What Do You Want From Me?

Marina Samuels was just an average American teenager who moved from the East Coast all the way to the West. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and overheard a big secret that involved the internationally famous boyband One Direction. They catch her and she ends up as their captive. What will happen when she finally comes face to face with her kidnappers? Could there be a magnetic attraction between her and another member?


1. Rumour Has It


            It was a beautiful sunny day when it happened. Probably the last sunny day I'd see in a while. Why? Well, I suppose I could write about it and reminisce about the terrible day I had and how it could have possibly gotten worse. The only thing available to me right now is paper and this pen anyway. Maybe I could turn this into a world famous novel, if I'm ever released. Anyway, I suppose I should start a little earlier in the week.

            My father decided to move way across the country because he was "following his dream" and well, he hasn't quite followed it yet. We moved all the way from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles, California. Pointless, if you ask me. I wasn't very good at making friends either. I was quite the shy girl at school, also the kind of girl who doesn't really liked to be bothered.

             Well, it just so happened that the famous boyband One Direction was in town when we moved here. My apartment also just so happened to be a few houses away from the hotel they were staying in. The girls waiting for them to come out of the hotel are everywhere. There are so many that they were in front of the apartment building. They probably still are as I write this.

            So coming to today. I was casually walking down the street when I heard a familiar group of British voices. Now, I'm no One Direction fan, but I stopped because it was my first celebrity encounter. They were talking about something I'm not supposed to write down. I don't know why, because by the time this becomes one of those world famous novels the issue probably won't matter. But anyway, so I overheard them speaking and they spotted me standing there. My view, it wasn't so suspicious, but their view was a different story. There was a giant bush in front of me. How inconvenient of that bush.

            After that I blacked out and I'm not sure what happened from there, but now I'm sitting in a room with mirrors and this chair isn't really comfortable. Some scary looking man is watching me. Maybe he's the one who caused me to black out. I think it was the famous security guard. Paul, was his name?

            I looked up at the man known as Paul Higgins. He stared at me with a blank expression. I smiled at him warmly trying to get on his good side so that I could figure out where the heck I was. When he changed his expression a bit I decided to speak up. "So...where am I exactly? And why am I here?"

            "You overheard too much. We can't have you running off and going on Tumblr and telling the world about what you heard. You're in One Direction's dressing room. You're not going anywhere."

            "So...I'm being kidnapped by One Direction basically?"

            "Them, the management, basically." What are my parents going to do when I don't come home? What's going to happen when I don't show up to school without calling in absent? What if everyone already discovered I was missing? All of these thoughts were rushing through my mind.

            I started to get bored just sitting in the chair, so I got up and started walking in a circle around the room. I was a little too nervous to go to the door, because this Paul guy looked pretty serious and challenging. He gave me a weird look, but shrugged it off.

            Just then, all five of the obnoxious, stuck- up British boys came bursting through the door. They were laughing and being loud. I stood there with a glare upon my face waiting from them to notice me. Finally, the Irish one decided to give it a shot and talk to me. "Hi there, so...uh...sorry we kind of kidnapped you. We just can't get that information out to the public. I see you're mad at us."

            "You may say that you're sorry,  but you really aren't."

            "No, we are I promise you! It wasn't really our decision anyway, but I assure you we can be very fun. You won't get too lonely."

            "Look, I don't want to hang out with you idiots. I just want to go home. I'm an only child, my parents are going to have a heart attack."

            "Sorry, babe. I'm afraid that can't happen." The curly haired kid walked over to the Irish one and I with a smile across his face. "We were going to go play some football. Care to join us?"

            "Hate to break it to you, Curly, but here in America we call it soccer. And, no I don't want to join."

            "Too bad! Louis, Niall, grab her!" Before I could speak, I was being dragged by the Irish kid and the preppy looking one outside to the back of the venue. The rest of the boys followed them and set the soccer ball down in the middle of the concrete fenced in area.

            "The fences are the goals, ok? But right now, we need teams. Captains are Liam and Harry this time. Go ahead, Liam you go first."

            "I choose Niall and the new girl." He looked at me and smiled. I glared at him.

            "New girl has a name, fat face." He ignored my insult and continued to talk to me.

            "What is it?"


            "THAT'S SO PRETTY!" They all shouted in unison. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the Liam kid. I guess I should play. I was probably going to be locked somewhere again, so might as well move around now.

            "Ok, my turn. I choose Louis and Zayn. It's great because now we have even teams! You guys ready? Ready Marina?"

            I sighed. "So I'm starting off then? Alright, but be warned. I was star of the soccer team back in Florida." I walked over to where Curly was standing with the ball and prepared myself to steal the ball.

            "And go!" He shouted and kicked the ball. I quickly stole it from him and passed it to the Irish kid. He passed it to the Liam kid and he went for the goal. Shockingly, he made it and we scored. Maybe it wasn't going to be too bad a game with these five retards. It would just take some getting used to I suppose. 

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