I Love You

hi im Candice Swanepoel. Im a Victoria Secret model. Im 20 and i now live in london , and this is the story of how i fell in love with a special boy from one direction.


5. Ooooo Drama

~~Erin's P.O.V~~

I walked down the steps and waited at the bottom for Candice. When I was waiting someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Miranda in tears.

" Oh my god Miranda what happened?"

"I was kinda flirting with Louis and then a girl came up behind me and said stay away from Louis or i would pay. And of course being the idiot I am I said make me and then she slapped me. I broke down into tears and walked away and when I left I herd Louis yelling at her and i think her name is Eleanor cause that's what he said."

(i dont hate Eleanor and Louis its just for the book.) When she finished She cried even harder. I pulled her into a hug. I could feel the tears sinking through my shirt.

" shhhhh. Your not an idiot and she is just a bitch then for slapping you."

She giggled a bit.

" Thanks. Can you maybe drive me home i walked?"

" Of course."

I hugged her one last time and we then waited. i think i should talk to Eleanor maybe.

"hey Miranda."


"where is Eleanor and Louis?"

"Over there."

she pointed to the other side of the street.

"well lets go."

"wait Eri-"

"don't worry i won't hurt her."

we walked over to them and they were still arguing.

"Eleanor you don't just slap girls!"

"but Louis she was flirting with you and you didn't do anything to stop her!"

"well you didn't have to slap her!"

"yes i did your mine not hers!"

I coughed to get there attention. They both turned there heads to us then Eleanor spoke

"why did you come back bitch-"

"Eleanor!" louis interrupted

"why did you slap my friend?!" i asked.

"because she was flirting with my boyfriend!!"
before i could talk back Miranda found the courage to speak up.

"Im sorry if i was flirting with him.  but in my offense he never said that he was dating someone he never even told me to stop."

"you didn't Louis!?"


"what did you say Louis?"

" i said no."

"why wouldn't you tell her?!"



Eleanor then walked away well she ran away.

"i'm so sorry louis it's all my fault that this happened."

" no it's ok cause now i can do this"


she got interrupted by louis's lips.

~~Miranda's P.O.V~~


i was then interrupted by louis' lips. they were so soft and i felt so safe in his arms and lips. it was so amazing. we then pulled apart.


was all i could say.

" i know."

louis said back.

"well we better get going bye louis."

"bye love."

he then kissed me on the cheek. i then slipped him a piece of paper with my number on it.

~~Erin's P.O.V~~


awwww they kissed cute. me and miranda walked back to where Candice was waiting

"hey where were you guys?"

"hey we were somewhere. what did liam want."

" he asked me out."


"and what?"

"what did you say!"

"oh! i said yes."


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