Slave Auction

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Summary: Jenna Brown is entering her freshman year in high school. This high school however, has an annual tradition called the Slave Auction- where seniors bid on freshmen to make them do whatever they want for a whole week. Every year, a group of the hottest guys in school bid against each other on the hottest freshman girl, and try to get her to fall in love with them. This year the seniors are: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson- and Jenna is the girl they are after.

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7. The Auction


Monday went by so fast I don’t even remember it. Tuesday I knew would be the longest day of my life. I wake up and get ready for school. As I am leaving, I grab my backpack filled with a week’s worth of clothes, shampoo, toothpaste, and other things I need to live. When I get to school there are the usual whispers and stares. I’ve gotten so good at ignoring them that I feel like I walk down empty grey hallways every day. No whispering high-schooler to be seen or heard. Their comments don’t mean anything to me anyway. They don’t know who I am, and I know I am not what they say I am.

I come to school in sweatpants. The auction is during tutorial in the morning and then after school I am off to live with whoever buys me. It’s weird to say that. Someone will buy me.

In my bag I forced myself to pack cute clothes. I really wanted to pack the dumpiest things in my closet but there was a voice saying in my head ‘Liam may buy you and you need to look cute for him’, even though I heard him say he was bidding on one of the middle girls. Yet I still had hope.

The bell for the start of tutorial rang and Jessica and I go backstage and start to get dressed with the other girls. Courtney, wearing her usual outfit, takes a roll for the last time and announces, “Okay everyone line up in order, it is time for the introduction.”

Instinctually, we do as she says. I hear the crowd murmur from the other side of the curtain and Jessica squeezes my hand. Courtney walks through the break in the curtain and Amanda follows. Next thing I know, I am walking through the curtain and bright lights hit my eyes. I squint trying to get my eyes adjusted. I was not prepared for this. I look out into the crowd. Seniors were seated towards the front and the other classes were placed all over. Even though only seniors participated in the fundraiser, everyone else watched. I see the school principal seated at the end of the first row.

I wonder how he feels about all of this.

Courtney clears her throat, “Hello everyone and welcome to our fifth annual Slave Auction!”

I am reminded of the Hunger Games when she says this and it makes me smile. That’s when I remember that one of Courtney’s rules was to always smile on stage. So that’s what I do, as she drags on and on about how the auction will work. Finally, she says we can start and we all go backstage except for Amanda.

Jessica and I sit where we sat Sunday. Numbers one, two, and three are sold for $50, numbers four and five for $75, and numbers six through twelve between $90 and $140. Two of the bids were sold to girls; it wasn’t against the rules but it doesn’t usually happen. Girls only buy to save the bids from creepy guys or to have them help them with their homework or just to hang out with. When number 13 comes out, the bidding wars begin. It is really entertaining, actually. But every time someone would stand up and call a price, I would pray it wasn’t Liam. And it never was. When the war for number 15 began a girl came up to Jessica and I.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit and watch with you guys? I hear it is getting good.” We nod and she sits, “You are Jessica and Jenna right? I’m Kelsey.” I look at the number on her back and see she is number 18. She is so pretty. Curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes.

“Nice to meet you,” we smile and we all watch the show together. After number 15, girls who were already auctioned walk by giggling and whispering for hopefully the last time.

“You are ridiculous!” Jessica calls after them.

“Stop, Jessica, it is not worth it. It’s the day of the auction, they won’t do it anymore,” I plead.

“But if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t be calling you that!” she yells and chases after them. I sigh.

“Don’t let them get you down,” Kelsey says, scooting closer to me.

“I’m trying but it’s just so hard. You are the only person other than Jessica who will talk to me at this auction. And even Jessica would probably hate me if I didn’t know her since eighth grade.” I feel my first tears start to form since this whole auction.

Damn, I thought I was doing so well.

“I’m happy I didn’t get Last Girl. I don’t have so much pressure.”

I laugh, “Gee thanks.”

