A Bit Of Love & Hate

Luna is dating Zayn Malik of One Direction she meets Two members of The Wanted backstage she doesn't understand why the boys get so defensive over her when they talk, they were so nice and funny she doesn't understand why they are feuding, she begins to be torn between the two world famous British Boy Bands
Will she pick sides with The Wanted or One Direction? Or will she just give up and leave them both?


16. 21 Guns

-Zayn's POV-

"Luna please" I beg one more time
"No Zayn I, not staying with someone that cheated on me" she says
"I stayed with you" I said she turns towards me
"Excuse me?" Se says
"I know you cheated on me with Nathan." I said
"That's different" she said
"How?!" I yelled
"Atleast I didn't travel the world with him!" She yells back
"I wasn't dating you!" I yelled she dropped her bag and stood directly infront of me
"Bullshit we were dating in 2011!" She yelled
"No we weren't!" I yelled
"Is really sad how you don't even know how long we've been dating" she says I groan
"Whatever Luna, you think you know everything but what you don't know is your my everything I love you so much" I said she looked me over and started to glare at me
"You disgust me" she said
"How?!" I ask
"You say you love me and you hardly prove it you hardly ever kiss me you hardly talk to me" she says I grab her face in my hands and kiss her she doesn't kiss back, the feeling that I lost her sis in and a tear falls down my cheek I lean away spans she looks at me and picks up her suit case
"Bye Zayn" she says quietly
"Luna please" I said quietly but she was already gone I went and changed into back track pants and a white shirt and went down stairs and laid on the couch and covered myself with a blanket keeping my head out I laid on my side and cried my eyes out I texted Max
You: They can come home now if they want thank you for doing this tell Nathan thanks as well your a good friend Max, I'm lucky to have you and I'm sorry about all the stuff I ever said to you.
I locked my phone and laid and turned on the TV and watched a few shows I turned it to MTV and a music show was on 21 Guns by Greenday was just starting I kept it on I liked the slow build up and how it shows emotion I stared down at the floor shortly after the boys arrived home Niall found me first, he sat down by my stomach where I was laid on my side he put his hand in my shoulder
"Why are you crying?" He asks
"S-She l-l-left m-me N-Niall" I stuttered through tears
"She left you?" He asks I nod my head
"Luna?" He asked I close my eyes and more tears came out of my eyes as I nod
"I'm sorry Zayn, what happened?" He asked
"She found the album from when me and Pierrie were dating and thought I was cheating on her which I'm not and you know that" I said to him
"Yeah you and Pierrie made that album before you ever dated Luna" he says
"But she doesn't believe it and I know she cheated on me with Nathan kissing him a lot and I forgave her" I said
"I know you'll get though this Zayn" he says soothing me
"I hope so"
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