This Love

I`m not good at discriptions.Please read though.


7. 7

                                             Harry`s POV



When we were in the car I noticed Rachel blushing."What?"she said.Oops I guess I was staring."Nothing."I said.She laughed.Her laugh is so cute."So what did you do while I was gone?"I asked."Nothing really.Same old things I used to do."Ahh I see."I said."So what did you do while you were on the x factor besides singing?"She asked."Nothing much.I tried to text you but it didn`t work."I said."Oh."She said.When we goot to the movie theater we got popcorn and sodas.We went to sit in the back row and we were the only ones in there.The movie didn`t start for twenty more minutes.We started talking and they were playing old people music.Eghh."So I have one question."She said."What?"I said."Why didn`t you tell me you were leaving?"she asked."I was going to but whenever I tried I got nervous."I said."Oh."Shw said."Do you forgive me ?"I asked.She kissed me."Does that answer your question?"She asked.I smiled at her.Then the movie started.

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