“God, I’m not good at making people feel better, am I?” I shake my head and she smiles, “It doesn’t matter what they think of you. In four years you won’t ever see these people again. What matters is how you think of yourself because you’re stuck with yourself for the rest of your life.”

I laugh again, “Yeah you probably shouldn’t be a therapist.”

We both laugh and Jessica returns, “All good.” She gives me a thumbs up.

“How’s my makeup?” I ask Kelsey. She gestures for me to wipe my cheek and then nods. I was wearing more makeup than I have ever worn in my life; gold eye shadow, dark mascara, eyeliner, tons of foundation and powder.

“Number 18!” Courtney calls, and Kelsey stands up.

“Well, here goes nothing,” she walks to the center of the stage. Courtney starts the bidding at $200. Two guys in the front rows jump up and bid back and forth against each other until they get up to $300.

“$300, going once, going twice-.”

“$350!” someone calls. Jessica and I gasp. It was Niall. I guess Niall decided not to bid on me after all.

“$350, going once, going twice, sold to Niall Horan!” Courtney yells. People cheer and Niall walks up to the stage to pay while Kelsey walks backstage.

“Number 19!”

I hear Jessica gulp and I squeeze her hand. “You will be amazing.”

She walks out and five guys jump up and call out numbers. The bid started at $250 and the five guys each got to bid once before Louis yelled $350 and silenced them.

“$350, going once, going twice, sold to Louis Tomlinson!”

Jessica gives me a shocked look and I shrug. At least she gets to stay with Daisy.

Can’t wait to hear Daisy complain about this.

“And finally number 20!”

I stand up, and I walk, remembering everything Courtney told me; back straight, smile, chin up, shoulders back. Back straight, smile, chin up, shoulders back. Back straight, smile, chin up, shoulders back. My eyes adjust once more and I am center stage. I feel heat on my shoulder from the over head lights. I hope my hair looks good. I kept it natural and didn’t do anything fancy with it.

“The bidding starts at $300.”

$300? Oh my God, that is so much. Who would pay that?

I see a silhouette stand up and yell $300. It was hard to see because of the lights but I saw curly hair and knew it was Harry.

“$400!” someone sitting right next to Harry calls out. Zayn.







Well my dream did come true. But with Zayn instead of Liam.

“$1,100!” Harry yells. Why would someone spend this much money?

I’m really not even worth $300.

My heart drops when I see Zayn’s outline sit down.

I’m stuck staying with Harry.

“$1,500!” someone from the other end of the row calls out. I see Harry turn in confusion and slowly sit down.


“$1,500, going once, going twice? Number 20, our final girl, is sold to Liam Payne!”

Excuse me?

That’s when I know I didn’t miss hear. I see his face come into the light as he comes to the stage to pay. I don’t know what else to do, so I turn and walk to Jessica.

She squeals, “Liam Payne just paid $1,500 for you! And you said he wouldn’t pay a penny! He paid fifteen hundred dollars! And Louis Tomlinson paid $350 for me! I bet Daisy is pissed!” She laughs.

I am still in shock. I don’t even bother to change back into my sweats. I grab my bag and walk to the stage, where all the guys who won bids were waiting. I see Liam and Harry talking and walk towards them.

“You said you weren’t going to bid!”

“I changed my mind,” Liam says.

“Fifteen-hundred bucks isn’t just last second. You were planning this.” Harry complains.

What a whiner.

“It’s an auction; the point is to outbid people.”

“I still can’t believe you.”

“There is still the second auction isn’t there?”

“I guess,” Harry sees me and clears his throat. Liam turns around.

“Am I interrupting?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“No, I was just going to class,” Harry says. He winks at me and walks away.

What is up with him and winking?

I roll my eyes and Liam turns to me. “Um, so I guess after school you should meet me at my car,” he clears his throat and hands me a little paper. “My spot is A10.”

I nod, “Okay thanks.”

He nods back and stands there uncomfortably, “Okay, well, see you then.”

“See you then.”

He walks away and I stand there, staring after him.

Well that was awkward.


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