A Bit Of Love & Hate

Luna is dating Zayn Malik of One Direction she meets Two members of The Wanted backstage she doesn't understand why the boys get so defensive over her when they talk, they were so nice and funny she doesn't understand why they are feuding, she begins to be torn between the two world famous British Boy Bands
Will she pick sides with The Wanted or One Direction? Or will she just give up and leave them both?


12. Confessions

-Nathan's POV-

I finally built up the courage to message Zayn a text message I got his number from Harry who's willing to make peace.
"Hello?" He answered
"Hello is this Zayn?" I ask
"Why are you calling me Nathan?" He says
"I want to talk to you" I said
"So talk" he says
"No face to face where can we meet?"
"The pier, can you do 3 o'clock?" He asks how ironic... The pier. I looked at clock 2:45
"Yeah, see you there how about we meet at the chip truck tables?" I ask
"Yeah alright see you there." He says then we hang up.
I fix my hair which I kept down and to the side, and left the house getting into my car I guess it was a paparazzi day today there must have been about 5 at the end of my driveway I quickly drove away and went to the pier I arrived when I saw Zayn sitting at the table with a glass of coke infront of him sitting back in his chair I walked over and sat paps took pictures of us while we were sitting
"Hey" he says like he doesn't want to be here
"You have a way of saying that like you mean drop dead" I said sitting down
"What can I say it's given." He says waving down the waitress
"Want anything?" He asks
"I'm capable of ordering for myself" I said as she walks over
She looks at us funny probably going: Why the hell is Zayn Malik and Nathan Sykes at the same table?
"Hello can I have a tea and some fries?" I ask
"Sure and you?" She says
"The same but can I have a refill on my soda?" He asks smiling
"Sure" she says and walks away
"So Nathan why did you want to meet?" He asks suddenly I loose the courage to tell him.
"I just wanted to make peace..." I think of something and give myself a metal high five at how fast I came up with that.
"Make peace?" He asks raising his brows
"Yeah." I said
"Don't lie there's something else on your mind, it's about Luna" he says I look at him his hair looked like a cinnamon roll and it was making me hungry.
"What did she tell you?" I asked
"Nothing much just the basic stuff like you hung out a few times nothing big." He says
The waitress comes back with our food
"Here you go" she says
"Thank you" me and Zayn say at the same time she smiles and walks away
I put fries into my mouth thinking about what to say next when Zayn keeps looking at me
"Spit it out Nathan" he says I swallow the food in my mouth and take a deep breath
"Zayn... Every time she was with me she kept getting me to kiss her" I said Zayn looked down I was expecting a punch to be landed on my face I looked at him confused as he put his head up
"I knew something was up thank you for being honest Nathan" he says
"Trust me if I could take it back I would" I said he nodded and we ate our food while paps kept taking pictures of us when we finished we went up and paid for our food I turned to walk away when Zayn called my name I turned and he stuck out his hand a couple camera flashes went off when I stuck my hand in his a bunch of camera flashes went off
"Consider our bands at peace" Zayn says I nod
"I really am sorry" I say
"I know" Zayn says we go our separate ways ways when a camera guy come up to me
"Hey Nathan were live on TMZ what was that with you and Zayn?" He asks
"Just a friendly meal" I said
"Does that handshake mean your bands our finally at peace?" He asks I chuckle
"If that's hat makes you happy" I say and they venally leave me lone I get into my car and drive back to he house Tom comes in and looks me over
"what was that?" He asks me
"What was what?" I ask
"Come on" he says leading me into the living room
"I recorded you little live action on TMZ" he says looking through the TV recordings
"Where's the guys?" I ask
"Out" he says
He selects one and it starts with Harvey on the screen
"Do you know what's going on down at the pier?" The blonde surfer looking guy asked
"No" Harvey replies
"That one guy from One Direction with the up hairstyle" he says
"Zayn" one of the girls says a picture of Zayn comes up on the TV I sit on the couch beside Tom
"Yeah that's his name and that guy Nathan from The Wanted well they met up for a meal" a picture of me and Zayn at the table comes up
"What were they talking about?" Harvey asks
"I don't know we couldn't hear but they stood they were there for a while and after Zayn offered Nathan a hand shake" he says
"Aren't their bands like arch enemies?" A girl asks
"Yeah I think so" I picture of Zayn with his hand out towards me comes up
"Does Nathan shake his hand?" Harvey asks a picture of me shaking Zayn's hand comes up
"Oh so it's probably a forgiveness symbol" Harvey says
"We got videos of them." The surfer guy says
"Lets see them" Harvey says the videos come up on the screen mine first
"Hey Nathan were live on TMZ what was that with you and Zayn?" The camera guy asks
"Just a friendly meal" I say the cut it and Zayn's comes up
"Zayn why did you meet up with Nathan?" Another crew guy asks
"Just to have a Neal with a friend" Zayn says and Tom turns off the TV
"We're at peace?" He asks I nod
"Finally" I said that's when there was a knock at the door.
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