I Love You

hi im Candice Swanepoel. Im a Victoria Secret model. Im 20 and i now live in london , and this is the story of how i fell in love with a special boy from one direction.


3. Hi....... again

~~Liam's P.O.V~~

I was looking around the room at all the models they are so beautiful but I knew that i wasn't going to fall in love with any of them. Just then i saw a familiar face staring at me in complete shock. It was Candice. I flashed her a smile all she did was blush like crazy. She was so cute when she blushed. Wait do...I...like her? Of course I do her blue eyes are so amazing, her smile makes me weak at the knees, but i don't think she likes me back:(. My thoughts were interrupted by the boss speaking.

"alright ladies i will now pare you up with a boy from one direction. when you hear your name walk to the boy I say. Miranda you are with.......Louis. Lindsay you are with Zayn. Behati your with Niall."

Okay now there is just Candice and another girl. I hope I'm with Candice.

"Erin your with.......................Harry."

Yes I'm with Candice.

"So that means Candice Your with Liam."

Candice walked over to me with a big smile on her face and stood right next to me.Then the boss started speaking.

" alright now that you are pared up i will send you guys to wardrobe. Then you can come back when your done and watch the others then it will be your turn. And when you are waiting maybe get to know your partner."

We all did what he said. Since the boys change room is some where else i ended up waiting for Candice but i didn't mind.

~~Candice's P.O.V~~

I can't believe i got pared with Liam. I was so happy when boss said Liam's name. I came out of the change room and Erin Came Running up to me again and said or should i say yelled.

"EEEEEEEEEP. guess what candy?"(my nickname is candy)

"What Erin?"

"Well.......HARRY ASKED ME OUT."

we both stared screaming in unison. 

"congrats well we better get going to meet our boys lets go."


we walked out of the change room and we saw Liam and Harry standing there in Calvin Klein underwear.(Calvin Klein and Victoria Secret are working together just for this photo shoot.)  Then Liam did a double take at me. I blushed a fiery  red. God why was i blushing so much today?

"You look beautiful, love."

"Thanks Liam."

we sat down on the couch and talked while we waited our turn.

"So Candice tell me about your self."

"Well i was born in south africa. I'm 20 Years old. my birth date is October 20, 1992. My nickname is Candy. My name is Candice Swanepoel. Erin is my BFF. And that's all i can think about."


"How bout-"

I was then interrupted by boss.

"Candy, Liam it's your turn."

We got up and walked over to where we were posing.


~~1 Hour Later~~

After we finished i said good-bye to Liam and got changed. After I got changed i walked up to Erin and asked if she could drive me to our place. I live with Erin, Miranda, Lindsay, and Behati. She said sure and we started walking out when i saw Liam standing outside on the steps. he came walking up to me and asked

"Candice can i talk to you."


I looked at Erin and she nodded and just walked down to the bottom of the steps and waited for me.

"so whats up?"

" I was wondering if....you....wanted go out on a date tomorrow?"

I just looked at him with complete shock then said..........


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