The Girl Who Dared

Ana Rea Gibbson was always an outcast, she had finally gotten adjusted to life in New York after five years and now she, her two little sisters, and their mom are moving to London and Ana Rea is scared of the bullying that is sure to follow but when she is placed at the back if the classroom with five boys who knows what could happen?


1. Why Me?

When I came home from school I immediately new something was wrong. There were never boxes in the living room but today there was.I ran to my mom's room. I found her packing her books with a serious expression.
"Mom, what's going on?" I asked.
Ana Rea, we need to talk."
"Were moving to London."
"What!"I yelled "We can't move! What about the volley ball team? They need me!"
"I'm sorry Ana Rea."
*On The Plane*
I refused to talk to my mom on the plane.She knew how long it took me to fit in the last time we moved. For five years I was the abnormally skinny freak with bright pink hair.We moved when I was ten years old and I'm sixteen now. I heard a flight attendent say that we were landing so we had to put our seat belts on.When we did land I got off the plane as fast as I possibly could. What stopped me from taking the next flight back home was my two little sisters Karrigan and Kattie yelling
"Ana Way! Wait fo us!"I stopped and waited for them.
"Ana Way, aw you upset?"asked Karrigan.
"Of course not Kare-bear." I said using my nick name for her.
"Come on Kit Kat, come on Kare-bear." I said as they each took one of my hands giggling.
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