This Love

I`m not good at discriptions.Please read though.


8. 8

                                                                After movie




                                                        Rachels POV



When we got iwhy else would I be doing thid?"n the car I pulled up my hood and closed it."Are you really that scared?"Harry asked."Yes.Why else would I be doing this?"I asked."I don`t know."He said."I love movies like that though."I said."Yeah me too."He said.We got to my house and I got out of the car."Bye."I said and kissed him."Bye."He said.I walked into the house and I guess my mom just finished her yoga because she was in her yoga pants and a t shirt.She only wears that for yoga."Hey mom."I said."Hi."She said."Oh Rachel I`m Going on a buisness trip to  New York and your going to be staying with Anne and harry while I`m gone.Okay?"She asked."Yeah. When are you leaving?"I asked.I leave on Friday."She said."Mom it`s Thursday."I said."Oh then I leave tomorrow."She said.I laughed and walked up to my room.I put on my yoga pants and a t shirt and grabbed my Ipad.I played Fix It Felix Jr. for abot twenty minutes but it got boring so I turned on my tv and watched That 70`s Show.It was 12:00pm and I was tired and I slowly fell into a deep sleep.

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