This Love

I`m not good at discriptions.Please read though.


4. 4

                                                              2 years later...



"Rachel will you go tothe grocery store for me?I have to go to work."my mom said.It`s just us living here now.Zack moved to america and my dad passed away when I was 8."Sure."i said.I grabbed my purse and phone and walked out the door.When I got to the store i got evrything on the list and started to walk to the check out.I saw someone who looked really farmiliar but I wasn`t sure who it was.Then it hit me.It was Anne.I walked over to her."Hi anne.How`s harry?"I asked."Rachel Harry and I missed you so much.He`s fine he`s been really sad not being able to see you for so long."she said."I`ve missed him too."I said."He still won`t shutup about you.And I think his bandmates are sick of heraing about you."she said.I laughed."I have to go.Tell hary I said hi though."I said."Alright I will.Bye."she said."bye."I said and walked away.

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