The Girl Who Dared

Ana Rea Gibbson was always an outcast, she had finally gotten adjusted to life in New York after five years and now she, her two little sisters, and their mom are moving to London and Ana Rea is scared of the bullying that is sure to follow but when she is placed at the back if the classroom with five boys who knows what could happen?


3. Five Guys And a Gal.What Could Possibly Go Wrong ?

When I got to the back of the room the blond one stood and said
"Hi I'm Niall.Whats your name?"
"Ana Rea." I said. The one who appeared to be gaugeing his ears said
"Nice to meet you Ana Rea,I'm Zayn."
"Hi" I said quietly.The one with super curly hair,and a lot of it, said
"Hello I'm Harry."
"Nice to meet you." I responded.the one with a buzz cut said
"How do you do I'm Liam."
"Good."the other one said his name was Louis.
"So where are you from?" Liam asked me.
"New York.My mom was a fashion designer."
"You came here all the way from America?" Zayn asked bewildered.
"Yeah my mom got a job offer that paid three times as much as her.old job." I said quietly.
"I can tell you already miss it." Niall said.
"Yeah I do."
"Do you think your friends miss you?" Louis asked.
"Thats impossible."
"Why?" Harry asked.
"Because I didn't have ant.friends except for my younger sisters."
"No friends!"Zayn exclaimed.
"Not a single one ever."
"Well we can't let that happen here. We'll be you friends. Right guys." Liam said.
"Of course we will."said Niall.
*last 5 minutes of school*
"Okay class you can talk for the rest of the time."
"So Ana Rea how you liking London so far?"asked Louis.
"So far no one has made fun of me so were in the right track."
"Did you get made fun of a lot at your last school?" asked Harry
"You tell me." I said rolling up my sleeve to show them where I had tried to kill myself to end the bullying.
"Oh my gosh."said Zayn.
"Why would you try to kill yourself?" Niall asked and the other leaned forward to hear what u would say.
"I wasn't thinking straight I didn't want to end my life I only wanted to stop my suffering."
They thought that over for a minute and Louis said
"That makes complete sense because people who commit suicide don't really want to end their lives they just want to get rid if their pain."
"Exactly."I said.Just then the final bell rang and we went to our lockers.
"Hey Ana Rea!" I heard someone shout behind me so I stopped.
"Can we walk home with you?"Harry asked.
"Sure why not." I said not knowing that the next few weeks would change my life.
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