What Do You Want From Me?

Marina Samuels was just an average American teenager who moved from the East Coast all the way to the West. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and overheard a big secret that involved the internationally famous boyband One Direction. They catch her and she ends up as their captive. What will happen when she finally comes face to face with her kidnappers? Could there be a magnetic attraction between her and another member?


3. We'll Be the Two with Hearts Beating Faster


  I woke up the next morning and found myself in another dressing room. My heart sunk and anger filled my body. They didn’t even bother to wake me up? They carried me to this stupid place? That was ridiculous. “What a happy birthday so far, Marina. These boys are causing your most treasured birthday to suck.” I sighed and sang Happy Birthday to myself under my breath.

            Suddenly, the boys barged into the room with giant smiles on their faces. Liam stepped forward and greeted me with a bear hug. “Good, you’re awake! And just in time! Welcome to England, Marina!” Wait, excuse me? Am I hearing correctly? Did he just say England?

            “What did you say?!”

            “Welcome to England! It’s really a pleasure to have you here. We enjoy your company.” Is he being serious? I was on the opposite side of the world, on my birthday, but they carried me while I was asleep through an airport? Proceeded to get me a passport in the process of all of this, and I slept through an entire plane ride? Wow, I’m a heavy sleeper.

            “Oh, by the way, we would like you to meet Louis’ girlfriend! Her name is Eleanor. She’ll help you pick out an outfit.” He came closer to me and whispered in my ear. “I cleared things up with their parents. I told them you won a contest and were going to be with us for a while. So it’s going to be ok! They were relieved when I spoke to them.”

            Great, so he lied. And I actually thought he was on my side. I got out of my chair and headed for the door, but the Irish one blocked me. “No ma’am. Eleanor will come to you. She even said you could stay with her while you’re in England. She’ll show you around and what not. You’ll really like her!” Louis came in with a girl. He had his arms around her waist and he was walking right on top of her and snuggling his face into her neck.

            “Hello, Marina. My name is Eleanor and I hope we can be friends! You’ll enjoy England I’m sure. Well, come here and give me a hug!”

            I rolled my eyes at her peppiness and walked over to hug her. I must admit, I was very relieved that I wouldn’t be staying with Liam again. He was kind and all, but staying in a room with a boy makes me nervous. At least she was a girl. That’s all that mattered.

            She snuck me out of the dressing room and out of the building. “First, I’d love to take you shopping. You can get the whole London look down!”

            A quality shopping trip was definitely needed. I haven’t been on one since I left my best friend behind, and I’m not talking about Marshal the turtle. The first store we went to was Topshop. I could already tell this was out of my comfort zone. Eleanor pulled me over to every rack and handed me thousands of shirts to try on and hopefully buy.

            I tried on the shirt I liked the most first. It was a red sleeveless tab checkered shirt. I walked out of the dressing room, showed Eleanor, and she bought it for me. She continued to hand me clothes, but I just wasn’t impressed. We tried a few different stores and soon, my outfit was of my liking.

            I had this cute tiger shirt on with these nice purplish-pink pants and some casual converse sneaker boots. I also wore a grey beanie to match. That was my kind of style and I’m glad they had a store in London with those types of clothes. Eleanor was just happy that I was happy.

            She drove me back to her flat and I got settled in. She showed me the guest bedroom I’d be staying in for who knows how long, but I found it rather nice. She was certainly good company. She paid for all of my clothes. I pointed out to her how I didn’t have any pajamas with me and she opened up the closet. “I prepared for you! Louis texted me telling me all about how much of a joy you were to have.”

            “Oh, thanks then.” I got changed in the giant sized bathroom she had and went into the guest room. I settled into the bed and contemplated everything that has happened so far. On the nightstand next to the bed, was a little book. I tilted my head in confusion, and suddenly, Eleanor appeared in the room.

            “The boys said that you have a thing for writing. They always see you writing on paper, so I bought you a diary. I really hope you like it. It’s just a simple purple diary. You can decorate it if you want. I have scrapbooking stuff.” With that, she left the room and kept me to my business.

            I stared at the diary and smiled. I opened up to the first page and wrote my name in it, claiming ownership. I began to rewrite everything I’ve written for the past two days or so and then started another page.


Dear Diary,

            So here I am, in England. Never thought the kidnapping would go this far, but hey, free vacation.

            I also met Eleanor Calder. She’s Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend. She is such a sweetheart. I got treated to a shopping spree and she even gave me a diary to write all of this stuff down in.

            Now, the hard thing about everything is my feelings towards Liam. I feel like they’re increasing and moving more towards actual feelings, not just friendship. I’ve second guessed myself a ton of times, but when he whispered to me about my parents before, I just couldn’t help but blush. Hopefully no one noticed. He was so close to my face it was almost too real.

            Wow, I’ve really changed personalities quickly. You all probably think I’m bipolar or something. But, I guess that’s what happens when a girl gets a crush. Anyways, Eleanor says she has another place she wants to take me, so I better go.

            When I was back in reality, Eleanor had told me she wanted to take me to a really fancy club here in London. She took me to her closet and pulled out this beautiful dress. It was a short dark blue dress with no straps. She then pulled out black knee high boots with a very large heel. The heel would at least lift me up to about Harry’s height. Being that I was way shorter than him.

            She got me some accessories as well. I was to wear a diamond tiara and I was to wear my hair down and curly since the tiara would take up most of the attention. I hugged her and ran to the bathroom, putting everything on quickly. I checked myself out in the mirror and stared in awe. I’ve never felt so beautiful before.

            Now, just what was everything for?

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