its another different story

how can he forget.? did he forget.? i will never forget him && i hope he doesnt forget me .. When juliet figured out that her bestfriend was moving to flordia she was torn she cant forget him ... and she didnt want him to leave..... what did she do when he left... she never spoke bout him.... he is famous VERY.. and if she tells her frienf that she met this amazing singer.. no one will ever believe her... will she ever see him again.?


26. The cuts .

Austins pov• "austin why ..." I heared her say as she grabbed my wrist . "Dont worry about it JULIET.!" I said . She stared at the glass she had in her hand and got out the stall. Wait what was she going to do . I went out the stall and she left . Where did she go why did she leave .? The pain in my wrist was stinging . I washed my wrist clean off and dried it . I looked for her everywhere. I went in to the farthest restroom and i saw a innocent young gurl on the girl unconscious crying . "J- juliet.?! "I said running to her. Oh no this is bad , this is bad i was about to yell but . I just cried . The bell ringed and school was over . No one ever cones in here so i hope no one comes in here. I tried waking her up but she just lied there . I picked her up and everyone was gone for good .! I rushed to the office but bo one was there . I rushed to the nurses office and poured alcohol on a napkin and covered the bleeding wrist . Mine wasnt bad it was small but juliets cut was deep and big. I got a bandaged and taped the napkin in there . She wouldnt wake up. "Please juliet wake up my love please dont leave me i was wrong and im sorry what i did .!" I said crying and i kissed her softly in the lips. I couldnt help it . I just cried . "Austin...where am i ." Juliet said still unconscious. "Juliet you're fine were at the nurses office we gotta leave throught the back cmon get up." I said helping her up. Its like she was drunk . She was dizzy , confused , limping. This turned out to be the worst day ever. We went throught the back. We had to walk home, it took an 4mins. Once i got home mom wasnt there. I put juliet on the bed , she was still unconscious . She fell asleep and all i did was cry . 2hours passed by . "Austin." Juliet said waking up. "Juliet.!" I said coming for a hug. "Austin im so sorry." Juliet said crying . "Its fine babe i didnt mean it ok .!" I said giving her a kiss. "I wish you never did that." I heared her say
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