A Bit Of Love & Hate

Luna is dating Zayn Malik of One Direction she meets Two members of The Wanted backstage she doesn't understand why the boys get so defensive over her when they talk, they were so nice and funny she doesn't understand why they are feuding, she begins to be torn between the two world famous British Boy Bands
Will she pick sides with The Wanted or One Direction? Or will she just give up and leave them both?


11. What I Really Needed.

-Nathan's POV-
Tom has offered to take me out today he says I need it, but then again Tom has never been wrong when it comes to what I need. Tom is a true friend, I have filled in the other boys what happened Siva and Jay were totally understanding but Max just wanted to kick Zayn's teeth in which I said No to of course I just wanted peace with the boys of One Direction it would make life so much easier.
"Come on Nathan!" Tom yells from down the stairs I sigh and qucikly run down them and get a one armed hug from Tom he grins
"What do you wanna do today?" he asks
"I dont know you pick." I said
"The movies it is Nath" he says I chuckle as we walk out the front door and get into Tom's Car he starts the engine and drives towards the movie theater when my phone goes off *beep* I look at the screen
Luna Brooks: Hey Nathan I thought we could meet again... same place? :)
You: No, I cant going out with Tom.
Luna Brooks: Where I'll meet up with you guys ;)
You: No Luna, he doesnt want to see you. and he doesnt know about us kissing the other day none of the boys do...
Luna Brooks: Come on I little forgivness hang out day will patch it all up pleeeease
You: No.
Luna Brooks: Fine, I guess I will see you some other time.
You: Ok Gotta turn off my phone now.
I really did have to turn my phone off for the movie Tom has chose Ice Age 4 hes such a child but I'm not going to lie I love it too. A The Wanted ad came on for Chasing The Sun girls behind us sang along good fans... me and tom looked at each other and sank down in our chairs. the ad ended and we still slumped in our chairs just in case. the movie started one of the girls phones went off Glad you came my part in the song and then Tom's every one shushed her and Tom face palmed himself making me giggle
"Shit Hailey I thought you said you turned it off" another one said
"Sorry I thought I did.." she says I was tempted to turn around and be like
"Shush I'm trying to watch a movie" but then they would probably scream and ruin the movie, when a part in the movie came on where Chasing the sun played they started clapping Tom sighed I chuckled.
"We should turn around and tell them to shush and see what they do" Tom whispers leaning over to me
"They would comeplete freak out I was thinking about doing that too." I whispered back at him popping a few things of popcorn in my mouth the scene ended and the girls whined
"Aww its over" they pouted
"You'll find us chasing the sun" Tom sings softly the girls were clueless they didnt know wat was going on
"Chasing the sun" I sing quietly
They started to talk quietly seeing if it was their ringtones or not when Tom nodded at me and we turned around
"Shhh! were trying to watch a movie" we both say at the same time and turn around and start to giggle
"Oh my god Thats Tom and Nathan!" one of them shrieks to the other
Me and Tom get up and start to walk down the steps when the girls start to follow us Tom nudges me and we run across the front and out the door and into the arcade when they look fir us we didn't realize this but there was three of them one was wearing a "I <3 Tom" shirt the other was wearing "I <3 Nathan" shirt and the other one was just wearing a regular shirt but she seemed the craziest maybe she was wearing underwear with our- no that's nasty....
I kneeled down beside Tom behind a game machine
"On three we run"
"One two-" we were cut off by the girls finding us
"Run!" Tom yells getting up and leaving me
"Wait!" I yell as one of the girls rips my jacket off of me I run out of the building and jump in Toms car where he was waiting he started laughing my hair was a mess and my shirt was ripped
"I haven't heard of the number run" I said staring at him he laughs and switches the gear and drives off still laughing.
"It's not that funny Tom" I said
"Where's your jacket Nathan?"
"Their probably chewing on it now" I said he laughed again
My phone went off I looked at the screen a notification from twitter I opened it and saw a picture of the girls with my jacket
@Mrs_Sykes: Look What Nathan Gave Us!!! <3 thank you @NathanTheWanted!
I tweeted her back.
@NathanTheWanted: if you call tearing it off my back giving it to you then sure....
I locked my phone and sat back
When my phone went off I opened the twitter notification
@Harry_Styles: @NathanTheWanted @Mrs_Sykes what happened here? /:)
@NathanTheWanted: @Harry_Styles @Mrs_Sykes well Me and Tom were at the movies and we got chased by her and her friends and she ripped my jacket off me... -___-
@Harry_Styles: LOL thats happened to me maybe once or twice... They just love us British lads don't they? ;)
@NathanTheWanted: Yeah, we're just that had to resist. :)
I locked my phone when me and Tom pulled up we walked in and sat on the couch.
"What happened to you guys?" Max asks as he walks in seeing us
"It's a long story" I say
He leans in wanting to hear it.
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