A Bit Of Love & Hate

Luna is dating Zayn Malik of One Direction she meets Two members of The Wanted backstage she doesn't understand why the boys get so defensive over her when they talk, they were so nice and funny she doesn't understand why they are feuding, she begins to be torn between the two world famous British Boy Bands
Will she pick sides with The Wanted or One Direction? Or will she just give up and leave them both?


15. Ex- Factor

-Zayn's POV-

I was sitting with Max and Nathan when my phone went off I took it out of my pocket it was a message from Luna I opened it

Luna: Who's Pierrie?
She must have found the photo album I had to get home and explain it.
"I'm sorry lads I have to go, but can you do me a huge favor" I said
"Sure" Max said
"No problem" Nathan said
"Thanks and I need to go home as I told you and can you keep the boys accupied while I'm gone I need to be alone" I said they nod and I thank them once more and leave the beach.
I pull up in the drive way I skip steps as I run up the steps and burst in the door to see Luna tears flowing down her cheeks the familiar Photo Album sitting infront of her
"Luna-" I start but she cuts me off
"If you didn't love me anymore why didn't you tell me?" She asks
"What are you talking about?" I asked
"Your cheating on me with that Pierrie girl" she says
"No no no, Pierrie is my Ex Girl friend" I said
"Then why do you still have the album?" She asked
"I-I don't know" I said
"You know what Zayn, I went though hate everyday just to date you your fans tormented me, but atleast I tried to solve things, and you should atleast be honest with me" She says
"I'm sorry Luna, I should have told you about it" I said she just roughly put it in the box and lamed the lid shut and got off the bed and walked into the closet and grabbed a suit case and brought it out
"What are you doing?" I ask
"Leaving you"

Hey guys!
Who's team are you on Luthan or Zuna? :) let me know below! Thanks for reading
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