A Bit Of Love & Hate

Luna is dating Zayn Malik of One Direction she meets Two members of The Wanted backstage she doesn't understand why the boys get so defensive over her when they talk, they were so nice and funny she doesn't understand why they are feuding, she begins to be torn between the two world famous British Boy Bands
Will she pick sides with The Wanted or One Direction? Or will she just give up and leave them both?


9. You Can't Give Up

-Nathan's POV-

I lay in my bed in the darkness I refuse to eat anything Siva brought up for me I won't come watch any movies Jay invites me to watch I certainly won't go shopping anytime Max asks me to go.... Tom is the only one who hasn't bothered me I guess he has been through something like this?.
I heard putter patter of paws out in the hall way and then scratches at my door, I rolled over on my back and turned my head to look at the door there was a note on the floor looked like a letter I sighed and got off my bed I kneeled down and picked it up I opened my door a tiny bit Frankie was gone I closed it again. I walked back to my bed and turned on my lamp on the side table, I set up a few pillows to support my back as I leaned back against my head board I opened the envelope carefully and took the letter out I opened it. It was from my father from LA (My parents moved out of England because it was "to cold for their standards") I read it out loud in a low voice
"My dearest son Nathan, we've heard that your career has sky rocketed and in your last letter about that girl you met and you might have thought she's the one? Yeah I can't wait to meet her when we come down to visit in 2 months. See you soon Nath love, Mum and Dad."
I folded the letter and put it back in the envelope and set it on my side table and shut off my light and turned away from my door. There was a knock at my door and then someone came in, I didn't turn around when I felt him sit down.
"Nathan? You alive?" It was Tom
" I wish I wasn't" I mumble
"Are you going to come out of bed anytime soon?" He says
"No" I mumble
"Well then move over" he says I shuffle over a bit he goes under my blankets and lays on his back
"Are you just going to keep your back to me?" He asked flicking my bare back. I rolled over sighing
"What happened?" He asked me
"She broke my heart Tom just like Max said" I said
"Well lets be honest we all saw that one coming..." He says
"But I really liked her Tom I thought she liked me too" I said
"She's with a member of One Direction, what you guys had was kinda like Romeo and Juliet, it was forbidden but you still had it" he says
"Romeo and Juliet killed themselves." Nathan says
"You get the point Nathan." He says
"Yeah I do but I refuse to feel anything for her anymore.." I say
"Your just giving up?" He asked
"Yes" I answer
"You can't give up."
"Why not? She doesn't love me" I said sitting up
"What did she say to you?" He asks
"She said that she was shutting out her feelings for me and she picked Zayn." I say it brings pain to say those lines again reliving last night.
"She is shutting the doors to her feelings for you" he says in thought
"And locking them with the Malik lock" I say
"You just need to open them Nathan" he says
"How?" I ask
"With a kiss" he says
"Tom she already made it clear she doesn't want me" I said
"Or does she?" He says getting up off the bed and walking out of the room.

-Tom's POV-

I can't believe she said those things to Nathan why wouldn't she just rip his heart out and throw it on the ground and stump on it?
But he still loves her. A lot for only such a short time, I have to get some air, I find Frankie and put his leash on and walk out the door.

-Luna's POV-

I was sitting in the field when I see someone that I don't really wanna see right now.
Tom was walking Frankie he was looking around when he saw me I quickly looked away about maybe a minute later Tom sat on the bench next to me Frankie pawing at my feet
"Hello Luna" he said
"Hey Tom" I said
"How have you been?" He asks
"She's been fine why wouldn't she be?" Zayn's voice comes from infront of us Tom looks at him
"I don't think I was talking to you" he says Zayn raises his brows
"Ok then come on Luna lets not hang around useless people he says Tom puts Frankie's leash on the pole to hold him there and stands up as Zayn helps me up
"What did you call me?" Tom says
"Useless something you are now back off" Zayn says before I knew it Tom threw a punch and it landed on Zayn's cheek Zayn shoved him holding his face Tom punched him in the stomach and Zayn fell to the ground
"Why the hell would you do that?!" I yell getting in his face he looks at me in disgust
"I could ask you the same question" he said I shove him back
We in each others faces
"Stay away from Nathan" I growl at her
"Planning on it" I said
"Good he doesn't need you to string him along he doesn't need a cheater in his life" he says coldly and grabs Frankie and walks away
I kneel beside Zayn
"Are you ok?"
"No it hurts"
"I'll call Liam"

-Nathan's POV-

I was just getting dressed pulling on my black jeans and putting a purple T-shirt over my head and pulling on a black leather jacket and my red and white shoes when Tom burst into my room
"Hey Tom" I say
"Your out of bed?" He says
"Yeah I'm going to set up something with Luna and try to talk to her" I say
"Fuck Luna" he says
"What?" I say
"I saw her today" he says
"What happened?" I ask
"Well I was asking her how she was and Zayn started talking for her like usual and he called me useless so I punched him." He says
"Tom!" I say he looks up
"What he pissed me off and then Luna got in my face and Nath she's got her head so far up Zayn's ass she's never going to come back to you" he says
"True but.. Ew not a nice image." I say he smiles
"I'm sorry I snapped but he was just so ugh!" He says I chuckle
"Atleast I still got you Tom" I say my phone goes off it was a message from Luna
Lu :): hey Nathan I just want you to know that Tom has beat up Zayn pretty bad
You: for good reason he called him useless I've heard about it so just don't try to make me feel sorry for you... I'm turning off my feelings for you.
Lu :): I wasn't even. I'm sorry for what I said last night I really am maybe if I had met you first.
I didn't even reply, I put my phone in my back pocket and walked down into e living room to be greeted by the other guys
"Hey he's alive" Max says I chuckle
"So what are we watching?" I asked
"The dark knight rises" Jay says I nod and sit next to Max as Tom sits beside me.
I'm glad I atleast still have them.
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