its another different story

how can he forget.? did he forget.? i will never forget him && i hope he doesnt forget me .. When juliet figured out that her bestfriend was moving to flordia she was torn she cant forget him ... and she didnt want him to leave..... what did she do when he left... she never spoke bout him.... he is famous VERY.. and if she tells her frienf that she met this amazing singer.. no one will ever believe her... will she ever see him again.?


35. The last of forever.

I slipped into bed laying down . What if austin figures out.? Ugh i wish he never came.
I woke up in the morning , walking out the room looking like a mess. My stomach hurt as hell. I ran to the restroom and threw up. Ugh bad start. I walked out exhausted. I saw austin on the couch looking upset. " you alright.?" I said. "Hell no." He said. "What happened." I said. "Oh nothing but whats that bite on your neck." He asked. I totally forgot bout that . I covered it. "Austin i-" "no i understand , theres another guy i know why didnt u just tell me." He said "Austin bo its not another guy." I said. "There is always another guy juliet." He said . "AUSTIN I ONLY LOVE YOU." I said . "Ima call the wedding off." He said. Tears fell instantly, i took off the ring and threw it to him. "What about our baby." I said. Austin didnt answer, thats enough to understand. I left the room and grabbed my bags. For all these years i loved him, then he came. Harry boy. I packed everything , austin was in the couch thinking. "Im leaving , i will always love you and you cant change that , please dont forget about the special moments we had." I said. He didnt answer. I got out the door slamming it. Thank you life for everything you've done you have been such a great help. I cried and cried. Getting in to the car i drove to the bookstore. Jane smiled , "hey how was it yesterday CAN I BE A BRIDESMAID TO YOUR WEDDING ." She said full of joy. "No u cant." I said. "Awee why not." She said. "The wedding was called off." I said. "Wait what happened." She said. "Austin thinks i cheated on him but i didnt, i have no where to go. Can i stay with you." I asked. "Omg ues sure.!" She said. In the corner of my watery eye i saw harry. Loooking~Stalking as always. I hugged "Cmon let go ill put harry to charge." She said. "Ok." I said. We drove to Janes house. It was. In a middle of small park or forest and her house was like 2/3 stories. It was beautiful. "Stay in this room, ima go talk with my boyfriend." She said. I. Sat down and cried. I dont think we are ever getting back together. Life sucks . "Ok u can stay here for as long as you want ok but since you are part of this house you clean up the mess u make." She said. "Yes and thank you so much." I said half smiling. She smile and walked out. You know when people said they will be together forever but end up breaking 2 weeks after. Thats how it feels like. Me and austin be together forever and now we broke up. I went outside to walk. I dont want austin to see the baby or even feel it or even know it exist. I got out my phone and texted austin.
To: Austin
I had a miscarrige, You are off the hook.


From Austin

To austin
Yea so thats more easy to leave me alone forever, bye


I knew he read the messege cuz it said Read.
I walked down the stream full of rocks. I was wearing a shirt that was very small so part my stomach showed. Then suddenly i slipped into a rock and hit my head making me black out for a bloddy while.

Harrys pov•
Ive heard that Juliet was getting married but it was called off. I didnt want to be in the bookstore so i close it and left. Was it my fault.? Idk . I walked down a small forest and found a stream throwing rocks in i saw a girl. Juliet . She passed out. Her stomach showing moving up and down. I felt it. I ws thinking that she was pregnant. She gasped and got up away from me. Covering he stomach. "Whatdo u want.! " she said. "You are pregnant." I said.
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