A Bit Of Love & Hate

Luna is dating Zayn Malik of One Direction she meets Two members of The Wanted backstage she doesn't understand why the boys get so defensive over her when they talk, they were so nice and funny she doesn't understand why they are feuding, she begins to be torn between the two world famous British Boy Bands
Will she pick sides with The Wanted or One Direction? Or will she just give up and leave them both?


8. Why Are You Shutting Me Out?

-Luna's POV-

I walk down the board walk and walk into a surf shop I've talked to Zayn about the whole Nathan thing of course he doesn't know I kissed Nathan but you know and I understand if he wants to keep me away from Nathan it's probably the best for me.
"Hey Lu" the voice makes my stomach twist... Nathan. I don't look back at him
"What's wrong?" He asks standing beside me his hair swooshed to the side (For fellow The Wanted Family members t looked like in All Time Low) his black jeans with a green teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt and black supras with a black cardigan over top.i felt really bad not saying anything.
"Are you mad at me?" He asks I bite my lower lip.
"Luna tell me please" he says I look at him and shake my head not in a saying No type way but saying an I can't do it way I slip by him and walk away I have to block every temptation to look back at him but I can't I would run back and hug him.
I walk into the nearest coffee shop and get an iced capochino and sit down and sip it peacefully when I see him plop down on the chair infront of me.
He holds a fruit smoothie with him strawberry to the looks of it, he raises his brows at me I avoid eye contact
"What's wrong with you today Luna?" He asked
"Nothing I'm fine." I hardly mumble.
"It doesn't seem like it did someone hurt you? Did he hurt you?" He asks
"No Nathan I'm fine" I said I couldn't hold it in I looked up into his beautiful eyes
"There they are" he said
"There's who?" I ask looking behind me
"No your eyes Lu, they are beautiful." He says
"Thanks" I said
"Why are you acting so distant?" He asks
"I'm not"
"Then why are you shutting me out?" He asks
"I-I'm not" I stutter
"Yes you are what did they say to you?" He asks
"I can't do this Nathan" I say looking up at him
"Can't do what?" He asks
"See you" I said he looked crushed
"What do you mean?" He asks
"I can't love two people." I finally say it out loud
"You love me?" He asks
"And Zayn. It's no fair to Zayn he thinks he's the only one I love but no you have to be amazing and polite and kind and beautiful." I said standing up he looks up at me still sitting I feel the tears coming I quickly run out of the coffee shop and into the ally way I put my back to the wall and let the tears fall I hear running footsteps I look over to see Nathan he's slowing down his running he reaches me
"Luna-" he starts
"No Nathan I can't be with you or keep doing things behind Zayn's back" I said
"Before you leave and never talk to me again I just want you to know that I love you so so much" he says putting his hands along my jawline and setting his forehead on mine he's starting to cry a little bit now too luckily no one can see us back here I keep my hands pressed against the brick wall
"Nathan-" he cuts me off this time
"No Luna this time you let me talk ok? I met you, you made me feel like you actually liked me you kissed me so don't pin this whole secret relationship thing on me ok? It's 50/50" he says sounding a bit frustrated
"I didn't mean to string you along" I said
"I know you didn't mean too but now what am I supposed to do? I love you Luna I can't turn those feelings off." He says
"But Nathan..." I trail off
"What?" He asks
"I'm shutting out my feelings for you" I say he sighs
"I chose Zayn." I say he starts to cry he backs up and looks me over and shakes his head
He takes out a velvet box in my hand and walks down the ally, when he's out of sight I open the box it was a silver chain with a silver locket shaped like a heart I open up the locket there was a picture if me and Nathan in it and our names in the inside on the opposite side I close it and put the box in my purse and walk out of the ally towards Zayn and the boys' house
I just broke one heart that u didnt want to break I was so hurt I felt so heartless.
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