This Love

I`m not good at discriptions.Please read though.


5. 5

                                                                Anne`s POV



When I got home I texted Rachel`s mom.She told me to come over with Harry.I went upstairs to Harry`s room and knocked on the door."Come in."he said.I walked in ."get dressed,"I said."Why?'he asked."Just get dressed it`s a surprise."I said."Okay."he said.When Harry got dressed he came downstairs."you ready?"Iasked."Yep.""Alright let`s go,"I said.We walked to our car and got in.




                                                               Harry`s POV



"Where are we going?"I asked."Stop asking i`m not going to tell you."Mom said."Ughhh.Are we there yet?"I asked."No stop whining."She said.I just stopped asking then.A few minutes later we arrived at a farmiliar house.I looked at her."Well are you just going to sit there?"She asked."Why are we here?"I asked."You`ll see."She said.we both got out of the car and walked to the door.My mom rang the doorbell.Then Rachel`s mom came to the door.I looked at my mom."I thought you might of wanted to see your girlfriend."She said."I smiled at her."Come in."Rachel`s mom said.We walked in."You could go sit in the living room.I`ll go get Rachel."She said.After she said that my mom looked at me."Are you excited?"She asked me."Maybe a little."I said."Yeah okay."My mom said sarcasticly.I gave her a dirty look.Then she walked in.




                                              Rachels POV




I was in my room on twitter and then I heard a knock on the door."It`s open."I said.Then my mom walked in."there`s someone here I want you to see."she said."Who is it?"I asked and I really hoped it was Harry but I knew it defenitly wasn`t."just come downstairs."She said."Okay whatever."I said getting up.She looked at me."Well. Are you coming ?"She asked."Yep."I said walking out of my room and down the stairs.Then I walked into the living room and thats when I saw him.The love of my life.The one that I thought forgot about me.As soon as he saw me he got up and ran over to me.Then he hugged me.Our moms went into the kitchen to give us privacy I guess."I missed you so much."I said."I missed you too."He said.Then we went to sit down."So how have you been?"I asked."Good how about you?"He asked."good I just missed you ."I said."Yeah I missed you too."he said."so do you want to go to the beach?"I asked."Sure."he said.Alright just let me get changed ."I said."Okay."He said.I went upstairs to change.I got out my black and purple bikini and a t shirt and denim shorts.then I secretly started celebrating.After about a minute I went downstairs."Alright do you you want to stop at your house first?"I asked."Yeah."He said."Okay I`ll go tell them were leaving."I said."okay."He said.I went into the kitchen."We`re going to the beach."I said."Alright have fun."Anne said."But not to much fun if you know what I mean."My mom said.Anne and I laughed ."Okay bye."I said."Bye." they  said at the same time.


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