Is This Love?

Clarry is a 16 year old girl from England. she is sort of the nerdy type and has never really fancied anyone. Until the famous Harry Styles comes to her high school to finish his schooling before another tour. How could this be happening? Clarry struggles to keep from falling in love with this handsome, charming boy. Can she hold on and deny this crush. Or is this love?


3. The Boys

The rest of 1D walked in. oh my gosh! This can't be happening. my mouth dropped as soon as i saw them. Their perfect faces. "umm harry would you care to introduce us to your beautiful friend here?" niall asked.

"erm right. um guys this is Clarry. Clarry this is-"     " i know who they are" i interrupted.   "nice to meet you." they all greeted. mom and Ann ,Harry's  mom, went to go talk and that left me all alone with the guys and um well harry. for some reason ever since they arrived he has this look in his eyes and tension in his voice and between us. i dont know what his problem was but he can get over it. im gonna go get me a drink of water i said. i walked out of the room and imiditly heard footsteps behind me. i turned around to foind harry there standing behind me. " you scared me." i whispered. " okay well i have to tell you something, um i would like o explain on why i was asking that way earlier." he replied.  "but harry you dont-"    "yes i do" he said. " i thought you were cute and thats why i was beong like that. usually when i act like that girls fall all over me and i guess you are different and thats what i like about you." he continued. i was shocked 

how does harry freaking styles from one direction like me?       

"um harry i didnt know. im so sorry." 

and with that he pulled me into a big hug and i buried my facei n his chest. then louis walked in and said "woah are yall going out?" 

"NO!" we exclaimed at the same time.

"okay whatever" he sarcastically said.

mom soon walked out and said it was getting late. so with that we left and walked back home i the brisk wind. "i think harry is pretty cute." mom stated

"not my type" i said back annoyed.


later that night.......

i was sitting on my bed listening to summer love by one direction. Just because I didn't necessarily like harry doesn't mean i don't like his music. I actually was a huge directioner. I had both album's and a poster of each of the boys. anyway i was singing along to summer love when my phone rang it was an unknown number but i picked up anyway. "hello?" i said. "erm hi it's me Harry"    "how did you get my number" i asked. " your mum gave it to my mom to give it to me" he replied i little timmed. "damn" i said under m breath. "what?" he asked     "umn nothing" I said. " well i was wondering if you were free after school tomorrow?" he asked very shyly. since when is Harry Styles shy. " yeahhhhh why?" i asked confused.   " well i thought you would like for me to explain why i was like that twords you" he replied.    "you aleady did" i said. " well i thought you would like to come to the recording studio and all that....." he said. i bit my lip thinking. " sure styles" i replied. "great pick you up at noon and we'll go get lunch then head to the studio and hang with the guys."       "alright see you tommorow.....................................................Harry." 

And with that we hung up. ;)

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