baby boy to sleep, i lay him down onto my bed. He is till too young to sleep in crib. He has got a habit of not falling asleep until my fiance/his father comes into the room to say goodnight. I brush the cocoa brown hair with my fingers to make it look like his daddy's quiff. I lie next to my son. I gaze at his blue eyes and the freckles on his face. His facial expression screams IRISH. I put my head on the pillow. I close my eyes hopjng to rest them. Next thing i know, my fiance is sitting on the end of the bed, holding the sleeping baby.

"Oh Darling, I didn't mean to wake you. " he said while lookin into my ocean blue eyes. He walks over to me and kisses me

"oh Niall, i Couldn't fall asleep because you weren't with me. " he puts the baby on my chest, pulls off his shirt, and cimbs in bed with me. "how did our lives become this? We are gettin married next week and i just gave birth to your son! "

"I remember OUR story. Here we go... "


1. Our Big Break

*3rd Person POV*(2 years earlier)

"Boys" Simon Cowell began, "you men are heading to NYC to perform at Madison Square Garden!" The guys of OneDirection, Niall, Louie, Harry, Liam,and Zayn all cheered. Niall and Harry began to cry,which made the others sob as well.

"Its all completely a dream come true." said Liam.

"but boys, this is America we are discussing, there will be paparazzi in every exit way you see...i wouldn't be surprised to hear if one was in your bathroom." said Simon. "So for your reputations, no girls this week."

"we will try our best, uncle simon." replied cheeky little harry.

Now it was official. 1D was playing at MSG on 12/3/12. Today was a week before than. Mamy signs and posters had the date the were performing on. right now the guys are boarding the plane to America.

"Lads, Im really nervous." says Niall

"Well, i cant wait to meet some girls to find my perfect queen." says harry

"but guys, remember what Simon said... no girls." said poor Louie. ever since the breakup with his gf Eleanor, he just hasnt been the same.

"well, sometimes you have to break the rules." said Zayn witha devilish smirk.

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