What Do You Want From Me?

Marina Samuels was just an average American teenager who moved from the East Coast all the way to the West. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and overheard a big secret that involved the internationally famous boyband One Direction. They catch her and she ends up as their captive. What will happen when she finally comes face to face with her kidnappers? Could there be a magnetic attraction between her and another member?


2. It Just Takes Some Time


 Ok, so these boys aren’t all that bad. And, my team did just so happen to win the soccer match. They’re definitely nicer and less snooty than I thought. You’d think being famous worldwide would cause someone to become snooty, but that’s not the case at all. They’re outgoing, caring, and yes, funny. A total package if you ask me.

            I can’t show them that I like them though. That just ruins the whole purpose of “I’ve been kidnapped.” I mean, when you’re kidnapped you don’t usually like the person per say. You usually hate them or are terrified. It honestly depends on who does it. Me, I needed to show hatred. I didn’t have to be terrified because, well, I wasn’t going to be murdered or anything. I will certainly not back down. I will only show my liking through these nice little pieces of paper.

            They are pretty attractive too. I mean Curly (or as I’ve come to know, Harry) has really pretty green eyes. I’ve never seen anyone’s eyes so green before. It’s like Photoshop came to life. And Sassy boy (Louis) has the cutest voice. The accent is a bonus for sure. Irish boy (Niall) is absolutely adorable in every way possible. His accent, his personality, just anything makes him adorable. Fat face (Liam) is so kindhearted and caring. I feel terrible for what I called him. He is extremely cute too. I think I like him best. And Zayn, well, that boy was born pretty. He’s mysterious at times too, reminds me of a bad boy type.

            May these confessions stay forever confidential on these papers…

            The boys had to go back to their hotel rooms now. I was praying that this meant the release of my captivity. I mean, where else could they possibly keep me? It’s not like they were going to force me to share a hotel room with one of the boys.

            “Marina!” Liam came barging through the door that kept me from the rest of the world. I put on my “I hate you” act right away.

            “What do you want?” I rolled my eyes at him and gave him the nastiest look. Wow, I should really try pursuing an acting career. I’m Las Angeles material.

            “Paul says I have to share my hotel room with you because he doesn’t want to pay extra for a hotel room of your own.”

            “For a bunch of rich assholes, you sure are selfish with your money.”

            “Hey, I’m a fun guy. We’ll have loads of fun I promise. I know it must be hard on you. I honestly can’t believe they’ve gone as far as kidnapping you. But trust me, I’ll make this worthwhile for you. So come on now, we’re leaving.” I grabbed my papers and angrily got up.

            I guess I really did have to share my hotel room with one of them. At least it’s the best of the members. He seemed nice about it too and not angry like I thought they’d all be. He led me to a secret entrance to the back of the hotel. Figured, I mean, what’s being kidnapped if they don’t sneak you around so no one finds out?

            “Shut your eyes. I’ll lead you there. I cleaned it up just for you. Trying to make you feel welcome, you know?”

            “I’m not doing something ridiculous.”

            “Aw, come on now. Please do it?” I sighed and shut my eyes. I felt strong hands grasp my arms as he led me to his hotel room. “Ok, open!” I opened my eyes to an average looking hotel room. I looked around unimpressed, because honestly, what was there to be impressed about?  It was just a hotel room. “Well?”

            “It looks…great.”

            “I know, its average to you, but it’s usually a mess in here. But there is something else you didn’t notice yet.” He smiled as he pointed over to a miniature table with food. And by food, I meant dessert. Desserts I never knew existed. Desserts my poor hands couldn’t get a hold of; the type of desserts of the rich and famous. My mouth dropped wide open at this sight, and he laughed.

            “Why’d you get all of this?”

            “Well, what’s a good welcome without any good food, hmm? I got us cookies and milk, this fancy chocolate cake they had, some ice cream, and cannoli.”

            “Wow, um, thanks. But, uh, don’t take this to heart! I still hate you all for keeping me here.” He sighed sadly.

            “I know, just trying to make you feel a bit at home.”

            “Well, thanks for the effort, but it won’t help much.” I ate away at all of the food and once I was done I plopped myself onto one of the beds. I stared up at the ceiling and started to think about my family at home.

            “So…tell me a little about yourself, Marina.”

            “Why do you want to know?” Honestly, that didn’t sound like such a bad idea. I felt that if I talked about my family and all, I’d be able to see them sooner.

            “Well, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I’ll show you the real Liam Payne and not the one you hear about all the time. There’s more to me than just this band.”

            “Ok then. Well, I’m Marina and I’m turning sixteen this week.”

            “Are you going to have a sweet-oh…”

            “I don’t have any friends here anyway to have a party with.”

            “Why’s that?”

            “I just moved here pretty much.”

            “Oh…well, um, tell me a little bit more.” I sighed and continued my story, moving on to my family and that whole ordeal.

            “Well, my dad wanted to follow his ‘dreams’ so he moved us to Los Angeles. My family wasn’t too big on it. My mom had to quit her job, which paid so much money. We were considered fairly wealthy in my town. My brother had to break up with his girlfriend because long distance wouldn’t make the cut and I had to leave my best friend behind…and Marshal. But anyway I-”

            “Who’s Marshal?”

            “No one important…” He inched his chair closer to the bed and looked me straight in the eyes.

            “Who is he?”

            “My turtle…” He burst out laughing, so I hit him in the arm.

            “That is not funny! He was my best friend! The airplane people wouldn’t let him come with us!” His laughing slowed down a bit.

            “I’m sorry it’s just….ha-ha…I can’t believe you’re this upset over a turtle…”

            “I can see someone doesn’t miss their family…”

            “Hey, that’s not true! I miss my family terribly!”

            “Then don’t make fun of my relationship with Marshal!”

            He stopped laughing right away and cleaned up the food we finished. I got up and went to the bathroom to change my clothes, until I realized I didn’t have any clothes with me. I sighed in annoyance and sat myself back on the bed.

            “What is it?”

            “No pajamas are what’s wrong.”

            “Oh, that’s right. Well, do you think one of my t-shirts will do? I have sweatpants too you could wear.”

            “Why would I want to wear your clothes?” Honestly, it didn’t sound like a bad idea. I mean, I’ve never been offered this before. No guy has ever even taken a second thought in giving me their sweatshirts and what not. They just never did. Maybe wearing his clothes for a little bit wouldn’t be too bad. I just had to pretend it was.

            “It’s better than nothing, in my opinion. Besides, I’ll buy you some pajamas tomorrow if we have time to stop somewhere. We’re in L.A. for a while.” He went to his suitcase and got out a navy blue t-shirt with gray sweatpants. They looked really comfortable. He handed them over to me, so I went to the bathroom and changed. When I got back I plopped myself onto the bed and pushed my face into the pillow. It was such a long day, but I guess it turned out alright.

            “You look good in them. You’re the sweatpants kind of girl.”


            “You know it really brightens us up a bit. Having a girl on tour, I mean. So, even though you may hate us all and what not, we are kind of happy it happened. You’ll go home eventually, and I’ll find some way to contact your family and tell them not to worry. It’ll all work out in the end, I promise.” I didn’t respond. I just lay in my bed staring up at the ceiling, thinking about my day and what was yet to come. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought. Maybe I was just over reacting. It wasn’t like a real kidnapping case where it was some perverted adult. They were just five teenage boys. I was just a teenage girl, new to the streets of L.A. Maybe things would be ok like Liam said. Maybe I’d even get to make a few new friends.


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