The Girl Who Dared

Ana Rea Gibbson was always an outcast, she had finally gotten adjusted to life in New York after five years and now she, her two little sisters, and their mom are moving to London and Ana Rea is scared of the bullying that is sure to follow but when she is placed at the back if the classroom with five boys who knows what could happen?


2. New Girl

"Wake up sleepy head time to get ready for school."said my mom in her most chipper voice. I tolled over and groaned. My mom thought it was unorthodox to miss more than two days of school at a time.
When I was ready my mom said
"I'll drive you today if you want."
"I'd rather walk."
"Oh.Okay dear."
I walked out of the apartment (I guess they call them "flats" here) and into the downpour that was London.I probably walked a total of two minutes to get there and when I did, walked straight to the office my hair earning a few weird looks.When I for there the lady at the desk looked up and smiled.
"You must be Ana Rea."
"Yeah." I said quietly.
"Lovely. Here's your schedule and a map just in case.Have a nice day."
"Thanks." I said and walked away. I walked into home room and went to the desk
"Hi." I said.
"Oh. Hello. Are you new here?" she asked.
"Okay whats your name?"
"Ana Rea."
"Okay.Niall,Harry,Liam,Zayn,and Louis."
I saw five boys look up from the back of the room.
"Yeah?" they asked in unison.
"This is Ana Rea, she's new here you boys show her around today?"
"Sure." they said.
"Ana Rea go sit with them."she told me.
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