I Love You

hi im Candice Swanepoel. Im a Victoria Secret model. Im 20 and i now live in london , and this is the story of how i fell in love with a special boy from one direction.


2. Starbucks

~~Candice's P.O.V~~

I was walking down the streets of London on my way to Starbucks (Starbucks is my favourite place to go get a hot chocolate) before work. i got in then stood in line for about what felt like forever. Then i ordered a hot chocolate with extra whip cream. Yummmm. I left once i i got my drink i then got a text from my friend Erin Heatherton. i worked with her and thats how we met so she is a Victoria Secret model too. It said


Heyyy. where r u boss wants u here like....NOW!!!!!


Sorry. i went to Starbucks and it was so busy. i'll be there soon. Luv ya!<3


Kk I'll tell boss. Luv ya too!!!!<3

Just as i sent the last text i ran right into somebody and split my hot chocolate. 

"I am so sorry love." A British voice said.

" It's all right." i said back then i looked up and i saw the cutest guy I've ever saw. he had brown eyes and a buzz cut. his hair was brown and he was really well built. He must of saw me staring cause be said

"Are you all right love?"

"What? Oh um uh... yea sorry." That was embarrassing.

" I'm Liam what's your name?" he looks familiar but i can't quite put my finger on it.

"my name is Candice."

"well hi Candice i feel awful can i buy another one for you please?"

" well....... ok but can we please be quick i'm late for work." 


we walked back and then bought our drinks then we walked out and we said our good-byes then when i was walking to work he came running back and said

" Candice wait can i maybe have your number?"


I took a piece of paper out of my bag and wrote down my number and gave it to him.

"thanks Candice i'll text you later bye."


I walked away and after i turned the corner and walked a bit more i got to the studio where we were having our photo shoot. I walked through the doors and went to the elevator and clicked the top floor. When the doors open Erin came running at me.

" CANDICE." she screamed.

"ERIN." i screamed back.

"thank goodness your here come on lets get you to hair and make-up. Oh guess what!"


"We get to pose with.......ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

" cool."

Erin then lead me to hair and make-up then lead me to where the photo shoot was. And then boss introduced One Direction i looked at them and that's when i saw those brown eye's.

It was Liam.

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