Slave Auction

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Summary: Jenna Brown is entering her freshman year in high school. This high school however, has an annual tradition called the Slave Auction- where seniors bid on freshmen to make them do whatever they want for a whole week. Every year, a group of the hottest guys in school bid against each other on the hottest freshman girl, and try to get her to fall in love with them. This year the seniors are: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson- and Jenna is the girl they are after.

***Amazing cover created by AnnaB_Styles and CC_chubbycheeks***


8. Settling In


I walk to parking lot A and look for Liam. He is nowhere to be seen, so I count ten spaces and find a small silver Volvo. At least it wasn’t as showy as Harry’s. On the back window there is a cross-country sticker. I stand and wait for him in front of his car, feeling uncomfortable and alone as people walk by. Two minutes later, I see Liam walking towards me in a white t-shirt with a backpack slung over his shoulder.

He smiles, “Hey, sorry were you waiting long?”

“No, it’s fine,” I say politely.

He unlocks the car and I debate on getting in the passenger seat or the back seat. I decide shotgun, so I open the door and get in. It isn’t until he gets in next to me that the reality of what is happening sinks in. I’m going to be living with Liam Payne for a week.

The car ride is silent and it would be awkward but Liam blasts music. We ride for ten minutes before he starts driving up my neighborhood.

“Do you live here?” I ask.


“Oh, that’s weird, me too.”

He looks over at me, “Oh that’s funny. Well you won’t be too far from home then,” he smiles.

Oh my God that smile is gorgeous. I think I might have just melted in my seat.

“What street do you live on?” he questions.

I point as we drive past it, “That one.”

He turns into the street two up from it, “Wow, we live really close to each other.”

I smile to myself. Lucky me.

We pull into the driveway of a small house towards the middle of the street. It’s a one story house that is all white with a brown roof. There is a porch in front of it with three steps leading up the front door. I grab my things and get out of the car, feeling butterflies in my stomach.

“Welcome home,” Liam laughs.

I follow him up the porch and he unlocks the front door. I walk in and get a cozy feeling from the house. Right when you walk in there is a little family room with a couch and television. To the left was kitchen and dining room. To the right was a long hallway with the bedrooms.

“Both my parents are at work right now so it’s just us until seven. Both my sisters don’t live here anymore, so you can stay in one of their rooms,” he smiles again.

I follow him down the hall to the second door on the right, “This is my sister’s Ruth’s room. Is this alright?” he asks.

“It’s perfect, thanks,” I answer. The room was medium sized and plain looking. The walls were white and bare, the drawers were empty, and the desk wasn’t cluttered like my room. The closet was a sliding door with a mirror and the only other door in the room led to the restroom.

“My room is right next door. Our bathroom is adjoined so I hope you don’t mind sharing it with me.”

“Well are you a major slob?” I ask. He looks at his feet and I can’t help but laugh, “I’m just messing with you. I don’t mind. I’m actually really messy, so I apologize in advance.”

He laughs too, “Okay good because I am pretty messy too.”

“Perfect,” I smile. I set my bag on the bed and look around the room, not knowing what to do next.

“So, what do you want to do?” his eyebrows rise.

“Um, I think you just do what you want to do and I just follow you around,” I laugh.

He sits on the bed next to me, “Oh, right. I hate the Slave Auction,” he rolls his eyes.

“Same here.”

He looks at me strangely, “Then why did you do it?”

“I didn’t have a choice,” he looks at me weird again, “My best friend really wanted to do it with me so she signed me up without me knowing and then Courtney wouldn’t let me dropout.”

“I hate Courtney too,” I giggle and he continues, “Yeah that sounds like it sucks, I always thought the whole thing was stupid and kind of wrong.”

I feel my heart pound in my chest and those butterflies in my stomach must have been doing back flips, “That’s exactly what I have been saying this whole time!”

He laughs and it goes quiet again. Then he asks, “That day at Louis’ when the five of us were talking about the auction, did you hear the whole conversation?”

“I heard a lot more than I wanted too.”

He sighs, “I’m sorry about that. Harry can be such a creep sometimes but once you get to know him he is a great guy.”

“Sounds like it,” I say sarcastically, “I could tell by the way he was yelling at you for bidding on me after the auction today,” I stop myself. “At Louis’ you said you weren’t going to bid on anyone. So why did you bid so much for me?”

He doesn’t answer for a long time, “To keep you from Harry.”

“I thought he was a ‘good guy’?”

“He is but, it’s just complicated.”

“What exactly are you keeping me from?” I question.

“I don’t know. I guess a part of me wanted to steal you away for myself and get to know you better.” My heart starts pounding and I feel my cheeks heat up as he continues. “And I guess I didn’t really want to see you spend a lot of time with Harry because if you did I know you’d…”


“I’d what?” I ask.

“Girls aren’t very good at resisting Harry’s charm.” I am confused and want to continue questioning him about this but he keeps talking. “But I won’t be able to keep you from that for long.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because you are going to be auctioned a second time. And this time, Harry will outbid everyone.”

“I forgot about the second auction.” We sit in silence as things continue to process in my head. “I don’t understand why Harry is so interested. I’ve barely even talked to him.”

 “We could get him to stop liking you. Or we get one of the other boys to try to outbid Harry since I can’t again.”

I nod, slowly, “Um, okay…”

“How about every day you hang out with each one of them. Just spend a whole day with them, become better friends with them so they will want to maybe buy you at the auction.” Liam explains. I feel awkward talking about this to Liam since A: I have a huge crush on him and B: this is pretty much the first conversation I have ever had with him.

“But isn’t the point of you spending so much on me is so I spend time with you?” I ask.

“No it’s okay I won’t mind. I like being by myself a lot anyways”

I try to push more problems so I can spend more time with him and not the others, “But Niall and Louis have their own girls.”

“They won’t mind.”

“But won’t they be confused since this really doesn’t make much sense?”

“No. I will tell Harry and Zayn it is because I feel bad because I outbid them. And I will tell Niall and Louis it is because I feel bad for making you be with me 24/7.”

I give up.

“Don’t worry it is just for a day each. You can still sleep here. If you hang out with Zayn tomorrow, Niall on Thursday, Louis on Friday, and Harry on Saturday, and then we can hang out Sunday and Monday.” He explains.

“Can I be with Harry on Friday? I don’t think I should spend a whole weekend-day with him.”

“You need all the time you can have to make him stop liking you,” Liam sits back down.

“How exactly do I do that?”

“He likes that you are mean to him so, don’t be.”

“You mean I have to be nice to that jerk?”

Liam smiles, “Do you want this to work or not?”

I sigh and nod. Liam looks at the clock on the bedside table. It was only 3:30.

“Do you like videogames?”

I look at him, “Sure, why?”

“Let’s kill some time and play.” He leaves the room and I follow him into his bedroom.

His room is a light blue and very cluttered. “I told you I am a slob,” he laughs seeing me look around the room.

“You weren’t kidding,” I laugh too.

There is a mini television in front of his bed. He sits on the edge of it and I copy him. He hands me a remote controller and we play for hours, ‘killing time’.


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