Slave Auction

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Summary: Jenna Brown is entering her freshman year in high school. This high school however, has an annual tradition called the Slave Auction- where seniors bid on freshmen to make them do whatever they want for a whole week. Every year, a group of the hottest guys in school bid against each other on the hottest freshman girl, and try to get her to fall in love with them. This year the seniors are: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson- and Jenna is the girl they are after.

***Amazing cover created by AnnaB_Styles and CC_chubbycheeks***


9. Dinner at McDonald's


At exactly 7:30, Liam’s dad, Geoff, comes home.
“Oh hello,” he says surprised to see me.
“Dad,” Liam starts, “This is Jenna. I bought her today at the Slave Auction.”
“Nice to meet you,” I say.
“Nice to meet you too. But, Liam I thought you said you weren’t going to bid on anyone?”
“I wasn’t, but I changed my mind at the last second,” Liam shrugs.
“Well, okay then,” Liam’s dad walks to the kitchen and we follow. “What do you guys want for dinner?”
“Are you planning on making anything?” Liam asks, leaning against the white counter.
“No, I actually wasn’t going to eat anything. I have a lot of work to do tonight,” His father answers.
“What about mum?”
“She has to stay at work late.”
Liam sighs, “Then I guess Jenna and I will go out.”
“Okay, have fun you two,” he says patting Liam on the back. He grabs an apple from a bowl on the counter and walks away.
Liam stares off into the distance for a few moments. I clear my throat and it seems to pull him out of his thoughts, “What are you hungry for?”
“I’m not picky,” I reply, “Whatever you want I am fine with.”
“Would you mind if I called Louis and asked if he wanted to join us?”
“Not at all,” I shake my head, thinking about Daisy and Jessica.


We pull up to the nearest McDonald’s. Liam and I get out of the car and walk into the fast food restaurant. As soon as we walk in, my mouth starts to water. Liam orders and I grab a table. While Liam and I are waiting for our food, Louis and Jessica walk in. Jessica joins me.
“Hey girl!” she exclaims, wrapping her arm around my shoulder.
“Hey, how has your day been?” I ask.
“Amazing!” she whispers excitedly, “Louis kissed me!”
“He what? It’s only been like, 5 hours!”
“I know! We were just sitting and hanging out on the couch watching television. We were having so much fun, he is hilarious. And then he leaned over and kissed me! It was amazing!” she says glancing over at him and Liam.
“Wait, I thought you like Harry?” I ask confused.
“Not anymore. Louis is probably ten times funnier and nicer.”
“Okay so does this mean you two are a couple?”
“I don’t know,” she stares at him in awe.
“Just promise me you will take things slow, okay? Don’t jump right in and-”
“I won’t! I promise! God, mother,” she rolls her eyes.
I laugh, “So, why didn’t Daisy come too?”
“Oh yeah- she’s mad at me.”
I groan, “What happened?”
“She walked in on me and Lou kissing. Her face turned bright red, stormed out of the room, and hasn’t left her room since.” Jessica looks at her hands.
“How were we supposed to know she would walk in?” she shrugs.
“You know this was Daisy’s worst nightmare; One of us dating her brother.”
“I know,” Jessica sighs, “But I will make things right. I mean I am living with her for the next week, she has to forgive me soon.”
Liam and Louis walk up to the table with our food. We eat and chat and honestly, it is really fun. It felt like we were all old friends. At one point Louis wrapped his arm around Jessica. It got pretty awkward after he did that, they got closer together and me and Liam just sat there trying to act like our best friends weren’t making out right in front of us. Once they finally stopped, and we all finished our food, Jessica and I go to the bathroom and Liam and Louis wait outside for us.
“Did you have to make out right in front of me and Liam?” I complain.
“Sorry,” she gives me a weak smile, “But I thought it would help push Liam to make a move on you.”
“Yeah that didn’t work.”
We leave the bathroom and are about to walk outside when Jessica stops me, “Let’s slowly creep up on them, I want to hear what they are talking about.”
“Why? Do you think they are talking about you?” I ask.
“I don’t know, let’s see.”
We slowly walk out and they are standing next to Liam’s car talking. Louis’s back is towards us and Liam’s view of us is blocked by Louis’ head. Jessica pulls me behind the car next to them.
“This is stupid,” I whine.
“So can she spend the day with you two Friday?” Liam is asking.
“Well, yeah but, it might be kind of awkward for her since Jessica and I are sort of a thing now,” Louis replies. Jessica hits me excitedly on the arm.
“Okay well then if things get awkward she can hang out with Daisy,” Liam says.
“Okay,” Louis nods, “But there’s really no point in her coming over, I’m not going to bid on her.”
“I need some free time to hang out with my g-” Liam stops abruptly and looks over Louis’s shoulder. “Hello?”
Jessica gives me a panicked look like she doesn’t know what to do.
I stand up and pull my ear, “Hey sorry, can you hold on a second, I dropped the back of my earring and we need to find it.”
I bend back down with Jessica and she nods at me.
“Do you want us to help?” Liam asks.
“Oh I found it!” Jessica yells and we both stand back up. I fiddle with my earring as we walk over to them.
“That would have been bad,” I say, “Thanks, Jess.”
“Okay well, we should be going,” Louis says, “Bye, you two,” he winks.
“Bye,” Jessica says and hurries to catch up with him.
I turn to Liam, “You ready?”
“Yeah, but I don’t want to go home.”
“It’s so boring at my house. Want to get some ice cream?”
I nod and we get in the car. My mind races all the way there. What were they talking about? Liam needs to hang out with who? Was he about to say girlfriend? Does he have a girlfriend and that’s why he wants me out of the house? But then why would he buy me at the auction? I feel confused. Maybe he really did just buy me because he was a nice guy and not because he was interested in me. Well, that’s no fun at all.


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