A Bit Of Love & Hate

Luna is dating Zayn Malik of One Direction she meets Two members of The Wanted backstage she doesn't understand why the boys get so defensive over her when they talk, they were so nice and funny she doesn't understand why they are feuding, she begins to be torn between the two world famous British Boy Bands
Will she pick sides with The Wanted or One Direction? Or will she just give up and leave them both?


4. The Party

-Luna's POV-

My party was starting and Bed Rock was just starting I arrived after every one got there I got tons of happy birthday hugs Harry begged me to invite Taylor Swift cause they and a thing so I did she tried to hug me but I turned away I don't like her how she's almost slept with every celebrity. Nope don't touch me who knows where her hands have been. I'm walking with the boys when Nathan and Tom come up to me Nathan hugs me
"Happy birthday Lu!" He says he hugs me tight I hug him under his blazer Tom hugs me after
"Where's Siva, Max and Jay?" I ask disappointed on not seeing them
"Siva is sick so Jay stayed and said we should go to your party" Nathan explains it was kind of awkward because I had One Direction behind me and a kind if half of The Wanted in front if me.
"That was nice if him I'm glad you guys came though" I said I look over at Tom who is scanning the group behind me was a Tom Tantrum approaching? He was standing right in front of Harry when he stuck out his hand Harry looked at his hand and up at his face and took it they shook hands
"Thanks for coming Luna really wanted you guys to be here" Harry says
"My pleasure" Tom says they let go of each others hands
It's the first time I've actually seen Tom and Harry talk with out rudeness or glares involved
I can only imagine by David Guetta and Chris brown comes on the music is blasting I dance with people and even dance with members if both bands at the same time
"Hey Luna haven't seen you in a while" I hear a voice from behind me I turn to see Justin Bieber I hug him
"Good to see you Justin!" I say happily
"Yeah guess what happened to me?" He said
"What?" I ask
"On my way over here Taylor Swift tried to flirt with me..." He says we laugh together
"But seriously why is she here I thought you don't like her?" He says
"Harry begged me so you know anyways nice seeing you, maybe next song we can dance" I said
"See ya then" He said
I walk over to the bar
"Bud light please" I say the man pops a bottle open and hands it to me I sit on the stool and take a sip
"You drink?" I hear Tom's voice behind me
"Hey it's my birthday leave me alone" I say he chuckles and sits beside me
"Bud light" Tom says the bartender pops a bottle open and hands it to Tom, he clinks our glasses
Half an hour later....
I've been at the bar with Tom for an half an hour not drinking but talking, about random things
Locked out of heaven is playing right now when all the sudden a circle forms and I hear people cheering fight I look at Tom and we push our way through the crowd I see Nathan sitting up with a bloody nose and lip and the person I least expected to hurt anyone
Louis William Tomlinson I walk into the middle of the circle and stand in the middle of them Tom helping Nathan up
"One night Louis! That's all I asked for one night with out violence or drama! Ad you have to go and hit some one who's only 19! How old are you 20?! I will never forgive you for this you just single wrecked my birthday" I say a single tear falling Louis swallows hard the rest of the bits push their way through Liam takes one look at Louis and then Nathan
"Louis what did you do?!" Liam yells
"What happened to you guys?! Harry it only takes one single hand shake to break the feud of some one you've had for a year?! Don't loo at me like I'm pathetic look at yourselves" he says and storms out me and Tom get Nathan to his feet but he's still bleeding
"Tom I'll get him to the bathroom just enjoy the party ok?" Tom hesitates but then nods I take Nathan to the wheel chair men's and women's bathroom so it's not awkward if one of the opposite genders walks in I lock the door so it shows the red so no one try's to get in. I grab toilet paper and hold I under Nathan's bleeding nose he also has a little bit of a black eye forming
"I'm so sorry Nathan!" I apologize
"It's ok Lu" he says
I get a bit of toilet paper wet and clean the blood off his face I try to dab his black eye when he winces away. I feel so bad he's leaning against the counter I glance at myself in the mirror and see the tear marks on my face
"What happened?" I asked
"I don't know I was joking around with Justin and Louis must've thought I was talking about him and he shoved me and punched me in the nose and then the eye..." He trails off
"Are you ok though you don't wanna go to the hospital or anything?" I ask
"No I'll be fine" he says
"I'm so sorry it's my fault Nathan if I didn't invite you this wouldn't have happened how stupid was I having One Direction and The Wanted at the same party it was stupid" I say looking down
"Hey" Nathan says he lifts my head up with two fingers below my chin
"It was worth it, I got to make you happy and see your beautiful face" he says I smiled
"You think I'm beautiful?" I ask
"More than any other girl I've seen" he says
"More than Selena Gomez?" I ask
"More than any girl I've ever seen your just so much lighter and happier" he says
"Beautiful" he adds stroking my cheek he kissed my cheek lightly I put my hands on his cheeks and slowly lean in I feel our lips meet and my insides explode Nathan stands up straight and puts his hands on my waist as the kiss turns more passionate. now I'm officially torn between bands. How I'm I going to get out of this one?
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