This Love

I`m not good at discriptions.Please read though.


6. 6

                                                        AT the beach







AHHHH PUT ME DOWN!"I yelled at Harry."Never."he said.I started to kick him but he still wouldn`t put me down."If you put me down I`ll do anything you want."I said." going to some pizza shop nearbAnything?"He asked."Anything."I said."Okay."He said putting me down."Then you`ll go on tour with me and the boys in february?"He asked.":If you want me to."I said."Okay."He said."Do you want to go for lunch now?"I asked."Sure."He said."Where do you want to go?"I asked."I don`t care."He said.We ended up going to a pizza shop nearbyAfter.lunch we went home and showered.After I layed in  bed and watched tv untill I fell asleep.The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache and a soar throat.I guess I shouldn`t have scream so much yesterday huh?Oh well."I got in the shower and after I put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt.I walked downstairs into the kitchen.I got out the cocoa crispies ,milk ,and a bowl.After I ate breakfast I went in the living room to watch tv.I put on sponge bob.Yeah I still watch it don`t judge.I got a text from Harry.

H~Do you want to go to the movies?


M~sure what time?


H~I don`t know it deoends what movie do you want to see?


M~Paranormal activity 4




M~I`ll get ready and you can come whenever you want.


H~Ok I`ll be over soon


M~Kk bye







I went upstairs to get ready.I decided to put on music.The first song that came on was Rock Me.Yeah this is my jam!Now I was singing and dancing around my room."Do you remember summer 09.Wanna go back there every night.Just can`t lie it was the best time of my life.Laying on the beach as the sun blew out.Playing the guitar by the fire to loud.Oh my my they can never shut us down."I sang.then I heard a car door slam.I turned off the music and ran downstairs and opened the door."Hey"i said."Hey"He said and kissed me.For the first time since he was back.YEAH!

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