This Love

I`m not good at discriptions.Please read though.


3. 3

I didn`t talk to anyone the rest of the day.I didn`t even participate in class because if I talked I know I would cry.I`m walking home now.When I got home I walked straight up to my room and cried.I cried for hours.My mom came up to my room and sat on the edge of my bed.She started to brush my hair with her fingers."I just talked to Anne."she said."I looked at her untill she saaid something else."She told me that Harry was just too sad to tell you."She said.I sat up and hugged my mom."It`s ok.shhh."she said rubbing my back.Then Zack walked into my room."hey Rach did you see my .............What happened?Did Harry break up with you?Did he move?Did mackenzie move?"he asked.I threw a pillow at him and gave hima dirty look and he left."Do you want to go shopping?"my mom asked."i nodded my head."Go shower first."she said."Do I smell or something?Iasked."no your just a mess."she said laughing.I laughed too.i went to shower and after I put on the same jeans and a Grey sweater.I put on makeup and my purple uggs and went downstairs."Are you okay?"my mom asked."I smiled and nodded my head."Alright lets go."she said.

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