Love In Onederland

A Younq 16 Year Old Girl Has Gone Through So Much Pain. Her Mother Passed Away A Year Ago In A Car Accident. As An Only Child Now It's Just Her And Her Father. Who Would Have Thought That Through Out The Time Her Father Was Going To Get Violent. Everyday She'd Get Beat Up. & At Last Allyson Decides To Escape. She Ends Up In A Beautiful Park Where She Meets A Young Woman That Will Change Her Life Forever❤❤ Allyson Is Such A Beautiful Girl. She Has Big Blue Eyes & Long Brown Hair. She's Just Beautiful. The Only Thing That Helps Her Forget Her Father Is One Direction. She listens To Their Music Everysingle Minute That Passes.


1. Tragedy <|3

My name is Allyson and I'm sixteen years old. I live with my father, and his just... Not ok. My mother passed away in a car accident she died instantly and her death broke my father and I into pieces. Her death was exactly a year ago I still remember that day. I was laying down on my bed listening to One Direction, when all of a sudden my father walks in crying I looked him in the eyes and said, " What's wrong daddy?" My father sobbed even more and said, " Oh Ally your mother passed away in a car." I was in shock I couldn't stop screaming. I loved her so much she was my best friend, my twin, my everything. A few months after her tragic death my father... He started to be really violent. Late at night he would beat me up. Rounds and rounds until he was satisfied. So many bruises. All I could do was sit and cry wishing my mother was still alive. I needed her I want her. I just can't take this anymore.
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