its another different story

how can he forget.? did he forget.? i will never forget him && i hope he doesnt forget me .. When juliet figured out that her bestfriend was moving to flordia she was torn she cant forget him ... and she didnt want him to leave..... what did she do when he left... she never spoke bout him.... he is famous VERY.. and if she tells her frienf that she met this amazing singer.. no one will ever believe her... will she ever see him again.?


13. Hot chocolate && christmas gifts ..but why hasnt mom called.?

We go back inside to change i literally need to change inthe restroom this time .! "OKAY THIS TIME I CHANGE IN THE RESTROOM .!" I said pushing him on the bed "OKAY BUT I TELL U WHEN TO COME OUT .!" Austin said pointing to my chest . I get in the bathroom and change quickly into... Crap my cloths are on the bed .. SAVANNA BITCH . "Austin.?!" I screamed out loud .. Ugh my towel isnt here either.! Ok ill just go out quickly i ran out the door And open my suitcase to get a wavy shirt && some white short shorts " whaa .?!" Austin said getting up from the ground on the other side of the bed . " AGHHH TURN AWAY.!" I said throwin something accidently "uhh why did u just throw me one of ur undies .?!" He said picking it up in his hand "OMFG .!" I said running back to the bathroom. ~TOTAL TIME SKIP~ •at austin's house drinking hot chocolate• "mmm i like marshmellown in my hot chocolate " i said taking a sip "i like whoop cream in mine" he said kissing my cheek "enough kissy faces guys.! Who wants to open presents .?!" Austin's mom said clapping "I DOOOO.!" Austin said jumping up "aweee look u lil child .!" I said laughing .___. "Do not judge the austin mahone.!" He said pointing to himself "ill be right back i gotta call mom.!" I said gettin up ... Ugh i havent talked to her for such a while .. "HELLO.?! " a loud voice from the other end said "uhh who is this .?!" I asked so confused "this is officer raven.. Is this mrs. Hernandez daughter .?" He asked "yes uh wheres my mom.?!" I asked about to panic "were sorry but a burglar came in the other day and killed your mom on christmas eve im so sorry for ur lost but you have to come by to pick up anything that belongs to you .. Feel free to take anything of your mom since your her daughter ." He said calmly "ok thank you ill be there tommorow .." I said crying "thank you were very sorry ." He hanged up . Why me why now NO WHYYY .!! "MOMM.!" I screamed out loud throwing my phone not caring for anyone not even austin .. My mom just died on christmas eve and i barely figure out .! "WHY MOM.!!" I screamed out loud "JULIET WHATS WRONG .!?" Austin said coming running to the kitchen .. I just sat there and cried not even telling austin what happened . "WHY ME WHY AUSTIN WHY MOM WHY WHY WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME.!!!" I said out loud crying to austin .. Worst christmas ever
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