Slave Auction

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Summary: Jenna Brown is entering her freshman year in high school. This high school however, has an annual tradition called the Slave Auction- where seniors bid on freshmen to make them do whatever they want for a whole week. Every year, a group of the hottest guys in school bid against each other on the hottest freshman girl, and try to get her to fall in love with them. This year the seniors are: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson- and Jenna is the girl they are after.

***Amazing cover created by AnnaB_Styles and CC_chubbycheeks***


6. Listening


The next morning I am in front of the school ready. I have my bra and shoes on and my pajamas on as well. She was going to make us change our clothes anyway so why not be comfy? Jessica pulls up and we enter the theater. We sit as Courtney begins roll.


“Here,” The girl, who I assume is Amanda, answers. I am confused as why she is first and not more towards the middle, since she is really pretty.

As Courtney calls out names, I look at each girl. Every girl is gorgeous. Most of them are blonde and Jessica is the only red-head. How did I beat them as Last Girl? I wasn’t anything special. Some girls would notice me looking at them and would then roll their eyes at me. Well, I’m not going to make any lifelong friends here, that’s for sure.

 “Okay, your shirts and shorts are all here. I personally checked everyone to make sure we had the right sizes based on what you put on your form. If you over-estimated or under-estimated sizes, there really isn’t anything I can do about it, so make it work,” Courtney says in her usual bored voice.

Other members of the cheer squad bring out cardboard boxes and start calling out names. A brunette girl in the middle of the stage calls out mine and I get up out of my chair and walk up to her. She thrusts the shorts and the shirt into my hands and tells me to go backstage. I follow where she points and walk into a big room with those paper curtains that people change behind in movies all the time. There were a lot of them. I saw silhouettes of other girls changing behind their curtains and realize what I was supposed to be doing. All the curtains have numbers on them so I assume I should go to number 20.

Once I get there I start to pull off my pajamas. I look at the clothes I was given. The white t-shirt had a red 20 on the back and the paw print on the front was red as well. I don’t remember the shirts yesterday being red. I thought the letters were in black. Well, with my green bra I guess I will look like a Christmas tree. I pull on the clothes and wrap my hoodie around myself so no one will see my undergarment.

I hear Courtney call, “Okay, let’s get started. We are going to start with you walking out individually so that way I can make sure to get to everyone of you in time. During the real auction, we will be walking out together first because people need to be able to see what they can bid on. Number one, are you ready?”


“Are you done?” Jessica asks.


She enters my section, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Do what?” I ask nonchalantly.

She unzips my jacket and points to my chest, “That.”

“Well it’s a little too late to go back now, isn’t it?” I zip it back up.

“Why is yours red?”

I look at her shirt and see the paw print is black, unlike mine.

“I was wondering the same thing.”

She shakes her head, “Okay well come on let’s go watch.”

We sit on the side of the stage where we couldn’t be seen. Other girls are there too but when they see me sit down, they leave.

“People are so rude,” Jessica says and I shrug. I’m used to this now.

We watch as Courtney judges and coaches numbers three through eighteen. A blonde cheerleader comes up to us and asks if we are ready.

“Why are you wearing that jacket?” she asks me.

“Oh, I- I’m self-conscious about my body,” I reply and Jessica giggles.

“This is the slave auction, you can’t be self-conscious about anything!”

 “I know but I’m cold and I promise when I go out there I will take it off.”

“You better, otherwise Courtney will be M. A. D.” she says and then hurries away.

A couple seconds later Courtney calls number 19. Jessica takes a deep breath and walks out the way Courtney had told her to. She stands center as the cheer captain watches her and dismisses her. Apparently, Jessica did everything right. A lot of the girls got yelled at. I will most likely be one of them.

“Number 20!” she calls. I pull off my jacket and lift my chin up. I need to look confident while doing this.

I walk into the bright lights, just how Courtney told me to, and stand center stage. She is quiet at first and I instantly regret doing this.

“Okay and that’s it. We are done everyone, good job! You can all go home and I will see you Tuesday at the assembly for the real auction. Don’t forget everything I told you!” She starts to pack up her things and so does everyone else.

What just happened?

I slowly walk off the stage and towards Jessica who has our stuff.

“What was that?” I ask.

She shakes her head, “I don’t know but let’s get out of here before something bad happens.”

We walk to the door and then Courtney calls, “Jenna? Can you come here please?”

Jessica looks at me and I tell her to wait out front. I walk back to the stage and stand next to Courtney. The theater cleared out quickly; no one is here anymore.

“Yes?” I ask.

