A Bit Of Love & Hate

Luna is dating Zayn Malik of One Direction she meets Two members of The Wanted backstage she doesn't understand why the boys get so defensive over her when they talk, they were so nice and funny she doesn't understand why they are feuding, she begins to be torn between the two world famous British Boy Bands
Will she pick sides with The Wanted or One Direction? Or will she just give up and leave them both?


2. I Found You

-Luna's POV-

I walk into the mall and walk into Jack Wills I was reaching for something I couldn't quite reach it when I heard some one chuckle behind me
"Need some help with that?" His accent making the words sound different I turn around and see Nathan, he walks by me and grabs the shirt off the shelf and hands it to me
"If I didn't know better I would think you were stalking me" I say
"Oh please I found you" he says I nod
"I was here first" he says
"No no I'm not arguing with you" I said walking away he chuckles and catches up to me and walks beside me
'Gold Forever' starts to play in the store one of my favorites
"Where's your bodyguards?" He asked
"At home where's yours?" I asked remembering Tom sticking up for Nathan
"Tom is in the store next to us" he says
"Is he like the person you go everywhere with?" I asked
"Sort of" he says
"Ahhh" I look down at his empty arms
"You were here before me but yet you don't have anything in your arms Hmm.." I say raising my brows he grabs a random shirt off the counter a white polo he smiles
"There you happy?" He asks
I put my shirt up on the counter and Nathan outs his up to and before I could say anything he paid for the article and handed me the bag he held onto his
"Thanks" was all I could say I don't understand the hate between these two bands Nathan is so sweet why do they hate each other?!
"Wait the store next to us is a pet store" I say Nathan nods
"Is Tom buying a pet?" I ask
"Yeah he is buying a puppie to be exact" he says
"Ooh I love Puppies what kind?" I ask
"He's buying a boxer" he says
"Oh like in your video for I found you!" I said my The Wanted fan side slips out I cover my mouth
"You watched that video?" He asks
"Yeah..." I say embarrassed
"Nothing to be embarrassed about" he says
We walk out and I see Tom at the pens through the windows I walk in with Nathan and Tom turns and sees me beside Nathan
"Ummm.?" He says
"I saw her in the store" Nathan says
"Well hello... What's your name?" Tom says
"Luna" I say
"I see hello Luna" I loved the way he said my name
"So which one are you getting?" I asked he smiles and kneels beside the pen again
"I have no clue would you like to help me?" He asked
"That would be awesome" I said I kneel and look at the puppies
"The ones with the blue ribbons are boys and the ones with the pink ones are girls" Tom explains (imagine Tom saying that in his accent?! :0)
I take Tom's hand and put it on the glass
"Watch" I said and sure enough a puppy with a blue ribbon came over and went up on his back legs and put both of his paws on the glass on Tom's hand Tom smiles an employee walks over
"Are you ready now?" She asks
"Yeah can I get the one with his paws on my hand?" Tom asks she nods and walks into the back room and grabs him and comes out and puts him in Tom's hands the puppy immediately licks his face
"What are you going to name him?" Nathan asks
"Frankie" Tom says I smile Tom like out a bed and puts it in the baby section of the cart and lays Frankie in it he picks out about five toys and two blankets and gets bowls and food we go to the collar section he picks out a red collar and a brown leather leash we check out and Tom puts the collar on Frankie and puts the leash on and they walk out Nathan slips a piece of paper in the pocket of my leather jacket and then we go our separate ways I get in my car and drive home I walk in the door and smell food I check the time on my phone it's about 5 in the afternoon I see Zayn he comes over and hugs me he kisses me gently on the lips I walk into the living room to see the boys playing monopoly Zayn sits and starts to play again I sit on the love seat far from them and look at the paper Nathan slipped into my pocket
I see that the note hasn't been confiscated! Anyways I would like to hang out with you more your a fun person here's my number if you err wanna hang out! -Nathan
I put the number into my phone and put his name as Nathan Sykes I didn't care if Zayn saw the contact.
You: Hey Nathan I got the note and what if it had be taken away? Zayn or any of the boys would have had your number.... ;)
Nathan Sykes: yeah but it was worth it your texting me! Does this mean you wanna be friends? :)
You: of course! Your a very nice person and I would love to meet the others some time! :3
Nathan Sykes: next time :p I gotta go help Tom with Frankie bye! xx
I smiled at the whole "xx" part I quickly responded
You: Ok send me pictures if you can! xx :p
I locked my phone and went up the stairs and started to run the bath tub I stripped down and climbed in the warm tub after it was done filling.
My phone went of and I pressed the lock button
Nathan Sykes (5 attachments) I un locked it and flipped through the cute pictures of Frankie n when the last one it was a selfie of Tom and Nathan sticking there tongues out I giggled and texted him
You: lol the last one is my favorite :p
Nathan Sykes: your turn send me one!! :D
I bit my lip and texted him
You: I can't I will later though the boys are in the room :3
Nathan Sykes: Ok :(
You: Cheer up Nathan! We're friends remember? :D
Nathan Sykes: yeah! Friendship always wins! <3
I smiled
When I picture came up to was him and Max I giggled they were making funny faces
You: tell the others I said Hi! :)
A video popped up I played it and it was all the boys sitting in a living room Frankie was in Tom's lap
"Ok go" I hear Nathan's voice
"Hi Luna!" They all yell I turn down my volume
"I love you!" Max yells Nathan laughs
"I wanna put my hands on her hands feel the heat from her skin!" Max sings in his high voice
"I found you in the darkest hour!, I found you in the pouring rain!" He sings loudly in his high voice Siva, Jay and Tom laugh Nathan laughs too and the video ends
Nathan Sykes: I know he's random :)
You: I'll be right back ok?
Nathan Sykes: Ok.
I quickly get it of the tub dry my body put on some PJs and blow dry my hair and apply some make up and take a picture in the mirror doing the duck face and send it to Nathan
You: Duck Face! (1 attachment)
Nathan Sykes: Lol nice
You: Ikr? Now you do one with a duck face! :)
Nathan Sykes: No! I look stupid....
You: do it. :)
Nathan Sykes: fine don't shoot! :)
You: lol :D
Nathan Sykes: Duck face :3 (1 attachment) I open it up and laugh he looks so adorable
You: Awww! Nathan you look so cute! :)
Nathan Sykes: Thanks Lu! :) <3
He gave me a nick name? I like it.
You: your welcome! :)
Nathan Sykes: I gotta go now but I'll text you or maybe see you one where else soon :)
You: Bye! See you some time
I open up my settings and set a lock code so Zayn could get in or anyone for that matter the lock code was 8679 I memorized it and locked my phone and set it on the side table and went to sleep.
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