Slave Auction

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Summary: Jenna Brown is entering her freshman year in high school. This high school however, has an annual tradition called the Slave Auction- where seniors bid on freshmen tomake them do whatever they want for a whole week. Every year, a group of the hottest guys in school bid against each other on the hottest freshman girl and tries to get her to fall in love with them (and tries to get her to do a little something else). This year the seniors are: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. And Jenna is the girl they are after.

***Amazing cover created by AnnaB_Styles and CC_chubbycheeks***


4. No Choice


The football field is crowded with sweaty guys in football jerseys and gorgeous skinny girls in tight, short cheerleading uniforms. The cheerleaders are in a triangle formation with Courtney as the tip. Daisy, Jessica and I stand, watching until they are done with their cheer and disperse into small clumps to start whispering to each other. We walk up to Courtney and her little group. You could tell why Courtney was head cheerleader. She had shiny, long, light brown hair and crystal blue eyes. She was tall and skinny and the bright blue uniform made her skin glow.

“Courtney?” I ask.

“Yes?” she turns around and recognizes me, “Oh! You’re Jenna, the girl I picked as the Last Girl.”

“That’s actually what I needed to talk to you about. I can’t do it.”

“What do you mean you can’t do it?” She asks, her eyebrows raising causing wrinkles to form on her forehead.

“I didn’t sign up. My friend signed up for me, she didn’t know I didn’t want to do it.” I lie.

Courtney pulls us away from the bunch and leads us to the other side of the bleachers. “I am sorry you feel that way, I am, but you have to do it.”

“What do you mean she has to do it?” Daisy questions, “She doesn’t have to do anything.”

“Well you are right, but the auction needs you. You are the hottest freshman in the school.”

Daisy and Jessica mutter some thanks under their breathes and Courtney gives them an ‘I’m-sorry but-I’m-not-really-sorry’ look, “No offense.”

“Oh, none taken.” Jessica says sarcastically.

Courtney turns her whole attention to her, “And you are Jessica, the second to Last Girl.” Jessica blushes and nods. “You are the one who signed Jenna up and now that she got Last Girl instead of you, you want her to quit, am I right?”

“She said she would quit on her own,” Jessica argues and I nod.

“Well you should try to stop her from quitting.” Courtney says through her smile.


“Because if she quits, I will be forced to tell the school that you signed her up against her will and you will be given an academic dishonor stamp on your file. Not a very good thing to get your freshman year.”

Jessica loses color in her cheeks, “They wouldn’t do that.” I can hear the shakiness in her voice.

“Oh yes they would. They take the Slave Auction pretty seriously.”

“You can’t quit,” Jessica says turning to me, “You have to do it.”


“Well, now that that is settled, I have to get back to practice. I will see you two this weekend at rehearsals. Nice to meet you Daisy, and tell Louis I said hi.” Courtney says. She flicks her hair as she turns on her heel and rejoins the other girls in bright blue.

“Are you crazy? You can’t do it!” Daisy yells at me.

“I’m not!”

“Yes you are,” Jessica whispers.

Without realizing it, I bring my voice to a whisper like she had, “What are you talking about? You wanted me to quit!”

“I did. But you heard what she said! I cannot get an academic dishonor stamp or whatever,” She crosses her arms, “I’m sorry I did this to you, I really am. Not because you got Last Girl, but because I know how much you hate the idea. But please, do it for me.”

I stare into space thinking. Daisy whispers into my ear, “You have to do it.”

I look over at Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Niall sitting in the bleachers, staring at the cheerleaders. I look back into Jessica’s eyes and see how scared she is, “Okay,” I nod, “I’ll do it.”


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