its another different story

how can he forget.? did he forget.? i will never forget him && i hope he doesnt forget me .. When juliet figured out that her bestfriend was moving to flordia she was torn she cant forget him ... and she didnt want him to leave..... what did she do when he left... she never spoke bout him.... he is famous VERY.. and if she tells her frienf that she met this amazing singer.. no one will ever believe her... will she ever see him again.?


20. Its only the beggining

I was freaking out that night until austin came in. "Are you ok.?" He said frowning "im fine im just scared ... You know how i said im ready but now im all like fuuuukkk thisss." I said "yeaaaa ." He said wide eyed "well i dont wanna go ....... " i said "you have to.!!!" He said "i know but im scared ." I said whining . "Its gonna be ok its normal but you will get use to it." He said . "Austin i have no time for ur leisure but thanks ." I said poking him "-_-. " okay lets go to bed ." He said . The next morning i got up early . I got dressed in a moustache galaxy tank top and shorts with some black converse. I straighten my hair and brushed my teeth for 5mins ._. I put my best perfume on and got everything ready. I have a 1hour of free time. I gotta wake austin up , i came on the bed and started shaking him. "WAKEEEEEYYY WAKEYYY EGGS AND BAKEEYY.!" I said "what.!!!" He said scared ."wake up get ready. •time skip • austins mom dropped us off at school . Austin hold my hand tight. I have everything. A couple of people stare at me and him. "Dude austin whos your girl i never seen her before." This guy said "she is new to school and she mineee.!" I laughed a little and walked passed a couple girls who were whispering , probably about me . Me and austin made it almost possible to have every class with him even gym and singing class. I hope this is good .
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