“Remember when I said that we have to stay in uniform? That no one should upstage another person in the auction?” she asks me calmly.


“Then why are you wearing a green bra?”

I shrug, “I couldn’t find a red one.”

She takes a deep breath in, “I know what you are trying to do. And it didn’t work.”

“I am sorry I don’t understand what you are talking about,” I say blankly.

“Yes you do. But it’s okay, because we want the Last Girl to stand out. That is why your shirt has red lettering and all the others have black.”

Well, this backfired

“Well, perfect.” I say.

“It is. Don’t try anything else or I will put that stamp on Number 19’s file.”

I can’t believe she just called Jessica ‘Number 19’. How ridiculous.

“I haven’t tried anything in the first place,” I answer.

She stares at me, “’Kay well, see you Tuesday,” she turns to walk, flicking her ponytail.

“Wait,” I call. She turns back around. “Why did you pick me to be Last Girl? There are so many other pretty girls in the auction. Why me?”

She raises her eyebrows and thinks. Then she speaks, “You sent in that bikini picture of you. No makeup, no special hair-do. Just natural. Every other girl sent in a picture of them at a dance or a wedding in a fancy dress with full on makeup and hair. You were the only girl that didn’t and it stood out. That’s the confidence I was looking for. The Last Girl needs to be confident.”

I nod as the pieces click together and my insides laugh realizing that Jessica did it to herself.

“That’s why you pulling this whole green bra trick just proved to me that I made the right decision,” she turns again, “Don’t forget! Tuesday.”

She leaves the building turning off the lights and it gets dark around me. I walk out the other door and find Jessica.

“Well, what happened? Did she murder you?”

I stare at her, “Yes, Courtney murdered me.”

“You know what I meant! Don’t be a smartass! What happened?”

“She didn’t get mad. She was actually happy at what I did.”

“What the hell? How come everything you do is okay? But if I did something like that she would chomp my head off!”

I smile and shrug and she groans.

“If one of those creepy pervs drives up to us today can we not get in their car?” I ask.

“Don’t be such a party pooper.” She laughs and her mom pulls up in front of us.

Thank God. I do not want them to see me in this outfit.


My mom pulls up in front of Daisy’s house, “Call me when you are ready to come home.”

“Okay thanks,” I say and get out of the car.

Daisy is already waiting in her driveway. She is in her tennis outfit.

“Just got back from practice?”

“Yeah. I hate tennis.”

“Then why do you play it?” I ask.

“Because it’s fun,” she walks up her porch steps. I laugh and follow.

When you enter Daisy’s house you face the stairs and to get to the kitchen you walk through a hallway. We are in the middle of the hallway when I notice deep voices coming from the kitchen. I stop and grab Daisy’s arm.

“What?” she asks bothered.

“Shhh. Is you-know-who here?”

She looks at me like I am crazy and then she hears them too. Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam were in her kitchen. We lean against the wall to listen to their conversation

“I can’t wait,” I recognize Harry’s deep voice.

“I don’t see why, since I’m getting Jenna, not you,” a voice says. I look at Daisy and she mouths ‘Zayn’.

“Whatever you say, Zayn. But I am getting her,” Harry replies.

Oh my God. I don’t know whether to be flattered or creeped out.

“I don’t get why you guys have to fight about it,” an Irish accent says, “We all know she is going to be staying with me.”

Zayn and Harry laugh, “Okay, Niall.”

“Why do you guys have to argue about it? I’m just going to bid on one of the girls in the middle, if I even bid at all,” My heart sinks as I recognize Liam’s voice. I guess my dream of him bidding $1,000 on me won’t come true after all. “What about you Louis?”

“I think I am going to bid on Jessica. She is second to Last Girl. I think she is really hot.”

“Yeah she is,” Harry chimes in, “But I like Jenna’s personality. She’s not all nice and fake like Jessica. She’s honest and real and so incredibly hot that just thinking about her makes me a little too excited- if you know what I mean.”

The others laugh. Daisy clears her throat and I am so angry at her for making them aware of our presence that I almost smack her. She turns the corner into the kitchen and because I don’t know what else to do I follow.

“I am tired of listening to you creeps talk. I just want some water,” Daisy says walking to the fridge. All eyes look at me and their faces pale. If they had been talking about anything else but getting in my pants before I came in I would have loved to see their faces this shocked. It was hilarious.

It is dead quiet as Daisy finishes pouring her drink and walks back to the doorway. She waves one hand in the air in a rainbow-like way, “Please continue,” and then grabs me by the arm and pulls me up the stairs, laughing the whole time. 


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