Is This Love?

Clarry is a 16 year old girl from England. she is sort of the nerdy type and has never really fancied anyone. Until the famous Harry Styles comes to her high school to finish his schooling before another tour. How could this be happening? Clarry struggles to keep from falling in love with this handsome, charming boy. Can she hold on and deny this crush. Or is this love?


2. The New Neighboors

as soon as i got home i burst through the dor about as pissed off as i could be. "whats wrong dear, and why didnt you answer me when i called" my mom asked trying to be calm.

"i was fixing to be home an i figured it couldnt be that important" replied.

" well you are right itwasnt that important i just wanted to tell you to come home right as oon as you got out because we are going to go welcome our new neighboors."

"ok well who is it" i asked

"umm im not sure exactly. but lets go before it gets dark."

we walked acoss the street to our new neighboors house. my mom rang the doorbell and put a big cheery smile on her face. the door opned and thats when i saw it. those beautiiful bright green eyes.

Harry! what the hell are you doing here!" i exclaimed in anger.

" um i live here."

"do you know him clarry?" mom asked

"yeah hes new in school hes also form one direction." i mumbled

oh my gosh nice to meet you erm harry." my mom said as she shook his hand.

" come on in" he said while smirking and lifting an eyebrow at me.    i walked inever so slow as i did and mom was out of veiw he smacked my bum.

"okay listin here i think we already dicussed this at school! i whispered with coldness in my voice.

" hey there im just mesing with you." he said smirking.     i walked on in and met with his mum. she was very nice.we wer there a good 15 minutes and then all of a sudden.

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