Love In Onederland

A Younq 16 Year Old Girl Has Gone Through So Much Pain. Her Mother Passed Away A Year Ago In A Car Accident. As An Only Child Now It's Just Her And Her Father. Who Would Have Thought That Through Out The Time Her Father Was Going To Get Violent. Everyday She'd Get Beat Up. & At Last Allyson Decides To Escape. She Ends Up In A Beautiful Park Where She Meets A Young Woman That Will Change Her Life Forever❤❤ Allyson Is Such A Beautiful Girl. She Has Big Blue Eyes & Long Brown Hair. She's Just Beautiful. The Only Thing That Helps Her Forget Her Father Is One Direction. She listens To Their Music Everysingle Minute That Passes.


2. Lost In A Far Away Beaufitul Park

I woke up in so much pain. My head was throbing and my tummy hurt so much. Last night my father came home beyond drunk, he came into my room pulled me by my hair and threw me to the floor. I cried and cried he started to kick me and wouldn't stop. My screams started to fade away and i passed out. I looked over at my iPod it was 2pm that means his gone. I've been thinking about this for a while. I'm going to run away yes! I ran to my closet and took out a small suitcase. I got my clothes and shoes and other belongings. I got my purse and put all of my savings money in it, my passport, ID, birth certificate, and the secret bak account card I have. I showered quickly and dressed into an aqua long sleeve tucked inside my high waisted shorts a cute leather belt with matching leather boots. I rushed and put on a blue cardigan I brushed my hair. I was ready this is it. I thought freedom at last. Just as I opened the door my dad was getting out of his car. He saw me and yelled, " Where the hell are you going you filthy slut? " I looked him in the eyes and said none of your fucking bussines you jerk! " I started to run and he was right behind me yelling to the top of his lungs. I looked back and saw that he stopped running he yelled one last time and said, " I hope you get killed you dumb slut , your such a stupid bitch like your mother, don't you fucken dare to come back!!!!!!!!!!! " I couldn't stop crying. I walked for hours and hours until I knew I was far away from home. It was such a cold night, I ended up in a beautiful park, full of red roses. I sat down on the grass it was freezing cold. I had money but I was lost in such a cold night. Without realizing it a young woman was standing Infront of me. She put her hand on my cheek, I was beyond scared. She smiled at me and said, " Oh honey your freezing, are you ok? " I stuttered, " I I I'm fin... fine." She sat down next to me and said, " I'm Anne, what's such a beautiful girl doing here all alone? " I looked down and cried she hugged me and said, " What's your name hon? " " M... My nam... names Ally er Allyson." She gave me a warm smile " Lets go to my house I'll help you clean up." I hesitated but finally agreed. We walked from the beautiful park to a big mansion, it had security guards in the front and cameras everywhere. It made me so curious, was she famous? I have to admit I was scared she seemed harmless. We walked inside the house and she said, " Welcome to my home Allyson." She opened the door to reveal 5 people watching the telly in the living room.
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