I Love You

hi im Candice Swanepoel. Im a Victoria Secret model. Im 20 and i now live in london , and this is the story of how i fell in love with a special boy from one direction.


7. a surprise and a date


~~Candice's P.O.V~~

when we got home i went straight to my bed room and added liam's number to my phone under leeyum<3. then i texted him right away.



hey liam it's Candy so what time do u want to pick me up tomorrow for our date?


when i was done the text i went to take a shower. i started the warm water and got in and let the warm water run down body then i heard my phone go off. i think it was Liam. then i heard a knock on the front door then one of the girls opened it. i heard talking then they closed the door. i heard my door open. it was probably Lindsay getting her brown leather jacket that i was using the other day when i went out because i left my jacket at home. i finished my shower and grabbed the towel and wrapped it tightly around my body. then i wiped my hand in a circle on the mirror so i could see myself. i unlocked the bathroom door and walked out surprised to see liam sitting on my bed waiting for me.he looked over and saw me in just a very small towel and his mouth hon wide open.


"oh my god liam you scared me wait what are you doing here not trying to be mean or anything?"


" oh sorry i was just coming to see if-if you wanted to maybe just hang out at my place instead of th-the dinner?" 


"ok sure and i should get changed now then so you can stop studdering. ok so out you go ill meet you down stairs in a couple of minutes. oh and so just hanging out right so comfy clothes ?"




"k ill be down in a sec."


i then gave him a kiss on the cheek and he left. now what to wear.i ran over to my huge walk in closet and i literally looked at every thing you know how hard that is. anyway i finally found an outfit. it had a grey top with sleeves that went down mid way, it also had dark blue jeans, i then paired it with a white scarf and brown and white striped TOMS. i  i went back into my bathroom and curled my hair and then did a smokey eye on my eye lids then put my favourite lipstick on it was a light pick color. when i walked down the stairs all the girls were there with their cameras and liam was at the end of the stairs like it was prom we were going to.


"whats with the cameras were not going to prom. or are we?"


we all started to crack up soon the girls to two pics of me and liam. one was me and him together with our arms around each other. the second one was of me and him with our arms around each other and im kissing his cheek. me and liam left my place and he opened the door for me then we got in the car and drove to his house.


***skip car ride***


when we got to his house liam opened the door for me again. wow he is such a gentlemen. we walked to the front door and he opened it. we walked inside and i was in awe. it was so big and modern i loved it!we walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch.


"do you want to watch a movie,love?"


" sure what do you have?"


"you can take a look all of my movies are over there."




he pointed to a basket with movies in them.i walked over and looked at the movies i pulled three out and handed them to liam. i chose toy story 1,2, and 3. we watched them and had a great time we were laughing and crying by the 3rd one i passed out with my head on liams lap.          

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