This Love

I`m not good at discriptions.Please read though.


11. 10

                                                                 Rachel`s POV



I woke up the next morning to the sound of laughter.I got up and wennt to the bathroom and took a shower.After I put on sweatpants and a tshirt.I looked at the time.It was 12:45.I went downstairs and into the living room and saw Harry , Louis , Liam , Niall , and Zayn.Yay I can finally meet my idols.I walked over to Harry and sat down next to him."hey."I said."Good morning ."He said. "what game is this?"I asked."I don`t even know."Harry said.He paused it."Oh I forgot.Guys this is my girlfriend Rachel.Rachel this is Louis , Liam , Zayn , and Niall.He said."Hi.'I said."Hi Rachel."They all  said in sync.I smiled at them."We pretty much know everything about you because SOMBODY won`t stop talking about you."Louis said.We all looked at Harry and he sunk down in the chair embarassed."i`ve heard alot about you too."i said."You talk about us?"Niall asked while shoving food into his mouth."Maybe."Harry said."Well she likes you. She knows everyhing about you and you should see her ipod and the music because it`s all one direction and she was a directioner since we were put together on the x factor and she loves Niall."Harry said very fast."Huh?"Liam asked."I heard my name."Niall said with his mouth full.I smacked Harry`s arm."Why did you tell them?"I asked."I didnt know what else to say."He said.I rolled my eyes at him."Wait you understood him?"Zayn asked."Yeah I`m used to him talking like that."I said.we all laughed.I think I`m going to get to be good friends with them.I hope.

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