its another different story

how can he forget.? did he forget.? i will never forget him && i hope he doesnt forget me .. When juliet figured out that her bestfriend was moving to flordia she was torn she cant forget him ... and she didnt want him to leave..... what did she do when he left... she never spoke bout him.... he is famous VERY.. and if she tells her frienf that she met this amazing singer.. no one will ever believe her... will she ever see him again.?


1. these tears are meant because of u

~before we start ill have to say.... this fanfic doesnt include one direction... ik but i wanna make an austin mahone story... he is getting famous ... and i wanna make a fanfic of austin c;!~ 

why do i cry for him everyday.?!!!! "UGH.!!!!!!!!" i screamed outloud throwing my phone on the ground.

ohh shii.! i grab my phone on the ground and the picture of me and austin appears....why do i wanna see him again... "HONEY, are u ok .?" mom came bardging in my room. "yea im fine." i sniffled laying on my bed."awee honey u always cry everyday for over austin and u never comeout of ur room.!" mom said worried

"i just wanna see him again... i dont wanna forget about him and i just love him mom can i forget the guy that has been my friend for 7 years .." i said crying hard. "honeyy u will see him i promise.." she said in a low voice .. i smirked :/ "so tell me what u want for your birthday tommorow.?" mom asked 

"ohh uhmm nothing mom.." i said with a stuffed nose "you know you have asked me ever since austin left on ur birthday if u could see austin and thats what u wanted rite.?

"yea ." i said getting up "well darling ur gonna have to stop asking me that becuz ur gonna see him after i buy u plane tickets to flordia."     "WHAT.??????????????OMG MOM I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCHHHHHH.! i screamed jumping on mom giving her a tight hug kissing her rosy cheeks. "ohh darling.! " she said 

"sorry mom but i love you so much.! i gotta start packing/" i said smiling .. woah thats the first time i ever not faked smile. c; "ok honey when ur done come downstairs to eat dinner. "kayyy.!" i said going in my closet.

i packed 8 pairs of converse/vans and some sweaters and shorts and flawless shirts and wavy shirts...etc.

i packed my laptop and i grabbed my picture of me and austin when we were 5 ... i put it in my suitcase and went downstairs. "finally ur done.! " mom said complaining ." oh woww mom .! wats there to eat.?"

i asked " uhm there is some pizza and some cookies and some chips!" she said "omg im having all.!" i grabbed a soda and 5 cookies with 2 slices of pizza and  a bag of hot chips. yummm :P

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